Monday, June 29, 2015

[2015] Current FAVORITES

Hi how are you guys doin'? Selamat puasa yaa bagi yang menjalankan.. Happy fasting to all of my Muslim friends, may we all be blessed this Ramadhan month.

Anyway, this is another super late post but hey... I can still post it, right? This is my blog anyway ;)
So here it is... my Favorite Products for the past few months :

I'm loving some of my newer as well my older stuffs these past few months. One of the newer products is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi which is my favorite nude lipstick right now because it's matte but it doesn't dry my lips, and the nude shade suits my complexion very well. I can do a smokey eyes with nude lips or a "no makeup" look with this lipstick.

The other new-ish product which has become my favorite since the first time I tried it on is the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. I first did a blind test on this one and I haven't turned back ever since. This mascara really lifts up my lashes, making it appear fuller and darker, and best of all it's durable and my lashes would still stays up even after a few hours.

Next in line is the Etude House Precious BB Cream which I reviewed early on. This is my current fave product for my face base. I can apply it lightly (one layer) for daily look, and I can also build layers for maximum coverage. It stays on and on too!

My current fave eyeshadow is the Sleek Eyedust in Inferno. I had this pigment for quite a long time but I realized that I haven't used it at all! So one day I tried it on and fell in love instantly with the beautiful color and gorgeous texture and shine of this pigmented shadow. The color is a beautiful wine shade that looks gorgeous on tan skin like mine.

From the bathroom section, I love this particular Konjac Sponge. I actually don't really know the brand of this sponge because the packaging is all in Korean (or is it Japanese? forgive me if I'm wrong). I used several types of Konjac sponges before, and this is one of my most favorite among them all. It has a heart shape and I personally think that the heart shape makes it able to clean the difficult corner on our face such as the side of our nose, the area right under the eyes, the jawlines, etc.. 

Been wanting this type of vests since ages ago but we don't have winter here in Indonesia so I'm always contemplating to buy them because I always find it too thick and bulky for Indonesian tropical weather. Until I found this Padded Vest from Gap! The padded vest is not too thick and it's lightweight. It's also cinched-in at the waist and the length is perfect for my short torso (important for petites like moi ;p). I love wearing it over long-sleeves and jeans for a casual chic look, especially when I go to Bandung or colder area.

Believe it or not, it's hard for me to find a black heel sandals ! I know there are lots of black heels out there but somehow it's always either too high or the design is too busy for me. I needed a simple black heels and I finally find it at Ananas. I always love Ananas shoes because they are the only brand that doesn't hurt my feet even though I stand or walk for many hours in heels ! (trust me, I've been there).  This Black Ananas sandals has the simple style and medium heels that I've been wanting, and I also love the particular stripe of gold at the side of the heels.

For my favorite scent this month, I am loving the Bath & Body Works Mahogany Teakwood candle. This candle has always been on my BBW wish list and I'm glad that BBW Indonesia carries them in their store. The scent is a warming blend of fine mahogany, cedar, oak, and relaxing lavender. It smells a bit masculine but I have always love that kind of scent. My nose just loves warm woodsy scent :)

I drink tea all the time and right now my favorite one is Marks & Spencer Calming Infusion Tea which has camomile, limeflower and lavender blend. The aroma of the tea is typical of those relaxing tea infusions, but this one is mildly tender. I like sipping this tea just before bed to help me unwind and enter the snooze mode ;)

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Hugs and Kissies,

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

[Accessories Week] - Featuring: SouFeel Jewelry

If you follow me on instagram you would probably noticed that I had some sort of mini series called #AccessoriesWeek on my Insta - which featured the story of my jewelry collection. I figured I would take that Instagram series on to this blog and will start with this one!

I have been a fan of charmed bracelets since a long long time ago. I owned a couple of charmed bracelets and my most favorite is the custom-made ones (^_^). Custom-made charm bracelet means that you could build your own bracelet. You can choose the charms that would suits your preference or personality, or you can personalize it for someone else for a gift.

SouFeel Jewelry is one of the trusted online seller that provides custom service for their bracelets. The website looks really nice and it's easy to navigate even for newbies. They have a selection of charms and bracelet types that you can choose based on your own preferences. 

A couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to try out their service. After looking around their website and browsing the charms section I finally picked for myself a nice little bracelet with some lovely charms in different designs.

It took a little more than a week for my bracelet to arrived because of the International shipment (It was rather fast compared to other International shipments I had before). The package comes in a brown cardboard box (not pictured) and inside it is a white paper bag just like in the first picture above. 

Then inside the paper bag I found this very lovely box adorned with pretty bow just like the photo below. It is such an elegant little box and it looks like a very nice little gift that would make your heart skipped a beat :)

Before I tell you what's inside the lovely little box, I would like to inform more details about Soufeel Jewelry. At SouFeel you will not only be able to choose the charms you want, but you can also choose which bracelet you would like your charms to hang from.

All of Soufeel charms are made of 925 sterling silver / 14k gold / or adorned with swarovski elements, all with a reasonable price! The charm comes in many different shapes and styles that you could choose from, and they would also fit any other European style charm bracelets. 

Now let's take a look at what I chose for my charm bracelet, shall we?

After looking around their website I finally decided to choose a tan leather bracelet with three different charm types. Two of the charms are adorned with tiny little Peridot (my birth stone) because I'm thinking of collecting jewelry with my birth stone / peridot in it. One of them has my initial with a tiny speck of peridot. The other charm is made of intricate rose pattern that I really love. 

When I first opened the box the bracelet and the charms were in separate clear bags. They were individually wrapped in its own plastic bag to keep them clean, like this :

With detachable charms like this, you can choose to wear all of your charms at once, or you can just use 1-2 of your charms depending on your mood that day. At least, that's how I would wear mine... (^_^)

Currently I'm using all of the charms because I love how it dangles prettily on my wrist. I would like to add some other charms in the future because I think it would get even prettier when it's full of charms (^_^)

The quality of the leather bracelet is beautiful and you can tell that it's not those kind of cheap leather that you see everywhere. This is good quality indeed, and the sterling silver charms also look gorgeous and beautiful in real life. I love the intricate details on every charm, it really shows a good craftsmanship.

At SouFeel you can also opt for complete charm bracelets, which means that you can just buy a bracelet that already comes with charms. Aside from the usual charms they also offer murano beads that you can place on your bracelet.

On top of that, they also ships worldwide and you could even get Free Shipping for orders over  $50 with 365 days return policy and exchange guarantee. 

So if you are in need of a really good birthday / holiday / graduation gift, this nice little jewelry from Soufeel is a good option. As you can see, the packaging is very very nice and it would surely bring a smile to those who receive it.


Go on over to SouFeel website to look around. 
Don't forget that you can use discount code YURI5 to get 5% Off for any order you made on their website !!


Happy Shopping!

Hugs and Kissies,

Monday, June 8, 2015

[2015] Current Empties / Products I Finished

These are my current empties from March to April. I know it's late to post this because right now we are entering June but I have already took these pictures so it's a waste not to use them, right? ;p

Anyway, here are the products that I finished during those two months. I finished quite a few products and I'm happy to be able to finish them off ...

Lots of bodycare products this time, as well as a couple of makeup items that's either already expired or successfully emptied. I also noticed that there are lots of green-colored products this time ;)

First up are these products in green-colored packaging. I always feel happy and satisfied every time I finished a big bottle of product. Sometimes it's not that easy to finish up a big bottle of product because I'm the type that gets bored easily using the same product everyday. But these days, I always tried my best to use them up diligently (even though I don't really fancy the product), until I finally finished them off.

Kose Nature & Co Pure Cleansing Milk
I used to wear cleansing milk until I was introduced to cleansing oil and micellar water. I never bought any cleansing milk again after that. But I still have one cleansing milk left-over on my vanity that I hate to throw away which is this Nature & Co from Kose. I've been trying to use this up until it's finally empty but seriously there's nothing special from this one.

Etude House Sweet Appleade Body Wash
This smells good and fresh, and I like to use it in the morning for that energizing feeling. But the formula leaves a little bit of that slippery feel that we all hate (;p). You can read the full review HERE.

Marks & Spencer Lily Of The Valley Moisture Rich Hand Wash
I always love M&S hand wash because they smells so good and the formula is non-drying. Other than that, I always love the pretty looking bottles too! This particular scent is not my most favorite from the Marks & Spencer range but I still love this one :)

Bath & Body Works Citrus Garland Kitchen Hand Soap
BBW is also my go-to brand for fancy hand soaps other than Marks&Spencer. I love a variety of their scents and this one is definitely one of my favorite scent. It's perfect for kitchen use, and the bottle also looks really nice sitting on the edge of my sink.

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash
This face wash is free from paraben, sls, and phtalates. It's good enough for everyday face wash because it didn't dry my skin. Read the full review HERE (in Bahasa).

Himalaya Herbals Gentle Exfoliating Daily Face Wash
This is also free from paraben, sls, and phtalates. I like using this as my daily face scrub as it contains soft particles of micro granules that you won't feel on your skin. Read my review HERE (in Bahasa).

Bioderma Sebium H2O
Bioderma is always my most favorite cleansing product ! This Sebium one (with green cap) is meant for oily skin and it's pretty darn good to remove makeup, but I think I would prefer the Sensibio one (the one with red cap) because I think that one suits my skin better. Read the full review HERE.

3W Clinic Acacia Hand Cream
I really love the scent of this one. It smells so soft and feminine, and the formula glides on my skin easily. I also love the packaging of this hand cream, it looks pretty standing on my bedside table ;)
Read my full review HERE.

Nivea Night Whitening Body Serum
One of my favorite body lotion, this smells sooo good and I love putting it on my skin during night time because the formula sinks in fast and makes my skin feels so soft and tender. The scent is also relaxing to me, perfect to put on before sleep. Read the review HERE (in Bahasa).

Dove Whitening Original Deodorant
I have always prefer the dry stick formula than roll-on deodorants because I don't like the wet feeling these deodorants left on my skin. So I have nothing special to say for this deodorant.

Cath Kidston Honeysuckle Shower Gel (travel size)
I've been using this for my travel bag and it comes in a set with a body lotion which I haven't finished yet. This shower gel is just an ordinary one, nothing special from it except for the cute looking packaging. Read my full review on Cath Kidston Travel Set HERE.

Ovale Milk "Lulur Bali" Scrub
One of my favorite local brand for body scrubs! It feels really good on the skin, and the scents are luxurious too! I love love love Ovale body scrubs. They have a few variants of scents but this Milk one is surely one of my fave :)

Viva Eyebrow Pencil
Lots of Indonesian women swore on this eyebrow pencil but sadly I'm not one of them :( I prefer something else such as Missha Perfect Eyebrow Styler Pen that I am currently using (and loving so much!).

Orlane Extreme Line-Reducing Lip Care (travel size)
My evening lip care that I used before I go to sleep. I'm not sure if it works because these things takes time to actually see the improvements. Other than that, it's rather an okay product.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Energizing Orange
Again, lots of beauty enthusiasts believe in this baby lips but I'm not one of them. This leaves residue on my lips and sometimes mine would left a trail of an awful smell if I don't use it for a long time.

Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse Foundation
I think this is a very nice product from Revlon that they launched a long time ago but somehow I found it too thick for my oily skin. I found this lurking behind my makeup table and it's already passed its expiry date for sure (>_<) So out to the trash bin it should!

Skin 79 Diamond Pearl BB Cream (travel size)
Didn't really like this one because it has pearlescent finish with visible tiny little glitters all over your skin. Ughh... (>_<) I like the other variant though.. such as the Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream :)

QQ Konjac Sponge
Actually I don't know what the brand or from what country this is, because I'm not sure if it's in Japanese or Korean language? Anybody?
Well anyway, this is a heart-shaped konjac sponge that comes with little rope attached to it, so you can hang it to dry after using it. I really love this one because the heart shape makes it easy to reach those area that sometimes are hard to reach such as the corner of your nose, the area right beneath the eyes, the jaw line, etc. I simply love this!

L'Occitane Milk Concentrate (sachet)
This is a milk body lotion from L'occitane which feels really soft on the skin and smells very lovely too. It absorbs quite fast so I like using it when I'm in a hurry ;) PS: Would definitely buy the full size if it's not that expensive ;p

So that's it for my Empties post this time. I managed to binned 15 full size products, 3 travel size products, and 1 sachet = a total of 19 products! Not bad, yeah? ^__^

Well, I'll see you on my next one!

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Hugs and Kissies,

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

[ Outfit Diary ] : Anyer Beach Trip - Featuring: Lalalilo

A couple weeks ago I went to Anyer with my big family. Anyer beach is situated on West Java shore and it's only about 2 hours drive from Jakarta. We spent 2 days 1 night at The Jayakarta Hotel which I really recommend if any of you is looking for a good place to stay in Anyer. My family been staying there 2-3 times now because it's so convenient, right by the beach where you could swim and hire water sports, and the whole area is really nice and well-maintained. Beautiful garden, clean comfortable villas, and lots of facilities that are perfect for family or honeymooners.

Anyway, when I packed my outfit for this trip I chose a couple of light airy clothing items such as shorts, maxi dress, and cotton tank and blouse. Luckily for me, I received a pretty lace kimono and lace shorts from Lalalilo just a few days before my trip, so I made outfit plans and packed them into my travel bag as well.

The package came in a perfect time. The kimono lace is thin and airy, and it has a vintage feel to it which I really love. I've always wanted a kimono but haven't gotten around to buy them, so this is actually my first kimono outer :) --> And I'm loving it!

The lace shorts is also very pretty. I've been wanting this type of lace shorts since last year but still haven't bought them yet. Thanks to Lalalilo I finally have the lace shorts that I've been wanting for so long! The quality is great, the lace design is beautiful and it comes in sizes too. Mine is in size small and it fits me perfectly.

Both the kimono and the lace shorts are in nude color, so I can mix n match them as well as wear them together. I also think that nude color compliments my skin tone, and it would be a perfect color to wear on the beach too :)

(Lace Kimono & Lace Shorts worn together)

See, they look great when paired together, right? 
Anyway, during my trip I wore the lace shorts on the beach and paired it with another lace top with a tanktop underneath. The length of the shorts is perfect for my petite frame. It's not too short that everyone can see your underwear, and it's not too long that it makes your thigh looks awkward. 

The material is thick enough so it's pretty durable I might say. It also has a lining inside so it's not see-through, and it adds to the durability of the shorts too. On Lalalilo website the shorts comes in black and nude, both are super pretty (I actually had a pretty hard time deciding on which one to get, until I finally decided on the nude ones).

 Chic Simple Lace Top | Lalalilo Lace Shorts | Roxy Sandals

I can already see lots of future uses of this beautiful lace crochet shorts ! :) 
Now moving on to the kimono... 

The lace kimono is just great to throw in just as you walked out the door. The material is so thin and airy, so it's really perfect for summer or for the hot beach weather. The kimono is all-size but I think it doesn't look too big on my small frame. The length is also not too long for me, I can still make it work ;)

As you can see in the above photo, when paired together with the lace shorts and a nude camisole it is a perfect outfit combination. But the kimono can also be worn with something else. Such as with a casual dress like this one below that I wore when we just arrived at the hotel in Anyer. 

 Vintage Knit Dress | Lalalilo Kimono Lace | Studio Nine Sandals | Longchamp Tote Bag

The stripe dress is actually a vintage knit dress with an A-line shape. I threw on the kimono because we chartered a bus and the air-con in the bus is quite freezing. As you can see, it goes well with the dress as a casual cardigan. It still allows your skin to breathe because it has thin material, and yet it protects you from the harsh wind.

The kimono can also be worn with jeans as what I wore below on the day before my departure to Anyer. I paired it with my trusted jeans and crochet sweater top to make sure that I stayed warm. The kimono is really versatile and I can't wait to pair it with something else from my closet.

 Zara Crochet Sweater | Lalalilo Lace Kimono | Mango Jeans 
Michael Kors Jet Set Tote | Vincci Sandals | Hand-me-down Necklace from Mom

If you're looking for an affordable clothing with good quality, or if you're looking for a one-stop website that sells a variety clothing items in affordable price, please check out My experience with them have been very good. When I had a little problem with their website I sent email to them and they gave me a fast response, and suddenly all is well --> That's a good customer service right there!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have another weekend duties coming up!  ^__^
Cheers !

Hugs and Kissies,