Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Website Review : SHOP VENTURE !

As you probably know, I have a shopping disease... And the worst case of the disease is called: "online shopping" (^o^)

If you love shopping then you probably know the danger of online shopping. It makes us lose control because it is so easy to shop. With just a click of a button and without leaving your desk you can shop, shop, and keep on shopping til you drop ^o^

With the many online stores and shopping website on the internet sometimes it's confusing to choose which ones are the best places to shop. Being a mega-shopaholic myself, sometimes I got a bit overwhelmed by the many online shopping places out there. As usual, if I found a new online store that looks interesting I always do some research first. 

Don't forget to always be cautious when you shop online because there are some online stores that have bad reputations or fake accounts / fake goods. So reading reviews is very useful to know whether the online store is trustful or recommended by others, and whether other people have issues with the store or not. 

If I want to shop from local online store, I would search some reviews first to make sure that the store is eligible. And if I want to shop from online stores located or based outside my country, I would want to know whether the international shipment caused any problems or delays, or whether the packaging of the goods are good enough for overseas shipment to make sure that my goods would be delivered nicely.

Ever since I found out about Shop Venture (you might knew them as "Booroos.com" before they change their name), I find it very useful to search for new places to shop as well as to search for reviews. 

Shop Venture is a place where you can find lots of reviews on various online stores out there. The reviews are written by the users themselves so it's based on true experience. That's what I like about it.

I also have written my own reviews there, based on my own experience of shopping from several online stores. You can also join Shop Venture and write reviews of your own, as well as searching for other reviews that you need. Users can also win prizes provided by Shop Venture if they write reviews on the website.

One store that I found from browsing Shop Venture website is Reebonz.com - I've heard about Reebonz before (which is famous for their discounted designer items), but I never shop there so I went to look for the reviews in Shop Venture website. I found that Reebonz has an Indonesian branch so after reading the reviews on Shop Venture I decided to try out shopping from Reebonz Indonesia website.

My shopping experience from Reebonz Indonesia is as good as the other reviews stated in Shop Venture - Reebonz review page. The shipment took less than 2 weeks and my goods were delivered very nicely in a an elegant box complete with gold ribbon.

I bought a Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag in Gunmetal which they wrapped nicely inside the box. The bag is an original and comes complete with Longchamp tag care. I was very satisfied with my overall shopping experience with Reebonz so I came back to Shop Venture website to write my own reviews :)

I've been wanting a Longchamp Le Pliage bag which is a classic bag that falls into the category of: "the versatile daily bag that every girl should have" (^o^)

As you probably already know, this all-terrain bag can be fold into a very small size so it's very useful for traveling (incase you needed more bags to carry your extra shopping items ;p). There were only two colors left on the Reebonz website so I chose this gunmetal shade which is actually a dark bluish gray color. The size that were available on Reebonz was the large one so I chose that.

I love this bag so much because it can be worn daily and even if it holds a ton it still feels lightweight on my shoulder. Now "christmas sale" and "end of year" sale is comin' up, so I would definitely find myself checking out the Shop Venture pages for new reviews and new stores to shop from ;)

If you haven't visited Shop Venture, go ahead and take a look around. You can read reviews from other users, such as their experience when they shopped at Strawberry Net, Asos, etc. What's even better is right now they are having a giveaway if you write reviews on their website:

You can win this gorgeous red bag just by signing up and writing short reviews! If you decided to write some reviews, don't forget to let them know I send you, please put hashtag #twothousandthings on your review :) - Meanwhile, thank you very much for reading this!

Shop Venture
Facebook: ShopVenture
Twitter: @shopventure

Happy Browsing!

Hugs and Kissies,

Sunday, November 30, 2014

[SKINCARE] : LIOELE 3D Lifting & Perfect Soothing Essence Mask

Lioele Perfect Soothing Essence Mask
It comes in a really nice gradation of purple color packaging and the information says that this mask would help promotes skin metabolism and also blood circulation, thus helps skin to refresh and rejuvenates itself. It contains high concentration of witch hazel, chamomile, and ginkgo extract to provide nutrition and moisture to the skin.

This sheet mask is like a solution for tired and exhausted skin. I put this on at night because it has a moon symbol on the packaging which I think means it's supposed to be worn at night (^_^) Anyway, you put this mask on and leave it for about 20-30 minutes before you remove it gently and pat the remaining essence on your skin.

I like this mask for the super cooling effect that calms my skin down as well as rejuvenates my tired skin. After a long hot day under the sun this mask helps cool down the skin and it also felt very soothing. My skin feels and looks refreshed instantly.

Lioele 3D Lifting Mask
This mask has a very lovely soft fragrance that feels very calming. At first I was intrigued to know what the 3D means, it turns out that this mask has a shape unlike any other face masks I've tried before. It's large and long enough to fit all corners of my face down to the neck! It covers every surface of skin and seems to follow the curve of my face. Hmm, so that's why they called this a 3D mask ;)

This mask contains peptide and Natto gum to helps with skin elasticity which would help firms the skin. It has no paraben and no artificial color. Although it says "no scents" but I definitely can smell the soft lovely aroma when I first opened the pretty white-pink sheet.

The mask itself feels super wet but I didn't experienced any dripping (although I used it while laying on my bed). You put this mask on for 15-20 minutes before removing it gently, and although this one is not as cooling as the Perfect Soothing Essence Mask above but this one still feels nice and soothing. This mask gives instant suppleness to the skin and also moisturizes the skin nicely.

Overall, I love both of these Lioele sheet masks because each of them gives instant results that makes my skin feels and looks better. I also love the pretty packaging of these Lioele sheet masks. I would definitely want to try other Lioele sheet masks now. Any suggestions?

 How about you ? Have you tried any Lioele sheet masks ?

Hugs and Kissies,

Saturday, November 29, 2014

[SKINCARE] : HIMALAYA HERBALS Clear Complexion Whitening Series

Okay, so this is an overdue post but a while ago I received a big bundle of products from Himalaya Herbals to try out, and they sent me A LOT of various products so it took a little bit longer for me to decide which ones I should try out first ;)

Before I opened the big green package I didn't even know that there are other products from Himalaya Herbals that are available here in Indonesia other than face washes. Apparently they also have other variants of products such as face moisturizer, lip balms, baby products, and even toothpaste!

Due to the amount of products that they included in the package, I think I'm gonna review them separately here. Anyway, if you didn't already know, Himalaya Herbals is beauty brand that are focusing on natural ingredients and herbs. They have several variants for their skincare products that were specifically meant for each skin type / skin problems, such as :
- Purifying Neem
- Gentle Exfoliating
- Oil Control / Lemon
- Clear Complexion

As you can see above, I received a variety of products such as face wash, face mask, moisturizer, lip balms, etc. I have reviewed two variants of Himalaya Herbals before which is the Purifying Neem Face Wash and the Gentle Exfoliating Daily Face Wash (you can read the review here).

Today I will review a series of products from their Clear Complexion variant. The Clear Complexion is the whitening range from Himalaya Herbals. The range was created to give a result of clearer and more visibly brighter skin. There are three products in this range which are: Clear Complexion Whitening Face Wash, Clear Complexion Whitening Face Scrub, and Clear Complexion Whitening Day Cream.

I've been using this range for over two weeks now and I found it works great with my normal-combination skin. I think this is pretty much suitable for any skin type but if you have sensitive skin you still have to try it on small patches first to see if your skin has any reaction to it or not.

The main ingredients in this range is Licorice extract and White Dammer Bark extract (damar putih). Licorice root extract helps regulate melanin synthesis to restore our skin's natural fairness, while white dammer bark extract has a clarifying and brightening properties.

Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Face Wash
When I changed my daily face wash with this one I felt that it balances my combination skin. So it keeps my skin from being too oily or too dry. The texture is a clear-like gel which goes on light on the skin and did not irritate my skin at all. It has a soap-free formula and free from paraben, sls, and phtalates. Overall, it's a nice no-fuss face wash that I can use everyday to clean my face.

Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Face Scrub
Two-three times a week I would use this face scrub after I wash my face with the Clear Complexion Face Wash above. Other than the licorice roots and white dammer bark extracts, the face scrub also contains Apricot granules which would gently scrub away dead skin cells, blackheads and other impurities to give a result of a visibly brighter, soft and glowing skin. The texture is like a lotion with tiny granules in it so this is not that gritty type of face scrub but instead it feels smooth on the skin. Personally I prefer a gritty scrub so this is too mellow for me, but overall I've been enjoying this face scrub nonetheless ;)

Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Day Cream
Lastly, I used this cream as my morning moisturizer after washing and scrubbing my face. This medium sized pot is full with yummy looking cream filled to the brim! It is a light and non-greasy cream that sinks in nicely on my skin without leaving any residue on the surface. It suppose to helps clear dark spots and uneven pigmentation on the skin, and it has natural UV protection too. The moisturizer has a pale brown shade with creamy consistency that feels luxurious on the skin.

Overall, after using all three products as a range of skincare for a couple of weeks, I feel that my skin loves it and they keep my normal-combination skin feels more balanced. I also didn't experienced any breakout or irritation. Out of all three products, my favorite would be the Whitening Day Cream because of the creamy consistency and I also love how my skin absorbs it really well. The nice packaging is a bonus!

I recommend these Clear Complexion Whitening series for those of you who are looking for a simple everyday skincare (face wash + face scrub + moisturizer) that are not too heavy for daily use and are affordable too. You can easily find Himalaya Herbals products at your nearest supermarket or beauty stores :)

Next time I will review the Purifying Neem Mask, the Nourishing Skin Cream, and also the Lip Balms! So please subscribe and wait for my next review ^_^

Hugs and Kissies,

Friday, November 14, 2014

[SKINCARE] : HAKUBI White C Gel - First Impression

Setelah agak lama vakum dari blog karena sakit, hari ini I'm finally back with a product review! 
Produk yang akan saya review kali ini cukup menarik karena baru pertama kali ini saya coba (dan bahkan baru pertama kali dengar nama produknya ;p). Karena produk ini adalah jenis produk yang hasilnya bisa dilihat setelah pemakaian beberapa lama, maka kali ini saya akan cerita tentang "first impression" saya ketika memakai Hakubi White C Gel selama kurang lebih 2 minggu.

First of all, saya mendapatkan produk ini dari Nihonmart Beauty Kosmetik Online. Sesuai info yang saya dapat dari website Nihonmart, Hakubi White C series ini adalah rangkaian produk perawatan kulit dari SATO Pharmaceutical Japan, salah satu perusahaan farmasi yang terdepan di Jepang.

Produknya sendiri terdiri dari Gel serum untuk kulit dan Tablet Supplemen. Rangkaian produk Hakubi White C Gel – Suplemen pemutih kulit memiliki fungsi utama untuk mencegah dan menyamarkan flek dan bintik hitam di kulit yang biasanya diakibatkan oleh sinar matahari.

Yang saya coba kali ini adalah produk Gel nya, yaitu Hakubi White C Gel. Selain untuk menyamarkan flek dan bintik hitam, Hakubi White C Gel juga dapat dipakai untuk mengatasi jerawat sekaligus mengatasi minyak berlebih di kulit wajah. Selain itu juga berfungsi untuk melembabkan, mengencangkan serta melindungi kulit.

Bentuk packaging-nya simpel dan sangat praktis. Walaupun bentuknya gel tapi dikemas dalam botol bentuk tube berukuran kecil sehingga lebih ringkas dan mudah dibawa bepergian dibanding botol beling/plastik. Pada bagian ujung tube terdapat lubang sangat kecil sehingga produk yang dikeluarkan menjadi tidak mudah tumpah kemana-mana, dan juga tidak boros dalam pemakaian.

Tube nya sendiri gampang dipencet, nggak perlu pakai tenaga cukup ditekan sedikit sudah keluar gel nya. Untuk kadar pemakaian juga tidak perlu terlalu banyak, cukup dikeluarkan sedikit dan seperlunya saja untuk dioleskan pada kulit wajah terutama pada titik-titik hitam dan/atau flek pada kulit.

Untuk teksturnya sendiri berbentuk gel bening yang agak cair namun sedikit kental. Ketika dioleskan di kulit sih rasanya biasa aja, nggak ada rasa dingin atau panas di kulit. Saya suka formula Gel nya yang cepat menyerap, jadi setelah pemakaian Hakubi White C Gel ini saya bisa langsung pakai pelembab muka. 

Biasanya saya pakai Hakubi White C Gel ini pagi hari dan juga sore hari setelah mandi. Gel ini tidak berbau dan tidak terasa di lengket di kulit maupun di jari tangan ketika pemakaian. Rasanya seperti tidak memakai apa-apa, it's a very invincible gel and I like it that way :)

Anyway, setelah pemakaian kurang lebih selama 2 minggu, saya merasa flek hitam di wajah saya agak memudar sedikit. Sejauh ini sih saya cukup puas karena gel ini memberikan hasil yang sesuai dengan janji di box nya tanpa menimbulkan reaksi alergi apapun di kulit saya. Flek hitam nampak mulai memudar sedikit demi sedikit. Saya cukup yakin, dalam beberapa minggu ke depan dengan pemakaian rutin maka flek di wajah saya akan semakin memudar ;)

Nah, kalau kamu penasaran juga sama produk ini, apalagi kalau kamu punya banyak flek hitam di wajah akibat sinar matahari, kamu bisa beli produk ini di Nihonmart Beauty. Psstt, sekarang harganya lagi diskon 10% tuuh, lumayan kaan? ;)

Ada yang udah pernah coba produk ini?

Hugs and Kissies,