Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I found out that Empties posts are useful for me personally, because I can take notes on which products are working for me and which ones are blah. Especially when you tried a looot of products like me (and like all the beauty bloggers out there who received many products to try out), then sometimes it's hard to remember which one works and which one doesn't. So that's why I found these Empties posts useful for me as a personal reminder (^_^)

Anyway, since I've been busy lately so here is a collective empty products that I have finished during December last year and January this year. It's a lot of products but I'm glad that I can finished some of my opened stash these past two months. I still got many open products in my stash and I am trying very hard to finish them all off (;p)

I'm proud of myself because I finished lots of real size products this time. I also finished a couple of sample size products because I used them during the weekends when I stayed over at my in laws every week.

I also finished lots of older products so that makes me happy because those products been sitting on my vanity for far too long, LOL. I hate wasting and throwing away products so I usually would just try to finish them off.

L'Oreal Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Shampoo
I've been trying lots of different shampoos and this one almost made the cut. I like the formula and the scent, but my hair seems to turn greasy easily when using this shampoo (*ThumbsDown*).
NOTE: Recommended, but not for my hair type. Right now I'm using Watsons Honey Treatment Shampoo.

Tresemme Scalp Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
This one actually made the cut. It makes my hair feels good and I also like the scent.
NOTE: I would consider repurchasing but right now I'm using Watsons Honey Treatment Shampoo.

Taman Sari Royal Heritage Cocoa Body Scrub
A favorite local brand, I really like the Cocoa series. The texture is a lotion-type scrub with tiny particles to buff the skin. I like the scent and the practical way of using it. [REVIEWED HERE]
NOTE: To replace this I'm using Ovale Balinese Milk Scrub

SkinLife Medicated Acne Care Toner
I was using this along with the face wash and I like the result on my skin. [REVIEWED HERE]
NOTE: To replace this I'm still using The Skin Food Tea Tree Toner.

Marks & Spencer China Blue Moisture Rich Hand Wash
One of my favorite hand wash from Marks & Spencer because I love the lovely soft scent and the gorgeous bottle!
NOTE: To replace this I'm now using Marks & Spencer Lilly of The Valley Moisture Rich Hand Wash.

Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water
Hands down, this is my most favorite micellar water to clean my face and makeup. It's really practical and it gets rid the heavy layers of makeup. [REVIEWED HERE]
NOTE: Right now I'm trying out Bioderma Sebium to replace this one.

SkinLife Medicated Acne Care Face Wash
This is a foaming face wash that I'm using together with the toner above. The bottle is huge and a little goes a long way, so it saves you money on the long run. [REVIEWED HERE]
NOTE: As replacement, my current face wash is the Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem face Wash.

Nivea Night Whitening Body Serum
My favorite body lotion to use at night. The formula absorbs really well and the scent is oh-so-calming. [REVIEWED HERE]
NOTE: To replace this I'm now trying to empty my Utama Spice Lavender Body Lotion.

Dove Whitening Original Deo-Stick
This is a spray deodorant and nothing special from this. The alcohol is quite strong so I didn't fancy it.
NOTE: As replacement, I'm using the roll-on version of this.

Rexona Women Whitening Deodorant
This is a roll-on stick type which is my favorite type of deodorant because it doesn't give me a wet feeling like the usual roll-on type. One of my fave!
NOTE: As mentioned above, right now I'm using Dove Whitening Original Roll-On.

Candle-Lite Juicy Black Cherries
One of my favorite candle, I finally finish this off (and blew the container too because I wasn't careful handling it ;p). [REVIEWED HERE]
NOTE: Will definitely repurchase this one.

Oscar Blandi Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray
A definite favorite dry shampoo of mine. This acts as dry shampoo and heat protectant spray as well. [REVIEWED HERE]
NOTE: Recommended.

Made From Earth Peppermint Parsley Soap Bar
I love natural soaps and this one is definitely one of my favorite. It's natural, and organic, and the scent is very lovely. Perfect to wind down after a hard day. [REVIEWED HERE]
NOTE: As replacement, right now I'm using Etude House Sweet Appleade Body Wash in my bathroom.

Issey Miyake Pleats Please Perfume (vial)
I like this one because it smells really nice, sweet, and girly ^_^
NOTE: I usually bring vial size perfume for traveling-use, right now I'm using Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater perfume vial in my traveling bag.

Burts Bees Lip Balm
This is the original one with vitamin E and peppermint. It has a slightly tingly taste because of the peppermint and the formula is really nice too. [REVIEWED HERE]
NOTE: To replace this, I'm still using my EOS Pomegranate Lip Balm Sphere.

Olay Moisturizing Lotion (travel size)
This is what I used for my travel moisturizer. I finally finished it off. Although nothing really stands out from this one but I still enjoy using it as daily moisturizer.
NOTE: As replacement, I'm currently using Olay Natural white Fairness Cream.

Cath Kidston Honeysuckle Body Lotion
I finally finished this one and didn't really like it. Actually I don't really like Cath Kidston body lotion formula :( [REVIEWED HERE]
NOTE: To replace this I'm now just using a hand cream which is the Loccitane Rose 4 Reines Hand Cream.

Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick in Natural
I actually really enjoyed using this because it's very practical for every day use. [REVIEWED HERE]
NOTE: I still have one of this in my stash but right now I'm trying to finish my Lollipops Absinthe BB Cream first.

Skin79 Diamond Prestige BB Cream
This is what I used in my traveling bag. It doesn't really wow me but I guess it'll do fine for days that doesn't require fine makeup.
NOTE: To replace this I'm now using Skin79 Super Whitening BB Cream in my traveling bag.

Rudy Hadisuwarno Hair Intense Repair Serum
This is a hair serum from a local well-known hairdresser. I actually like it very much because it makes my hair feels and smells good. [REVIEWED HERE]
NOTE: Recommended. I still have a bunch of these in my stash :)

Shikada Facial Cleansing Wipes
This used to be my regular cleansing wipes before I found my favorite V10 wipes. This is so cheap and I have included it in my empties post many times before. 

V10 Makeup Remover Wipes
Ever since I tried these wipes I never go back to Shikada ones again. This is much better than the Shikada ones but now I don't really use face wipes anymore.
NOTE: Still have a few in my stash but I don't buy cleansing wipes anymore.

Carrefour Hello Kitty Floral Wet Wipes
This is just a regular multi-use wipes that I bring in my bag everyday. Nothing special except for the kawaii Hello Kitty features (^_^)

So that's it for my latest Empties. 
This time I managed to bin 18 full size products and 5 travel size products = a total of 23 products! Not bad... but I still have a long way to go because there are still many products in my stash right now (^_^).

 If you want to see my previous Empties post, Click here.

Hugs and Kissies,

Monday, January 19, 2015

[MAKE-UP] : ETUDE HOUSE Cotton Fit BB Cream

Etude House adalah salah satu brand Korea favorit saya. Alasan utama-nya tentu karena packaging-nya yang lucu disertai kualitas produknya yang oke. Salah satu produk Etude House favorit saya adalah BB Cream nya. Sebelumnya saya sudah pernah mencoba beberapa produk Etude House Indonesia dari rangkaian seri Precious Mineral, dan kali ini pun saya akan me-review salah satu produk dari seri tersebut.

Yang kali ini akan saya review adalah Etude House Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB Cream ...

(Emmm... iya saya pakai background kertas kado Frozen ;p).

Etude House Precious Mineral Cotton Fit ini memiliki fungsi anti-darkening, anti-wrinkle, dan whitening. Plus ada tambahan SPF 30++ juga, jadi BB Cream ini oke banget buat make up pagi hari. BB Cream ini adalah salah satu varian dari seri Precious Mineral yang merupakan rangkaian best-seller nya Etude House. 

Khusus varian Cotton Fit ini kalau dari berbagai sumber yang saya baca adalah varian BB Cream yang mempunyai hasil akhir yang matte sehingga cocok untuk oily skin / combination skin. 

Untuk pilihan shade-nya ada tiga macam: Light Beige, Natural Beige, dan Honey Beige. Kebetulan untuk review kali ini saya mencoba yang Honey Beige.

"This all-day pearly bright skin BB Cream perfectly glides onto skin providing clear and bright complexion with a smooth, cotton-like powdery finish for flawless skin.."

Sesuai claim-nya, BB Cream ini mempunyai formula yang lembut, ringan, dan powdery seperti kapas. Waktu pertama kali saya coba pun saya langsung suka sama formulanya yang cocok banget untuk kulit kombinasi saya. Teksturnya pas (tidak kental dan tidak terlalu cair) sehingga bisa meresap di kulit dengan cepat. 

Hasilnya adalah warna kulit yang merata, halus, dan mampu menutupi ketidaksempurnaan pada kulit. Hasil akhirnya memang matte, apalagi kalau sudah ditambah dengan bedak atau finishing powder, jadinya matte dan smooth. Suka bangett!


Formulanya ringan dengan hasil coverage medium. Pemakaian dengan kuas maupun dengan jari tangan dua-duanya memberikan hasil yang baik. Untuk pemakaian make-up ringan sehari-hari biasanya saya hanya memakai jari tangan untuk membaurkan BB Cream nya. Tapi apabila saya punya waktu ekstra biasanya saya akan pakai kuas untuk hasil yang lebih merata.

Oya, yang saya suka selain hasil akhirnya yang pas di kulit, saya juga suka kemasannya yang praktis karena dilengkapi dengan pump dispenser, jadi nggak perlu dituang ke tangan dan nggak takut produknya tumpah kemana-mana. Cukup ditekan sekali saja dan satu kali pump biasanya sudah cukup untuk seluruh muka saya (^_^) -- Kalau pemakaian dengan kuas atau bila ingin hasil yang coverage nya lebih tebal biasanya butuh satu kali pump lagi.

Foto-foto di bawah ini adalah contoh "Before & After" setelah pemakaian Etude House Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB Cream. Pada foto yang pertama dapat dilihat perbedaan pada kulit saya yang memperlihatkan bahwa coverage BB Cream ini cukup oke.

Lalu pada foto berikutnya dapat dilihat pemakaian di kulit muka saya sebelum dan sesudah aplikasi produk. Foto pertama adalah foto sebelum pemakaian, foto kedua adalah setelah pemakaian BB cream, dan foto ketiga adalah ketika ditambahkan finishing powder setelah BB cream.

Coverage Test :

Application Test:

You can see how my dark spots are covered nicely after adding the bb cream and a finishing powder, right? Foto diatas adalah ketika saya memakai BB Cream nya tipis-tipis saja untuk pemakaian sehari-hari. Dengan pemakaian produk yang sedikit lebih banyak maka dark spots akan tertutup sempurna.

BB Cream ini cukup tahan seharian tanpa terasa meleleh di wajah walaupun cuaca lagi panas. Rasanya blush-on saya juga jadi menempel sempurna di pipi. Karena formulanya yang ringan seperti cotton maka sama sekali tidak terasa "berat" di kulit muka. Cocok untuk make up natural sehari-hari maupun untuk makeup pesta yang lebih tebal :)

Saya dapat Etude House Precious Mineral Cotton Fit ini dari Nihonmart Beauty – Toko Kosmetik Online. Di website Nihonmart harganya lagi diskon, dari IDR 381,000 jadi IDR 295,000 >>> Saat yang tepat untuk beli BB Cream ini  :D

Ada yang sudah pernah coba BB Cream ini ?

Hugs and Kissies,

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Current Favorites ...

Hi loves! I thought I'm gonna do a monthly favorites today because I haven't been doing this series for a long time now. My last Monthly Favorites post was back in September (CLICK HERE) so I think it would be fun to do monthly favorites again. I will try to keep it more short and simple (^_^)

These are actually my current favorite products that I've been using for the last couple of months, so I consider them as current favorites instead. Most of them are old products that I'm still using until now. I also found two new "favorite products combination" - means two products that works really great for me if used together. 

Anyway, I try to broaden the list this time so this favorite post includes skincare, makeup, and also hair products (and my current fave scent!).

In no particular order:
L'oreal Paris Fall Repair 1 Minute Treatment Mask
I love using hair masks but I can't stand the extra long time that I have to spent in the bathroom when doing a hair mask. This one minute hair mask is the answer to my prayer. Now I can get the wonderful result of a hair mask with just one minute extra time in the bathroom. Score!

Cabin Crew Kit Skin Renewal Serum
I was introduced to this serum a while ago and have loved it ever since. This serum seems to fix any problems that my skin sometimes has. If my skin is acting out I would just go with this serum to tame the problem. You can read my Full Review here.

Sleek Blush in Flushed
Sleek makes gorgeous blushes with affordable price. Flushed is one of my favorite shade from Sleek blushes. It may look really dark red in the pan but it actually would give you a naturally red cheek, you know the kind of natural red cheek that you might have if you run up the hill in the cold air? Well at least that's how they describe it ;)

Revlon Photoready The Impressionist Eyeshadow Palette
I love Revlon palettes for everyday light makeup. They're easy to carry and their neutral palette has gorgeous browns and beiges for everyday neutral look. I love the slightly-buttery texture of the eyeshadows and I've been using this palette almost everyday because of the neutral shades. I think I have featured this palette in one of my previous Favorites post before, but I can't help featuring it again because I do use this palette so much these past few months.


Favorite-Products-Combination : 
Watsons Honey Treatment Shampoo + Ellips Hair Vitamin Capsules
Wet n Wild Goddess Bronzer + MUA F6 Contouring Blush

Watsons Honey Treatment Shampoo
It's a rare occasion that I put up shampoos in my favorite post because there are only a few of them that would work wonders for my hair. This one from Watsons was actually a blind-purchase. I didn't know if it would work for me but I bought it anyway. Luckily for me, this has been a wonderful shampoo for my combination hair (oily scalp + dry strands). 

Ellips Hair Vitamin Capsules
This is a super old product that I just recently grabbed from my stash. I know it's old but I'm still using them anyway (^o^). These capsules used to be not working so great for my hair, but when I use it with the Watsons Honey Shampoo above the combination makes my hair very very happy :) Finally now I can use these hair capsules to my benefit!

Wet n Wild Bronzer in Goddess
I'm mostly lazy to put on bronzer when I go out, but when I do wear bronzer this is my favorite one to use lately. I usually only put on a light sweep of this bronzer because the shade is a bit tricky, but once I got the hang of it I now use this bronzer with confidence. 

MUA F6 Blusher & Contouring Brush
This is my favorite brush to use a bronzer. Although it also says "blusher" but I only use this as my contouring brush. The angled shape makes it perfect to apply bronzer on to the hollow of my cheeks. This MUA brush + the Wet n Wild bronzer above is another favorite "products-combination" of mine.

Ikea Sinnlig Candle
I burned this candle almost everyday because I put this in my work table beside my laptop. This candle smells so goood and very calming. Ikea don't name their candle scents but I think the picture on the lid of this grey one says that this is a "spa" scent. And it does reminds me of that serene calming scent of a spa. I would def buy this again once I ran out of it.

 What are your most-used product this month?

 Hugs and Kissies,

Saturday, January 10, 2015

[REPLACEMENTS] : Currently Using ...

Aloha! I know that on my previous post I promised you a sneak peek of my hand soap collection, well I thought hand soaps might not be a beauty-related item so I wouldn't post about it here in this blog. Instead, I would post it on my other blog TIGERLILY's BOOK where I write about all the things that are not beauty & fashion related such as decor, travel, stationary, home living, etc..

So if you're interested to see my fancy hand soap collection OR if you want to read about all the things that I mention above, please go ahead and visit my other blog HERE. Don't forget to also subscribe or leave comments while you're there! I'll return the favors by visiting you back :)


So anyhooo.... Today's post should've been up a couple months back but it's better late than never, right? Starting this year I'm planning a few new series to be up on this blog and here is one of them. This series would be called "Replacements" which would introduce some of the new products that I'll be using to replace the products that I finished. 

If you're my regular reader than you probably are familiar with my Empties post in which I feature all the products that I finished using within a month or within a particular period of time. As a continuation to the Empties series, I'm gonna put up a Replacements series in which I feature new products that I'm currently using to replace the emptied products.

I'm still not sure if this new series would be a regular one but here's my first post of the series. I put some code in the photo details:
  • [New] means that the product is new (usually a recent purchase that I haven't opened before). 
  • [From Stash] means that the product is an old one / already opened - which has been sitting in my stash waiting to be re-used.

 EMPTIED: Makarizo Advisor Hair Repair Leave-In Conditioner
REPLACEMENT: Herbal Essences Touchable Moisture Hair Conditioner (new)

 EMPTIED: Garnier Lightening Gel Roll-On
REPLACEMENT: Skin Food Gold Caviar Lifting Eye Serum (new)

 EMPTIED: Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Shampoo
REPLACEMENT: Watsons Honey Repairing Treatment Shampoo (new)

EMPTIED: Rosary Nail Polish Remover
REPLACEMENT: Revlon Extra Moisturizing Nail Enamel Remover (new)

I usually spend my weekend in my parents or parents in law's house, so I always bring my travel beauty case and used all my travel size products extensively. That's why I finished my travel size products rather quickly. Here are the products that I'm replacing from my travel beauty case:

 EMPTIED: Cath Kidston Wild Rose Travel Body Wash & Body Lotion
REPLACEMENT: Etude House Dress Room Body Wash & Body Lotion (from stash)

 EMPTIED: Eskulin Belle Body Splash
REPLACEMENT: Bath & Body Works Snowberry Body Spray (from stash)

 EMPTIED: DiorSnow BB Creme
REPLACEMENT: Skin79 Diamond BB Cream (new)

EMPTIED: Bath & Body Works Candy Cane Bliss Pocket Hand Bac
REPLACEMENT: Bath & Body Works Paris Amour Pocket Hand Bac (from stash)

My Favorite:
I love this BBW Paris Amour hand bac paired with my pink studded sleeve, also from BBW :)

That's it for my current replacements.
By the way, do you have any favorite BBW handbac scent? Lemme know!

Hugs and Kissies,