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Friday, July 15, 2016

[Skincare]: THE SKIN Pure Lime Cleansing Foam + THE SKIN Cleansing Oil with Lime Extract

Another day another Korean skincare product to try out. This time I'm trying out two products from another Korean brand : The Skin. 

Their official website is in Korean language but they are now officially distributed here in Indonesia by PT. Heonz Royal Jaya. I got a set of Lime series from The Skin, including The Skin Pure Lime Cleansing Foam and The Skin Cleansing Oil with Lime Extract.

Skincare is something that I always have a passion of, because I believe that a good skin would be a good base for any makeup ( even with no makeup ! ).

A basic rule in skincare is ALWAYS always clean your face ! A good and regular cleansing would result in great skin if done properly.

I usually do a morning face wash with a light cleansing foam / facial wash, and a thorough makeup removal at night with double (sometimes triple) cleansing method to ensure a clean skin before I turn to bed. So I always have several different options of face washes and makeup removal products in stock in my bathroom vanity. I also have a stock of face wash and travel skincare products in my parents house because I stayed there quite often. That's why I always appreciate a new facial wash and/or makeup removal product because those are products that I use every day diligently without skipping it.

Now I would review these two newest cleansing products in my vanity :

The Skin Pure Lime Cleansing Foam
A skin hydrating and purifying cleansing foam with lime extract.

Ingredients (click to enlarge) :

This Pure Lime Cleansing Foam consists of vitamin-rich lime extract and botanical extract that helps skin to stay moisturized after cleansing. According to the packaging this cleansing foam is hydrating and skin-soothing, makes skin calm and comfortable, while giving a lime-fresh feeling. It is also Free from paraben, pigment, and skin-irritating ingredients.

This Cleansing Foam has a bouncy foamy texture. You only need to squeeze out a little bit of this product to use it. When I used too much of the foam my skin would feel a tad bit dry, so it is best to use just a small pea size amount for every use. 

It feels soothing on my skin and it also felt like it really clean my face and lift the dust and dirt off. It also left me with an obvious brighter complexion after every usage.

I like to use this in the morning as my morning wash because it is full of Vitamin C and other nutrients from fresh lime extracts that leaves my skin feeling fresh and brighter. This Cleansing Foam also lifts off excess oil on my face so I imagine this product would be very nice for those with oily skin. Just don't forget to use just a small pea size so your skin won't feel tight.

The Skin Cleansing Oil with Lime Extract
A deep cleansing oil made with lime extract and sunflower seed oil.
Ingredients (click to enlarge) :

According to the packaging this Cleansing Oil will remove makeup, sebum, and skin impurities while leaving a freshness feel of lime. It also contains refined natural moisturizing ingredients to keep the skin balanced, translucent, and silky soft.

I love me a good cleansing oil so I was delighted to try this out. This Cleansing oil has a lightweight formula but able to deep cleanse the skin. It is formulated with citrus and olive oil so it feels soft and soothing on the skin.

The makeup removal ability is actually really good. It lift off my makeup including my foundation and heavy eye makeup. It didn't feel too oily on my skin when I use this, and it also didn't leave sticky feeling on my face afterwards. Usually some of the cleansing oils I've tried would left an oily sticky residue on the skin after using it, but not too much with this one, so I'm really liking this cleansing oil.

In short, I love the light formula and it's ability to lift off makeup without feeling too sticky and oily (although I always add a facial wash after using cleansing oil to double cleanse).

During application :

Overall, I can recommend both of these products from The Skin especially the Cleansing Oil with Lime Extract. Now I'm including this Cleansing Oil into my everyday skincare routine (because I like it and I think it works great). And I'm also using the Lime Cleansing Foam as my daily face wash in my parents house (because I stayed at my parents every weekend). 

It's nice to find a good cleansing product to add to my growing skincare collection. I always try to use all of my existing products before it expires. I'm also loving many Korean skincare products nowadays. I think they have great formula suitable for Asian skin condition. Have you tried any Korean skincare ?

Hope You Have A Nice Friday !
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Saturday, June 25, 2016

[Make-Up] : ARMANDO CARUSO Travel Liner / Brow Brush and Makeup Blender

A couple days ago I posted about my latest freebies from Sociolla in which I received an Eyeliner Brush and Makeup Blender from Armando Caruso. I told a story on that post where Sociolla seems to always know what I want and then send it to me. For example, I was just thinking about buying and trying out an egg-shaped makeup sponge (because all this time I only use makeup brushes), and then my Sociolla pink box came and guess what? There is an egg-shaped makeup sponge inside it ! 
I called that "magic" :)

So I received two makeup tools from Armando Caruso via Sociolla : the Travel Liner / Brow Brush, and the egg-shaped makeup sponge which is actually called Armando Caruso Makeup Blender. I promised a review so here it is ...

Starting with the Armando Caruso Mini Neon Pink Makeup Blender, if you've been curious with the highly popular "Beauty Blender Sponge" but doesn't want to splurge a lot of money for just a sponge, then you might consider a cheaper option such as this Armando Caruso Makeup Blender. It is a mini dupe version for the beauty blender, and I'd say it works just fine and works perfectly smooth on my face.

It has an egg shape which suppose to make it easier for us to apply liquid foundation on those hard-to-reach corners on our face. The Armando Caruso Mini Makeup Blender is rather small but not too small. And I have small hands and face anyway, so I don't have any problem with application. In fact, the small size makes it easier to reach those corners of our face such as the spots around our nose and eyes, beneath our lips, under eye area, etc.

It's very easy to use, application runs smooth, and the material is nice and easy to clean. It doesn't absorb all your foundation and leaves you with patchy traces of foundie. What it does is just blend the foundie on your skin and leaves a smooth non-streaky layer of foundation on top of your skin.

As for the Armando Caruso 28 Travel Liner / Brow Brush, it is a classic angled liner brush with a tapered point that fits perfectly along the lash line. According to the booklet it can be used for liquid, cream, and powder liners although I've only tried it with powder so far.

It picks up products and apply it nicely onto the skin. I've been using it with my Urban Decay Zero eyeshadow to form a natural-looking eyeliner on my eyes. Sometimes I also use it to smudge the liner on my eyelid and I think it works just fine as well.

I also use this as my emergency eyebrow brush if I forgot to bring my eyebrow pencil / brush with me. It has short handle which I think is perfect for Asian hands. The brush is medium thick and does not feel flimsy at all.

Overall, I think Armando Caruso brushes and makeup sponge are quite good especially if you're looking for cheaper makeup brushes that comes with good quality. It has a wide range of brushes with cheaper prices than most brands, and it's good for everyday makeup.

Washing them is also easy, just don't over-washed them with too much water. So far I've been using my Armando Caruso brushes on daily basis and I especially like the Makeup Blender to use with my everyday foundation. 

You can get Armando Caruso brushes and sponge at Sociolla and don't forget that you can use my special code for additional discount !

>>> Use my code " YURI50 " for Rp 50,000 discount (min purchase Rp 200,000). 
You can use the code to buy anything at Sociolla (excluding : discount items & Rollover Reaction lipstick).

Or you can also click below to go to Sociolla :

Happy Shopping !
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Monday, June 20, 2016

[Skincare] : NATURE LEAVES Pink Mask + HELLO'S Night Serum

Saya termasuk yang suka mencoba dan memakai beauty products yang alami / organik / natural dan semacamnya. Menurut saya, semakin alami suatu produk maka akan semakin sedikit efek negatif nya untuk kita. Walaupun belum sampai tahap mengganti semua produk dengan yang natural tapi saya sebisa mungkin menambahkan beberapa produk natural untuk pemakaian sehari-hari. Biar nggak kimia melulu gitu lohh.. (;p)

Setiap ada kesempatan untuk mencoba produk yang natural saya pasti tanpa ragu langsung antusias ingin mencoba. Termasuk ketika saya mendapat kesempatan untuk mencoba produk perawatan muka dari skincare brand asli Indonesia : Nature Leaves.

Dua produk diatas adalah produk andalan Nature Leaves. 
Kebetulan saya lagi senang coba-coba skincare karena memang beberapa bulan terakhir ini saya lagi fokus ke skincare. Dan pas lihat produknya Nature Leaves seneng banget karena packaging-nya baguuusss (^_^). Biasanya packaging bagus itu jadi salah satu alasan saya untuk membeli suatu produk hehe ..
Hayoo, siapa yang sama seperti saya, suka beli produk karena packaging-nya? Coba ngacuung (;p)

Anyhoo, dua produk Nature Leaves diatas adalah :
- Nature Leaves Pink Mask for Oily Skin
- Hello's Night Serum

PS : Untuk face mask nya sendiri di Nature Leaves ada dua macam masker yang bisa dipilih : Blue Mask (dengan kandungan Green Tea & Honey) untuk semua jenis kulit, dan Pink Mask (dengan Mud & Manggis) untuk kulit berminyak. Karena kulit saya kombinasi cenderung oily jadi masker yang saya coba adalah yang Pink Mask :)

Nature Leaves Pink Mask ini mengandung lumpur laut dan kandungan alami lainnya. Fungsinya adalah untuk mengangkat kulit mati, membantu mengurangi minyak berlebih, membantu mengecilkan pori-pori, mencerahkan kulit kusam, serta melembabkan kulit.

Packaging-nya lucu banget ! Dan tertutup sangat rapat sehingga tidak menyebabkan produk di dalam tumpah keluar. Seperti yang bisa dilihat di foto diatas, masker Nature Leaves ini bentuknya bubuk / powder, jadi harus dicampur air dulu kalau mau dipakai. 

Cara pakainya : Jangan lupa bersihkan muka dulu sebelum pakai masker ini. Untuk campurannya bisa pakai air biasa atau kadang saya pakai air mawar dari Viva. Cukup ambil 1 sendok teh bubuk masker dan larutkan dengan 2 sendok makan air hangat / air biasa / air mawar. Setelah itu oleskan di wajah dan diamkan selama 15 menit. Terakhir, bilas dan bersihkan wajah tanpa sabun. 

Setelah dicampur dengan air, tekstur masker ini berubah menjadi larutan yang tidak terlalu tebal/kental dan juga tidak terlalu cair, jadi lumayan gampang dioleskan ke wajah tanpa ada yang jatuh / meleleh ke bawah. 
I thought it's gonna be messy but not at all ! 
It is surprisingly super easy and not messy at all !

Masker ini juga gampang banget dibersihkan. Biasanya kan ada masker yang kalau udah kering dan mengeras di wajah jadi susah dibersihkan/diangkat maskernya. Tapi ini nggak begitu, masker ini gampang banget dibersihin dari muka. It only took me 5 minutes to wash it off !

Setelah wajah dibilas hingga bersih hasilnya kulit terasa kencang dan halus mulus. Tidak berminyak dan rasanya jadi lebih kenyal. Intinya, Nature Leaves Pink Mask ini bagus banget untuk kulit kusam dan oily. Dan pemakaiannya pun cukup cepat dan praktis. Saya biasanya suka malas pakai masker bubuk karena biasanya agak ribet pemakaiannya, tapi Nature Leaves Mask ini merubah cara pandang saya terhadap masker bubuk. Nature Leaves Mask ini patut diacungi jempol.
I definitely recommend this mask!

Save the best for last,
Sekarang saatnya bicara tentang Hello's Night Serum.

Hello's Night Serum ini dibuat dari 100% organic base oil, dengan kandungan utamanya dari campuran Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Tea Tree, dan Orange oil. All the good ingredients are in it !

Fungsinya adalah untuk memperbaiki lapisan kulit dari dalam, mencerahkan kulit, melembabkan kulit, menghaluskan kulit, membantu memperbaiki sel kulit yang rusak karena polusi dan radikal bebas, serta untuk anti-aging, dan membantu menenangkan jerawat.

Sesuai namanya, serum ini diperuntukkan untuk pemakaian malam hari. Serum ini kaya akan Vitamin A, C, dan E - yang semuanya mempunyai manfaat bagus untuk kulit. Serum ini juga kaya akan anti-oksidan, serta tidak mengandung chemical, paraben, dan perfume!

Hello's Night Serum ini teksturnya kurang lebih seperti "oil", tapi walaupun bentuknya oily namun tidak terasa lengket. Seperti yang saya bilang, beberapa bulan terakhir ini saya lagi fokus ke skincare dan sudah lumayan banyak produk skincare yang saya coba, termasuk produk yang serupa dengan Hello's Night Serum ini. Dan diantara produk serupa yang sudah saya coba Hello's Serum ini yang paling less-oily. Produk serupa lainnya rata-rata meninggalkan rasa lengket dan terasa sangat oily ketika pemakaian. Namun Hello's Serum ini tidak terlalu oily dan hanya meninggalkan sedikit saja rasa lengket yang tersisa di wajah. Bahkan kalau saya hanya pakai satu tetes saja maka biasanya tidak meninggalkan rasa lengket sama sekali. I friggin' love love it so much! Karena setelah sekian banyak mencoba produk serupa baru kali ini saya menemukan yang tidak lengket di muka. This is a heaven-sent for those with oily or combination skin like me.

Hal yang paling saya suka dari Hello's Night Serum ini adalah formulanya yang ringan, yang tidak meninggalkan kesan lengket di wajah, mudah meresap ke dalam lapisan kulit dan tidak membuat wajah menjadi terlihat berminyak seperti produk serupa lain pada umumnya.

Cara pakainya : dipakai pada malam hari, cukup tuang 2-3 tetes di telapak tangan, gosokan tangan sebentar, lalu aplikasikan pada wajah dengan cara ditekan-tekan dan ditepuk-tepuk -> jangan diusap.

Jangan lupa bersihkan wajah terlebih dahulu ya sebelum pakai serum ini. Biasanya saya bersihin makeup dan cuci muka dulu, lalu pakai toner, lalu baru pakai Hello's Night Serum, dan kadang saya juga tambahkan night cream setelah pakai serum ini. Tapi kadang saya cukup pakai serum ini saja tanpa menambahkan night cream lagi. Lalu pada pagi harinya setelah cuci muka kulit saya jadi terasa kenyal dan terlihat jauh lebih cerah. My skin definitely feels good !

Overall, I really love both products from Nature Leaves. Masker-nya oke dan enak dipakai, and if you have combination and/or oily skin then you should try the Hello's Night serum. Trust me, you're gonna love it like I do !

Semua Produk Nature Leaves hanya tahan maksimal 6 bulan karena tidak mengandung alcohol maupun pengawet alami/buatan.

More Info :
Kalian bisa caritau tentang produk Nature Leaves di akun Instagram mereka : @NatureLeaves
- Harga Nature Leaves Face Mask : Rp. 70,000
- Harga Hello's Night Serum : Rp. 180,000

Happy Humpday !
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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

[Unboxing] : What's Inside my SOCIOLLA Pink Box

A couple weeks ago I received another pink box from Sociolla, and this time it contains makeup brushes, yay !

Really, I wonder how Sociolla seems to really know what I need at that time and then give it to me on their pink box. Last month I was in dire need of a new sunscreen for my holiday trip, and voila ! just before my trip Sociolla sent me a couple of new sunscreens from Vitacreme B12 ! (read about my review on Vitacreme B12 here).

And then this month I was thinking of trying out egg-shaped makeup sponge because I actually never used one before (up until last month I only use brushes), and then voila ! Sociolla team sent me a makeup sponge from Armando Caruso ! I think they can magically read minds :)

So yes, this is an unboxing post of my latest Sociolla pink box. When it came and I opened it I was very surprised to find the pink makeup blender (egg-shaped sponge) that I've been wanting to try, along with an eyeliner brow brush, also from Armando Caruso.

The Armando Caruso Mini Neon Pink Makeup Blender looks like the popular "beauty blender" makeup sponge that is very popular among the makeup geeks and junkie. But if you're like me and always wanted to try the beauty blender but always hesitant because it's so expensive, then you can try the Armando Caruso version instead ! It is way cheaper, and it has the same function as the beauty blender one. You can go through all the corners of your face by using this egg-shaped makeup sponge.

As a person who uses eyeliner everyday I also appreciate the Armando Caruso 28 Travel Liner / Brow Brush to add to my eyeliner tool collection. Previously I only have one brush from Armando Caruso (an eye blending brush), so these two makeup tools would make a nice addition to my Armando Caruso brush collection. I will review these two beauty tools in the next upcoming post because this is just an unboxing post. So please stay tune for that review ! (^_^)

I have a discount code that you can use to shop at Sociolla website ! >>> Use my code " YURI50 " for Rp 50,000 discount (min purchase Rp 200,000). 
You can use the code to buy anything at Sociolla (excluding : discount items & Rollover Reaction lipstick), just simply apply the code YURI50 at checkout to apply the discount :)

Or you can also click below to go to Sociolla :

Happy Shopping !
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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

[Skincare] : ANTIPODES Joyous Serum & Avocado Pear Night Cream

Antipodes is one of the skincare brand that I have been wanting to try for so long. It is a New-Zealand brand that carries organic skincare products. I have been hearing and reading about Antipodes for so many times and heard a lot of good things about it. I also love their packaging and as you know I'm a sucker for nice packaging so that's also one of the reason why I wanted to buy Antipodes products :) 

Their products are "green" natural products and their packaging are recyclable too ! How cool is that? Everything is so earth-friendly. The ingredients are even vegetarian-approved! According to their website, their ingredients are selected from bioactive extracts from sustainable cultivated native plants and they also avoid synthetic preservatives. In short, Antipodes products contain NO parabens, SLS, petrochemicals, mineral oil, artificial color/fragrances. They also implement "No Animal Testing" (fab facts!).

As they are not easily available here in Indonesia, I had to made some purchase order from Australia. After being confused on what to try out first I finally decided to try the Antipodes Anti-Ageing Minis package which consists of : 

- Joyous Protein Rich Night Replenish Serum
- Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream

The products in this set are meant for "night" routine. There's also a similar package for "morning" routine but it was out of stock at that time so I only ordered this Night version instead.

Joyous Protein-Rich Night Replenish Serum
A silky night serum that helps revive dry, damaged skin.
It contains Himalayan goji berry, raspberry seed oil, and hibiscus bloom. 
Protein-rich Himalayan goji berry and South Pacific hibiscus bloom freshen your complexion. Hydrating raspberry seed oil blends with New Zealand blackcurrant, a rich source of essential fatty acids to help strengthen weary skin. Berry fragrances impart pure joy.
Review :
The serum is best-suited for normal to ultra-dry skin. My skin is normal-combination and I was at first hesitant to try this set because my skin is more oily than dry, but I thought this serum would be good for me because after all I need some early anti-ageing in my 30s, right? 

The ingredients sounds very promising and sounds very exotic with that Himalayan goji berry and South Pacific hibiscus bloom and New Zealand blackcurrant. BUT since it contains no artificial fragrance so it smells a bit unpleasant to me. But some people said that it smells nice or it smells like berries, but everyone is different. To my nose it smells rather "earthy", like a mushroom or some sort. But to my husband it smells like raw egg (;p) and he does not like it when I put this on (LOL).

The texture of this serum is a bit on the thicker side, it's probably a little bit too "nourishing" for my rather oily skin, and it left a little bit of residue on my hands. And because I don't have dry skin so it  felt a little bit oily on my face too, but after I put on the night cream afterwards it doesn't seem to be oily anymore. But it surely feels very nourishing and calming at the same time. I can imagine that those with dry skin would enjoy putting on this nourishing serum on their skin.

Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream 
Nourish your skin each night with this high-performance, award-winning cream containing selected premium plant oils and antioxidants.
Containing Nutrient-rich avocado oil, Antioxidant Vinanza Grape, and Manuka Honey Active 20+.  
The New Zealand manuka active 20+ honey can draw moisture to your skin, whilst healing Calendula helps bring a truly ageless visage. The revolutionary Vinanza grape is a potent antioxidant extract from Marlborough sauvignon blanc grape seeds that helps neutralize the effectcs of free radical damage that can lead to premature ageing. 

This night cream is also best-suited to normal, mature, and dry skin condition. It is used as a night cream right after you use the Joyous serum above. Unlike the Joyous serum above which is a tad bit oily for my skin, this Avocado Pear night cream doesn't feel thick or "heavy" on my skin. The texture is like a lotion and it glides on smoothly to my skin. I always use this after I put on the Joyous serum above and it cancels out the oiliness of the Joyous serum. 

I also like the smell of this night cream. This one smells like sweet grape and it helps fade away the "earthy/mushroom-y" smell of the Joyouy serum too ;)

I felt like it really calms my skin down and it's quite relaxing putting this on before I sleep. I like the texture, the formula, the scent, the pharmacy packaging, everything!

Overall, I think both products are really nice although it would best suited for dry to ultra dry skin condition. If I have to choose, I'll probably would buy the Avocado Pear night cream again but not the Joyous serum because it's a little bit too "heavy" for my combi-oily skin. I still would love to try their other serums though.. Up on my list is the Antipodes Apostle serum and their Aura Manuka Honey Mask :)

How about you? Have you tried any Antipodes products? 
Which ones do you like?

Hugs & Kissies,
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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Shopping Diary : Sociolla Haul #2

"Sociolla always have a way of making me want to shop there. 
From the special sales and promotions going on for certain brands / items, to discount vouchers and discount code that can reduce the total of your shopping value. 
Whatever it is, there's always a reason to shop at Sociolla"

Sebenarnya ini bukan "haul nomor 2" seperti judul post yang tertera. Sesungguhnya saya sudah cukup lama menjadi pelanggan Sociolla, dan sudah beberapa kali berbelanja disana dengan sukses. Namun ini adalah sociolla haul saya yang kedua tahun ini, tepatnya bulan April lalu sih saya belanjanya.

Waktu itu sedang ada promo Nuxe yang sedang discount. Nuxe adalah salah satu brand skincare yang dari dulu ingin saya coba. Sociolla makes it easy to shop for Nuxe karena di website Sociolla tersedia cukup banyak pilihan produk Nuxe. Kalau di mall kadang suka nggak bebas kalau mau lihat produk lama-lama, cek ingredients-nya dulu, mikir-mikir mau beli apa nggak. Belum lagi biasanya ditungguin sama pramuniaga. Nah kalau belanja via website seperti di Sociolla ini saya jadi lebih bebas ambil banyak waktu untuk milih milih, lihat produknya satu-satu, bacain detil produknya satu-satu, cek ingredients, dan sebagainya. Itu enaknya belanja online, dan kebetulan di Sociolla selalu mencantumkan keterangan suatu produk. Jadi kita bisa mendapatkan informasi yang cukup sebelum memutuskan untuk membeli.

Berhubung saat itu sedang ada diskon untuk beberapa produk Nuxe saya pun tergoda untuk membeli. Pilihan saya jatuh kepada dua buah produk (yang harganya paling murah setelah didiskon hihihi ;p).

Saya juga menambahkan satu buah produk lagi yang saat itu sedang diskon lumayan besar. Sebuah kuas eyeshadow "small blending brush" dari Armando Caruso, salah satu brand makeup brush yang harganya cukup terjangkau dengan kualitas bagus.

1. Nuxe Reve De Miel Face Cleansing & Makeup Remover Gel
2. Nuxe Reve De Miel Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm
3. Armando Caruso Small Blending Brush

Nuxe rangkaian Reve de Miel, dengan kandungan honey and sunflower yang melembutkan dan menyejukkan kulit. Kebetulan lip balm saya ada yang mau habis, tapi walaupun saya masih punya banyak stock lip balm lain yang belum dibuka saya masih tetap penasaran sama lip balm Nuxe Reve De Miel ini yang katanya manjur banget untuk bibir super kering. 

Bibir saya bukan termasuk yang super kering sih, tapi tetap penasaran sama lip balm satu ini, yang menjadi salah satu best-seller nya Nuxe dan dipuja puja wanita di seluruh dunia.

Kalau untuk Cleansing & Makeup Remover Gel nya saya beli karena penasaran aja. Keburu jatuh cinta sama botolnya (*maklum banci packaging* hehe) dan tertarik sama warnanya yang memang nampak seperti madu. Padahal di rumah juga udah banyak stock cleansing gel dan makeup remover lainnya, tapi namanya "mumpung lagi diskon" yaaa... jadi tetep dibeli lah yaa... (^o^)

Oya, eyeshadow Brush dari Armando Caruso juga belum sempat dicobain nih, maybe tomorrow I'll try it with my daily makeup look :)


Oya, jangan lupa >>> kalau kalian mau belanja di Sociolla saya punya kode diskon yang bisa dipakai. Lumayan dapat potongan IDR 50,000 untuk minimal pembelian IDR 200,000.

Cukup tulis YURI50 di kolom discount code ketika check out :)

Click below to go to Sociolla :

 Have fun shopping !

Hugs & Kissies,
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