Products I Finished - (DECEMBER) Empties & 2013 Recap

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I cant believe we're at the end of the year again! Where did all those time go? It seems like it was only yesterday that I started a new fresh 2013 ! Oh well... time goes by and we are definitely getting old too. Thank you universe. That's classic.

So it has been a little over a year since I started this Empties post and now I decided to count all the products that I have successfully finished this year, to show myself how much products that I can actually used and finished within a year. This calculation will help motivate me even more to finish my never-ending product stash ;p

Going back to the first Empties post back in October of last year I realized that I have finished such a great amount of products that were just lying scattered all over my bedroom and bathroom. I am so happy and feeling satisfied now that I finally get rid most of the products and started to get new empty spaces for newer products ^o^

So before we calculate the total amount of products that I finally sent to the bin during the year, here's what I managed to finished this month (December 2013):

 From the top, left to right:
Herbal Essences Break's Over Anti-Breakage Strengthening Conditioner
L'Oreal Fall Repair Anti-Hairfall Shampoo
Clear Herbal Fusion Scalp & Hair Treatment (Nourishing Conditioner)
Hello Care Cactus Collagen Treatment Mask
Hello Care Pearl Collagen Treatment Mask
Hello Care Makgeolli (Rice Ferment) Treatment Mask - not pictured
Sariayu Eksotika Tanjung Body Scrub
Makarizo Honey Dew Nutriv Serum (sample size)
Garden of Love White Rose Hand Cream
Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie
Fresh Aromatherapy Roll-On
L'Occitane Angelica Eye Roll-On (sachet)
TonyMoly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub
Korean Collagen Lip Mask

Okay, so there are 8 full size products that I managed to finished by the end of this month, along with a few of sheet masks, and sample sachets. I also finished a makeup product this month which usually took a long time for me to finish.

First of all, the hair products. 
I finished three hair products this time. One of them is my new love, the L'Oreal Anti HairFall Shampoo. If you read my blog you'll know that shampoo bottles comes up frequently on my Empties posts, that's because I tend to always try new shampoo since I haven't found the right one yet. But this L'oreal Anti Hair Fall Shampoo is one of my best recent findings that I have been continually using for the last few months. This is actually my second bottle of this shampoo and I already have another one in my bathroom right now.
- Recommended? Yes
- Repurchase? Yes, already have one!

I mention before that I don't use conditioners anymore because I don't think it really do anything for my hair, and they mostly make my hair limp anyways, so I decided not to use conditioners anymore except for those types of deep conditioners that we use once a week. But I still have two leftovers in my bathroom, so I'm glad I finally finished all of them. One of the conditioner leftover is the Herbal Essences Break's Over Anti-Breakage Strengthening Conditioner. I had this for sooooo loooooong and finally able to finished it off. The smell is wonderful as with any Herbal Essences products and this one is actually one of the conditioner that I would consider using because it does not weigh my hair.
- Recommended? Yes
- Repurchase? No, I will not repurchase any conditioner except for Deep Conditioner, and I already have a few of them on my bathroom right now.

The other conditioner that I finally finished is the Clear Herbal Fusion Nourishing Conditioner. I did not like this product since the first time I opened the cap because the smell is just off-putting for me. This smells like minty herbal to me, which is not very good for my nose. I love mint but when it mixed with herbal it just makes it smells unpleasant for me. This conditioner have a herbal fusion of ginger and green tea. Different from other conditioners, we can actually use this on the scalp without making our hair/scalp greasy afterwards. But still, due to the strong smell alone, I am not happy with this product.
- Recommended? Maybe, if you like the scent.
- Repurchase? Nope.

Another hair product that I used up this month is the Makarizo Honey Dew Nutriv Serum which is a hair serum infused with vitamin A, C, and E to give nutrition to the hair as well as protecting it from the heat of hair tools. I got this little number as a set with the Makarizo Honey Dew Hair Mask sample. This hair serum is to be used after you wash your hair and after it is 60%-80% dry (avoiding the scalp/roots). This makes my hair shinier and soft to the touch. It also makes it feels light. It is a little bit sticky but it didn't bother me that much either.
- Recommended? Yes
- Repurchase? Not now. I still got a full box of Rudy Hadisuwarno Hair Intense Repair Serum to used up.

Next is body care. 
I finally finished this Sariayu Tanjung Body Scrub. It is from a local brand which I actually quite enjoyed using it, but lately I felt like this did not perform as well as the first time. Or maybe I just found other new scrubs that are slightly better than this one ;) If you like soft scrub with minimal grittiness then this is for you. Meanwhile, I prefer scrubs with gritty exfoliator so I could feel the scrubs on my skin. 
- Recommended? Yes for those who like soft scrub.
- Repurchase? No, I prefer scrub with gritty exfoliator. Right now I'm using the Ovale Balinese Milk Scrub, the Coffee & Cacao Natural Body Scrub from Rainforest, and The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Scrub.

I was also glad to be able to finally used up this Garden of Love White Rose Hand Cream because I hated it. I also didn't want to waste products so I was determined to use it up despite how much I hate it. For me, there's nothing to love about this hand cream except for its pretty packaging. I really despise the formula which just sits there on top of my skin and did not sinks in at all. You can read my full review on it HERE.
- Recommended? No
- Repurchase? No. Currently I'm using my L'Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream.

Another body care product that I used up is this aromatherapy roll-on from Fresh. It is from another local brand and if you didn't know I always have aromatherapy roll-on with me everywhere I go. This Fresh Aromatherapy Roll-On has no artificial scent except a "refreshing" herbal scent. This is great for light stomach ache, dizziness, queasiness, and other light illnesses. The newer versions of aromatherapy roll-ons now have various scents (and even comes with cute cases just like BBW Pocket-Bacs). Of course I prefer the scented ones than the original un-scented roll-on like this one from Fresh.
- Recommended? Yes for those who prefer unscented.
- Repurchase? No, I already repurchased new scented ones (FreshCare Teens in BubbleGum and also Passionfruit. My fave is BubbleGum.)

The one makeup product that I finished is the Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie. I only have two lip butters (Berry Smoothie and Strawberry Shortcake), but I use this Berry Smoothie the most because the color is perfect for everyday and matches most of my makeup look. I also noticed that this Berry Smoothie one has a better formula than the Strawberry Shortcake one which tends to sinks into my lip lines and accentuate dry area. This lip butter took a very long time to be finished even though I wear it frequently. If you're looking for a lip butter I recommend this color for starter because I think it's a very universal shade that would suits most skin tones. I love this one.
- Recommended? Yes
- Repurchase? Maybe, but I still have the Revlon Strawberry Shortcake Lip Butter as well as many other lipsticks to be used.

On to Face products.
I've been taking good care of my under eyes lately because I noticed that my eye bags are getting worse these past few weeks. So I started using my eye treatments regularly, as well as trying on some new ones such as this L'occitane Angelica Eye Roll-On sample. The real product has a roll-on shape and this sample is in sachet, so it was a bit difficult to apply because it was in a very runny liquid form. I got several uses out of this little sachet and so far I liked the result. My heavy eye bags are still there but it was noticeably reduced in the morning. 
- Recommended? Yes.
- Repurchase? Not sure, I would like to try other eye treatments first before deciding. Right now I'm still trying to use up my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye and C+M Voom Green Tea Eye Gel.

Actually there is one face mask missing in this photo, that's because I forgot to keep the empty sachet and already throw it away. There were a total of three Hello Care face masks that I used which are the Cactus Collagen one, the Pearl Collagen one, and the Makgeolli Collagen one. As you read in their names, these are collagen-infused face masks from Hello Care, a popular brand in Japan and Korea. I love all of their masks. The Cactus one is soothing and moisturizing, making my face instantly brighter and rejuvenated. The Pearl one is great for brightening properties, while the Makgeolli gives radiant complexion although it has a rather strong smell to it (which is still fine by me). You can read the full review HERE.
- Recommended? Yes
- Repurchase? Yes, but maybe in the future because I still have a stash of sheet masks to used up first.

Other mask that I tried this month is a unique lip mask. I haven't tried any lip masks before so I was quite intrigued with this one. This is from a Korean brand which I did not know who it is exactly from, because the packaging is fully written in hangeul which I sadly don't understand. But from my understanding, this is a Collagen Lip Mask that is meant to give extra moisture to our lips and also to reduce wrinkle lines around the lips. I actually did not really enjoyed using it because it was a bit dry which I expect it to be wet just like sheet mask. But it does help my severe dry lips a bit, so it seems to moisture it from within, or something like that ;p
- Recommended? Not sure.
- Repurchase? Not sure. I also still have two of these.

Speaking about lips, there is one other lip products that I finished which is the TonyMoly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub. I actually could have finished this a while ago but I kept on saving the last bit because I haven't got new lip scrubs to replace this with. So I refused to finish it until I buy a new lip scrub. But I haven't found a new one until now, and it was bathroom cleaning time, so I finally used up the remaining bits of this lip scrub even though I haven't bought the replacement yet. Overall, I like this lip scrub and I have fully reviewed it HERE
- Recommended? Yes
- Repurchase? Maybe. I would like to also try other lip scrubs too.

So that ends my December Empties post, and now it's time to count the total amount of products that I finished during a little over a year. Well, according to my notes, since my first Empties post on October 2012 until this December 2013 I have finished: 
- 100 full size products
- 56 travel size products
- 51 sachet samples & sheet masks
- and more than 10 products that I gave away to others because I can't use it. 

That gives a total of 217 products that I managed to finish during a little over a year! That is incredible. I didn't know that I use a lot of products over a year, and that I actually fulfill my first intention which is to reduce the amount of products in my stash while not wasting any products. 

I gave away more than 10 full size products because they are either not working for me or not suitable for my skin/hair condition, or did not suit my complexion. I also have three other small boxes in my room right now, filled with products that I plan to send to my friends because I thought it would be more suitable for them than for me. I also been compiling products for my local giveaway! One more followers than I'll do the giveaway! So if you haven't follow me yet, please do and be my 800th followers and so on =D

I also have a giveaway for my International readers that is currently on going right now. You can choose a free dress from DressSale with free shipping, and also have a chance to win their $30 gift card which you can use to buy flat shoes, accessories, etc on their website. Click HERE for more info on the giveaway.

Meanwhile, I wish you a Happy New Year!
May 2014 bring much luck, love, and happiness to our side, 
and may it be better than the previous year!

Great Big Kissies For You!

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2 thoughts & comments

  1. I'm actually trying to finish my hand cream as well! I don't want to waste it either.
    I have Berry Smoothie also and Peach Parfait. The first one is my favourite :) And I just bought a new one: Candy Apple. I totally love these lip butters!

  2. Wow! You finished a lot of products in December. Not only that you finished Revlon Lip Butter. I'm impressed because I can't even finish mine... hehe~ :X


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