Wednesday, September 10, 2014


My skin is looking a little bit dull these days, so recently I've been trying out a new skincare series that I found really helped with the dullness of my skin. About a week ago I received these Papaya series from Valenno which is a beauty brand that you can get via the Rakuten online shopping website.

Valenno is a new-to-me brand and this is my first time trying them. But from my experience after using their products for more than a week, I am really impressed with the overall quality of these products.

On the website I saw that Valenno has different series such as Papaya variant, Green Tea variant, and Q10 Chamomile variant. I have the Papaya series that is meant for whitening and brightening treatments. The products that I've been using are:
  • Valenno Papaya Facial Foam
  • Valenno Papaya Lightening Exfoliating Gel
  • Valenno Papaya Lightening Peel-Off Face Mask

The Papaya series is loaded with papaya extract and Vitamin E as the main ingredients. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant and is full with nutrients that are good for skin regeneration. It also serves as an anti-aging product, and it also claim to help eliminate fine lines. 

While the Papaya extract contains a lot of vitamin C to brighten the face and remove dead skin cells. It also claim to help shrink pores, and rich with anti-oxidants as well as nutrients for brightening effect. 

NOTE: All the Valenno papaya series have a papaya scent but it's not over-throwing so I think it's alright, especially if you like fruity scents.

Valenno Papaya Facial Foam
It is a soft foaming cleanser that can lift the dirt off the face and loaded with vitamin B3 and grain scrubs to help exfoliate dead skin and helps remove blackheads as well as shrink pores. The texture is like a hard gel formula with gritty bits because of the grain scrubs. It's a little bit harder to squeeze off from the tube because of the thick formula but you only need a small amount of this to create a full lather for your whole face. 

I can see an instant brightening result after washing my face with this facial foam. It felt refreshing and my face also felt clean and looks fresh. It also didn't dry my face after cleansing.

Valenno Papaya Lightening Exfoliating Gel
From all the three products that I tried, this one is my most favorite. This is basically a face scrub that comes in the form of a clear gel. Unlike other face scrubs that I've tried before, this one has a unique texture. So it starts as a gel that you scrub in circular motion on your face without water, and then it would turned into a scrubby texture that really seems to scrub off the dirt and dead skin cells off your face! Just like using a traditional lulur but for your face :) - see the photo down below
I really like this one because it seems that it really makes my face clean afterwards but it does not dry my skin. Well I still use a moisturizer afterward but it didn't left a super dry feeling on my skin like when all your oils are stripped off your face. So I think it's a very lovely product to try.

Valenno Papaya Lightening Peel-Off Face Mask
This is a face mask to complete the whole papaya treatment range. It contains licorice extract, and pro-vitamin B5 for a brighter and plump looking skin. I like using this as the last step of my cleansing routine. I like the texture of this face mask which felt cooling on the skin. You slather this face mask all over your face and then you wait for several minutes or until it hardens. It took about 20 minutes for me until it hardens, and then I washed it off. I know it says "peel-off" on the tube but I think it's more easier if you just wash it with warm water ;p

The result is a much brighter face, even my hubby said that my face looks more refined and plumped after using this face mask :)

(click to enlarge)


The Exfoliating Gel Texture:

Overall, I really like these Papaya series from Valenno. I can see that these really give a brightening effect which is good for my dull skin. I recommend using all three products together for better result. The price is very affordable so it's another plus in my book ;)

What I usually do is I wash my face with the facial foam first, and then I scrub it off with the lightening exfoliating gel, and then I use the face mask the last. As I told you above, my most favorite is the Lightening Exfoliating Gel, but i recommend all three products that I reviewed above if you're looking for something to brighten up dull skin.

You can get Valenno products on their online store at Rakuten HERE.

See you on my next review!

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Monday, September 8, 2014

[OOTD] - To The City Beach!

If you haven't read my previous post I was telling you that I went to the city beach with my family several days ago. In yesterday's post I talked about What's In My Beach Bag, and today as promised I'm gonna share the outfit post ;)

In my country the beach is always scorching hot. You gotta be prepared with UV protection and light airy clothing. Forget the jeans (go for jeggings instead!) and thick materials. I usually go with shorts or a thin maxi dress because I think that's the most comfiest to wear on the beach.

Shorts are great especially if you're planning to soak your feet in the sea. Thin light maxi dresses are pretty for walking along the beach because the wind would pick up the material and your dress would fly a little, just enough to make you look feminine and great for pictures! Do not wear flared skirts / short dress though, because the wind would pick up your skirt/dress and you would be busy hanging on to your clothes to avoid flashing everyone else your underwear ;p That won't happened with maxi dress because it's long enough so the wind can't blew it so high.

Chic Simple Maxi Dress
Cropped Cardigan (gifted)
Payless Ikat Bag
Shoelicious Wrapped Sandals
Rayban Sunglasses
Pearl Earrings (gifted)
Chicnova Bracelets (thank you Chicnova!)

I knew I wasn't gonna play with the waves or go near the sea so that's why I opted for the maxi dress instead of shorts. We hang around under the shade of the trees at the beach, enjoying the sea breeze and people-watching ^o^

It was actually my uncle's birthday where he took us lunch in this seafood restaurant near the beach. After lunch we all went to the beach to hangout a little while. Although it was a short time but I really enjoyed that day. Any time spent with your family is a great time well-spent ;)

 Here's hoping to some more leisure in the future!

Hugs and Kissies,

Thursday, September 4, 2014

What's In My Beach Bag

About two weeks ago I went to the beach with my family. I didn't play in the sea because (as usual) it was a scorching hot day. We remain under the shaded trees for the whole afternoon. Nonetheless, I bring with me some of the essentials that I found quite useful for a day at the beach, so here it is ...

First of all, my choice of bag is this pretty pink ikat bag from Payless that I scored on a discount for only IDR 80.000 !! < insert grin here >. It's a nice cute bag and very lightweight so I think it's perfect for the beach because you don't want to be carrying an already heavy bag with lots of metal hardwares or heavy handles. The woven material of this bag also makes it perfect for the beach because I shouldn't be worried about the sand ruining my leather bag, etc. 

As you can see from above photo, I brought quite a few things with me. First of all, the must-have which is a bottle of water. Can you see my purple water bottle peeking through from the bag? I know you can buy drinks on the beach but having a bottle is way easier because you don't have to get in line at the stall to get some drinks.

Second of all, a super-sized pashmina. You'll never know when you might need it. A pashmina is another must-have item for the beach. You can use it as a sarong or to cover up your bikini/swimwear, or you can use it to cover your hair from the salty sea breeze, or you can use it to cover your head and your face from the sun, or to cover your shoulders incase it's getting windier and colder, or you can even use it as a beach mat to sit in the sand. Overall, it's a multi-functional item. By the way, I got this pretty equestrian pattern scarf as a birthday gift from my cousin last year and it's one of my favorite scarf.

One more thing, if you have long hair don't forget to bring some hair fastener or scrunchie or whatever to help keep your hair out of your face if the wind grew stronger, or to just simply save you from an over-sweating neck, LOL. My bright sunflower hair tie is from ebay, while my hair clip is from Art Kea.

The next thing on my bag which is also a must-have item for the beach is a Sunglasses, and some UV protection. My sunglasses is from H&M, and the floral sunglasses case is from Daiso. My choice of UV protection is the Nivea UV Extra Whitening Body Lotion with SPF 15 which is also my new favorite along with the Nivea Night Whitening Body Serum which I have reviewed yesterday.

Now, on to the more interesting part. I carried three different pouches in my bag. I always tend to carry different pouches in my bag to keep my things organized instead of just putting all of them into the deepness of my bag. That way I can find what I need without trying to rummage all the cluttered things inside my bag.

I usually carry two pouches everyday, one is my "makeup bag" which carries makeup incase I need to touch up. The other pouch is my "daily essentials" bag containing items that I might need. This time, aside from my two pouches I also carried another pouch containing "extra items" which would be useful for a day at the beach.

First pouch is my "Makeup Bag" (photo above) which is a gold Marc Jacobs Daisy pouch. Inside it are the makeup products I'm wearing that day so I can do some touch-ups if needed. The products are:

The second pouch is my "Daily Essentials" pouch which includes items that I know I need on daily basis. The pouch I'm using right now is from L'Occitane and the items included in it are:
  • Bath & Body Works Anti-Bac Hand Gel in Paris Amour (anti-bacs are a must-have for me!)
  • The Body Shop Hand Cleanse Gel in Satsuma (this is almost empty so that's why I brought 2 hand bacs instead, just incase this one is finished)
  • L'Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream
  • Fresh Care Aromatherapy Roll-On in  Lemon (for my nausea problem)
  • Tissue in floral container
  • Nano-Nano Flavor Candy (another must-have for me. I always bring hot/spicy candy to overcome my nausea)

And last but not least, the third pouch a.k.a my "Extra Items" pouch that I used to carry some extra products that functions as beach essentials. The pouch I'm using is a transparent pouch that I got from Givenchy, and the items inside it are:

That's all guys... ! 
Next post would be an OOTD post about what I wore to the beach, so stay tune and/or subscribe to this blog if you haven't already! ^_^

Hugs and Kissies,

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

[BODYCARE]: NIVEA Body Serum & Body Lotion range

Beberapa waktu lalu saya dapat paket biru cantik dari Nivea Indonesia. Isinya selain ada tas travel dan tas toiletries yang fungsional, juga ada serangkaian produk Nivea body lotion. Sejujurnya saya pakai produk Nivea itu terakhir waktu jaman saya masih kuliah, tepatnya bertahun-tahun lalu ;p Udah gitu, saya itu memang paling males kalau pakai body lotion. Sering banget lupa dan males kalau mau pakai body lotion.

Jadi waktu dikirimin satu rangkaian produk Nivea body lotion ini saya sempat ragu-ragu apa saya bisa rutin pakai produknya secara saya suka lalai pake body lotion. Eh ternyata setelah dicoba pakai 1 - 2 kali saya malah ketagihan hahaha ^_^

Jadi saya dapat tiga buah varian produk Nivea di dalam box biru cantik diatas. Ketiga varian tersebut adalah:

3 x Nivea Night Whitening Body Serum
1 x Nivea UV Extra Whitening Body Lotion
1 x Nivea Intensive Moisture Body Lotion

Yang pertama kali saya coba adalah produk terbarunya Nivea yaitu Nivea Night Whitening Body Serum yang untuk dipakai saat malam hari menjelang tidur. Semenjak pertama kali saya mencoba body serum ini saya langsung ketagihan karena selain wanginya enak, teksturnya juga nyaman di  kulit, cepat meresap dan tidak meninggalkan kesan lengket. 

Yang pasti sih saya tertarik sama kelebihan body serum ini yang mampu mencerahkan dan menghaluskan kulit, memberi kelembaban kulit, membantu meratakan warna kulit, menutrisi kulit, serta membantu mencegah kulit menjadi kering. Tuh, banyak kan manfaatnya?

Kenapa namanya Body Serum bukan Body Lotion? 
Karena serum merupakan salah satu produk perawatan kulit yang mengandung konsentrat tinggi yang mampu menyerap lebih cepat dan menutrisi kulit lebih dalam. Serum bekerja di lapisan kulit yang lebih dalam, dan apabila digunakan pada malam hari akan lebih maksimal karena malam hari adalah saat proses pembaharuan kulit bekerja dua kali lebih aktif. (sumber: Nivea Indonesia press release)

Nivea Night Whitening Body Serum mengandung Anti-Melanin Complex dengan bahan dari rucinol, licorice, vitamin C, dan UV filter. Kandungan lain yang terdapat di dalamnya antara lain adalah ekstrak lotus, ginseng, pearl powder, alga, vitamin E, dan lain lain.

Karena wanginya enak dan teksturnya seperti lotion biasa yang terasa nyaman di kulit, saya jadi rajin pakai body serum ini setiap malam. Apalagi saya merasakan langsung betapa kulit badan jadi lebih halus dan lebih cerah, plus wanginya enak dan bikin rileks. Cocok untuk dipakai malam hari. Yang tadinya saya selalu malas-malasan kalau harus pakai body lotion sebelum tidur, sekarang saya malah rajin banget karena sudah merasakan langsung manfaat dari Nivea Night Whitening Body Serum ini.

Kalau malam hari saya pakai Nivea Night Whitening Body Serum, maka paginya saya pakai Nivea UV Extra Whitening Body Lotion untuk hasil yang lebih maksimal dalam mencerahkan kulit:

Nivea UV Extra Whitening Body Lotion ini mengandung ekstrak Camu-camu yang mengandung vitamin C 50x lebih tinggi dari lemon sehingga dapat merawat kulit yang kusam menjadi lebih cerah dan lembut. Body Lotion ini juga mengandung SPF 15 untuk perlindungan terhadap sinar matahari dan Hydra IQ untuk menjaga kelembaban alami kulit.

Teksturnya agak sedikit cair dibanding Nivea Night Whitening Body Serum tapi wanginya sama enaknya, bikin rileks, dan teksturnya juga cepat meresap di kulit tanpa kesan lengket. Saya suka pakai body lotion ini karena terasa sangat nyaman di kulit. 

Pemakaian rutin Nivea UV Extra Whitening Body Lotion di pagi hari + Nivea Night Whitening Body Serum di malam hari membuat kulit badan terasa lebih halus dan lembab sepanjang hari. Dan saya juga perhatikan sekarang di tiap foto kulit saya nampak terlihat lebih cerah dan lebih sehat dibanding sebelumnya ;p

Satu lagi dari paket biru diatas adalah Nivea Intensive Moisture Body Lotion. Biasanya saya pakai pelembab ini kalau kulit saya sedang kering misalkan karena terlalu lama berada di ruangan ber-AC. Sesuai namanya, Nivea Intensive Moisture Body Lotion ini berfungsi untuk melembabkan kulit terutama untuk kulit kering atau pecah-pecah. Dengan pemakaian lotion ini secara rutin maka kulit akan menjadi lebih lembut, halus, dan lembab sepanjang hari.

Lotion ini mengandung grape seed oil dan avocado oil, serta vitamin E yang dapat menutrisi kulit dan merawat kulit kering menjadi lebih lembab. Teksturnya paling ringan dibanding kedua body lotion sebelumnya dan wanginya lebih powdery / seperti wangi bedak. Seperti dua body lotion sebelumnya, Nivea Intensive Moisture Body Lotion ini juga meresap dengan cepat tanpa meninggalkan rasa lengket di kulit. 

Overall, saya suka banget sama ketiga produk Nivea diatas dan sekarang saya jadi rutin pakai body lotion karena saya jatuh cinta sama produknya ;) [bukan iklan loh tapi beneran]. Dengan harga yang terjangkau dan barang yang mudah didapat di supermarket serta hasil yang maksimal, I really recommend produk-produk diatas karena saya sendiri sudah merasakan hasilnya. Kalau kulitmu kusam, kering, terasa gatal dan ingin kulit lebih cerah tidak ada salahnya untuk mencoba rangkaian produk Nivea diatas ;) 

See you on my next review!