Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Fashion [Wish List] Featuring: SheInside

Remember my collab project with SheInside in THIS POST ? I love browsing SheInside website because they have so many options with new items uploaded every time. They also offer various style of fashion that would surely catches the eyes of every fashionistas.

Here are some of my spring fashion wish list that I would like to share with you. I am into florals and feminine-cut right now (don't I always? ;p), so you would probably see lots of them as you scroll down below:


Believe it or not, I only have one blazer in my wardrobe right now, and it's a black classic blazer. I know I'm super late in this trend but I'm always curious with floral blazer, so that goes into my wish list as you can see above.

I'm also very intrigued with the kimono trend which I think is gonna be up and coming again this spring, so I put one flowy kimono in my wish list basket here. I think it would look good with a plain t-shirt and jeans or to layer over a simple romper ;p


I am also trying to upgrade my closet with shirts because hubby requested me to wear more shirts (he said he liked it). Again, believe it or not, I only have 2 wearable shirts in my wardrobe so currently I'm trying to buy more shirts or "blouses that looks like shirts", just like the two blouses above.

Last but not least, I'm getting tired of wearing jeans, long pants and dresses for the past several months, so I'm eager to add more cute shorts and skirts into my wardrobe just like my wish list below:


So those are pretty much some of my wish list from SheInside.com and those are the items that I would wear myself on a daily basis.

If you're interested in any of the items I put above, you can just click the photo and it will take you straight to the page on SheInside website. Clicking the photo would not bring any revenue for me, I just simply want to share my favorites with you ;)

So do you like any of my wish list items above?

Happy browsing!

Saturday, April 5, 2014


These last two months have been quite busy for me, and I just realized that I didn't put up my February Favorites post last month because I simply forget and lost track. So here is a Monthly Favorites post that represents two months (for February & March)...

These are the products that I used the most for the last two months. It includes a hand wash that I got from Marks & Spencer which I use in my bathroom sink. St.Michael / Marks & Spencer are the brand that stands close to my heart because when I was a teenager my mom, aunts, and my older cousins would have the pretty bottles of St.Michael / Marks & Spencer on their vanity (they were all the rage at the time when there were not so many beauty brands available here). One of my favorite scent from them is this one, and how could you not love the pretty bottle of this Marks & Spencer China Blue Moisture Rich Hand Wash, right? ;)

Musk is also one of my favorite scent ever, especially The Body Shop White Musk collection (REVIEW) which I consider my "signature scent" ;p I love it so much and have been using their perfume for several times until now. Lately I've been using a range of products from TBS White Musk to amp up the scent even more. I'm using the White Musk Sumptuous Silk Shower Gel, Smooth Satin Body Lotion, and the Eau de Toilette all at once, respectively.

My favorite candle of the month(s) is the Soft Cotton Blanket candle from Candle-Lite. I love the soft subtle clean scent from it. Cotton is a little bit hard for me because most of the time I don't like cotton scent that reminds me of laundry / detergent scent, but this one is rather different. Instead of smelling like laundry detergent scent this one smells fresh and clean, it kinda reminds me of fresh morning dew ;)

Now on to make-up, there are a couple of things that I used most often during the last 2 months. I am trying to used up my eyeshadow palettes so I've been using this Revlon Photoready Primer + Shadow Palette in Impressionist (REVIEW) for almost everyday. This palette already comes with a primer / base shadow inside so it's quite practical to bring along everywhere. The colors are neutral too (brown/nude) and the primer makes the colors look even more beautiful on the eyelids.

Another makeup product that I've been loving currently is my new Sleek Blush in Flushed. If you read my recent haul post you'll see that I purchased 3 Sleek blushes and although I love all of them but I've been loving this one the most. Just like what many reviews said, this shade brings out a natural blushed/flushed color on your cheek that makes your face looks fresh. It's just simply beautiful and a little bit goes a long way with this one. You don't want to put a lot of this on to your cheek because this is very pigmented, I usually only use the tip of my blush brush slightly and the color would bursts nicely on my cheek.

Last but not least, I have been loving this MUA Intense Kisses High Intensity Gloss in shade Lips Are Sealed lately. I think this is the only lip product I wore for the last two months, LOL. I love the shade and also the texture of the gloss. It doesn't feel sticky and it gives a healthy shine to my lips. Not thick and wet, but just perfect consistency. It looks good when worn alone or when layered with other similar shade lipstick. I am now intrigued to try other shades from MUA Intense Kisses Lip Gloss range, I've heard so many good things about them.

 From left to right: 
Sleek Blush in Flushed, MUA Intense Kisses High Intensity Gloss in Lips Are Sealed, 
Revlon Photoready Primer + Shadow Palette in Impressionist

Those are my current favorite products, if you have similar post you can link it down below because I love reading those kind of posts ;)

Also, I would like to thank Lucie from the blog From Paris to Jakarta who have included me in her "Favorite Indonesian Beauty Bloggers". I'm so happy if my blog means a little something for someone else, honestly I always doubt if anybody out there reads my blog (;p) so when Lucie told me that my blog somehow inspire her I felt beyond ecstatic to hear that, so thank you so much Lucie! 

You guys should read her blog too because her posts are addictive ^__^

Now, what are your current favorite products or shades lately?

Hugs and Kissies,

Thursday, April 3, 2014

OOTD Featuring SheInside

Holaa... It's been a long time since my last post but here I am with a new fashion post ;) 
I was experimenting with some photography ideas a while ago and for the shoot I'm wearing my new black maxi dress that I got from SheInside.com.


If you're a regular fashion blog reader, or if you follow some fashion channels on youtube and other fashion platform I bet you might have heard about SheInside by now. It's a website that sells fashion items and accessories worldwide. They have a wide variation of items and you can browse for many styles and items on their website. They provide a lot of on-trend items as well as classic essentials with an affordable price, so you can still do fashion without having to spend more money especially on trending items.

As you can see above, I opted for a classic style instead which is the black flowy maxi dress. I love maxi dresses and I always wanted a black flowy one, so when I saw this black dress on SheInside website I put it in my wishlist tab right away and eventually put it on my shopping cart ;)

I love how the dress is light and flowy with a braided rope accent which makes it look a little bit special. I imagine this dress can be worn for a casual day at the beach or for a semi-formal events such as weddings, etc - It all depends on how you accessorize it ;p

Here I'm styling it a little bit formal for an evening event. I really love how the material is so light and airy, and how it falls nicely to the floor. The simple cut of the dress also makes my petite figure look taller (which is a very important effect!), and also leaner. The whole appearance is towards an elegant look.

The back of the dress is fully covered but the side shows a little bit opening right below the underarm area, so I layered with a lace tank top inside. You can also wear a bandeau top instead if that's more your style.

I kinda like the side opening because it's a surprising detail, and I also love the rope strap on the shoulder. The dress also have a tightening in the waist in the form of a little rope with tassel which I think is pretty cute.

For this look, I'm styling it with silver accessories such as the big silver earrings that I got from eBay, and also the burnt silver bangle set that I got from an Indian jewelry store. I'm also wearing my tallest heels in this photo because the dress is too long for my short legs. 

A little note for the Size Measurement: This dress comes in several sizes and here I'm wearing the size XS which is the smallest size they have. The body fit really nicely but the length is too long for my petite figure (I'm only 155cm), so I would shorten the dress a few inches later for future wear. You can hem the dress yourself but I'm just too lazy to do it myself so I'm gonna need the help of my tailor ;p

SheInside.com provide excellent service and they offer Free Shipping worldwide. For Indonesia the shipping time is around 2 weeks which is not too long for international shipping. The package comes nicely wrapped and they also provide you with notification emails to update you about your purchase and delivery.

This is my first collaboration with SheInside and my first experience was a blast. The various price range of the items, the abundant variety of products on the website, and the good quality - are all the points that makes SheInside a trusted international online shopping website. Overall, I have nothing to complain about. I'm very satisfied ;)

There are many other things that I'm craving from SheInside, if you can see my wish list I have a lot of items waiting there, LOL. 

If you haven't check out SheInside.com already, please be sure to check them HERE. Meanwhile, don't forget to have fun and have a great week guys!

Thank you SheInside,

Happy Shopping,