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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

[EVENT] : BENEFIT Roller Lash Mascara Launching

Hi there,
If you haven't read my previous post, I was reviewing the new Roller Lash Mascara from Benefit Cosmetics. As you might read in that previous post, I was invited to Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara launching event a while ago. So here are my reports from the event..

I know it's late but I fell ill not long after the Benefit event so I haven't had the time to post the event report yet, but here I am today, writing it all the way ;p

The event was held at Artotel Jakarta. The decoration was super cute and adorable, with mostly pink and black (just like the new mascara packaging). 

As you can see in the photos below, there were a lot of things going on at the venue. Aside from the main stage where they do the official launching, there were also a super cute photo booth, games booth (where we can win Benefit samples), cotton candy booth, free foods and drinks, and also a makeup booth where you can try some of the Benefit products on hand. 

It was a fun event filled with a touch of 60's theme. It was a full house too!
We were presented with the product on stage by the Brand General Manager herself. We we also shown the correct way to use the mascara to achieve the best result of it.

One of the thing that makes this mascara different is the patent-pending Hook 'N' Roll Brush with custom-designed "hooks" that can grab, lift, and curl your lashes instantly.

The wand is a combination of two different kind of brushes: one is the Hook 'N' Roll brush, and the other side is the Wiper brush which would help delivers precise amount of product for ideal payoff. Oh, and the result can lasts up to 12 hours (or so the press release says ;p).

The Hook 'N' Roll Brush is very unique. It can grab and separate your lashes, even the shortest and thinnest eyelashes, making it a mascara that can be used with different types of eyelashes.

The Roller Lash name was inspired from the hair rollers that women used to curl and volumized their hair. Benefit thinks the mascara has the same function as a hair roller. It will "curl" and "lifts" your lashes up to the point where you won't need an eyelash curler anymore. So you can say that it's a mascara + eyelash curler in one package ;)

According to the survey:

97% women said it visibly lift lashes
87% women said it gives longlasting curls
94% women said eyes look more open

Based on that survey alone I would definitely give it a try. And I did tried the mascara myself and really loving the result. As I told you before, this is one of the best mascara that I've ever tried, and I have tried lots of mascara, believe me (;p)

Overall, it was a very nice and fun event, and I got to learn a lot about the Roller Lash Mascara. If you're looking for a mascara that will give you excellent lift, curls, and makes your eyes more awake, then I suggest you try this Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. You can read the review on my previous post HERE to see the before / after photo based on my own experience with this new mascara.

Meanwhile, here are some of the left-over photos from the fun event:

With fellow beauty blogger friends:
(group photo thanks to museswonderland)

Thank You for inviting me,
Benefit Indonesia !

Hugs and Kissies,

Monday, April 13, 2015

[MAKEUP] Review : BENEFIT Roller Lash Mascara

If you follow my Instagram account ( please follow me if you haven't : @yurikristia ), then you might remember that a couple months ago I posted about trying out a new undisclosed mascara. It was a blind review which means that I was sent a mascara (with no brand and no information at all), and I was supposed to review it based on my own experience, without knowing what kind of mascara or which brand it comes from.

The result was breathtaking. I have never tried a mascara like this one before! It was so amazing I fell in love with it instantly. It gives an awesome result and it becomes my HG mascara ever since.

After the unveiling, I finally knows that the mascara that I was trying out was the new Roller Lash Mascara from Benefit. They were having worldwide launching campaign for this extra-ordinary mascara and it's no wonder that this mascara already have lots of devoted lover, because it's simply a break-through in the mascara world.

Mascara is one of my must-have makeup item. I always appreciate a good mascara that can open my eyes and makes my lashes longer and thicker. The new Benefit Roller Lash Mascara can give you all that, and more! 

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara is one of the best mascara I've ever tried! It gives me all the features that I want and need, such as: Lengthening, Thickening, Curling Up, Darkened and Lifts Up my thin lashes - All in one go!

Fun Fact : 
This mascara's name was inspired by the hair rollers. Benefit knows that the best way to curl hair is with a curling iron or with hair rollers. So they thought.... what if there were rollers for lashes?

This new Benefit Roller Lash Mascara is rather unique. The wand is a combination of two different types of brushes: one is super short with teeny tiny hooks at the base (called the Hook 'N' Roll Brush), and the other side has a longer curvy brush which called the Wiper Brush.

The most unique feature is the patent-pending Hook 'N' Roll Brush. The hooks at the base of the brush allows it to grab and separate your lashes, even the shortest and thinnest of eyelashes (perfect for Asian eyes!). This allows every strand of your lashes to be lift up and curled from the very base of the eyelashes, making your eyes looks more awake and wide open.

The Wiper Brush helps deliver precise amount of product for ideal payoff, so you will get a thicker and more defined eyelashes. The result is said to lasts up to 12 hours, with a perfect black ink formula and lash conditioning ingredients.

the two different sides of the brush

As I said before, I have tried this mascara and love it so much it became my HG mascara now. I haven't tested it up to 12 hours but I can definitely say that the curl lasts for many hours. Usually my eyelashes wont stay curled up for that long with any other mascara, so this is one of the many reasons why I really love this mascara.

The other reason I love this mascara is how much it really lifts up and curled up my lashes, and how it really makes a difference in my eyes. It only took seconds to see the difference! I also love how dark the black ink is, so it makes my lashes seems thicker and fuller. And also, how it separates my lashes beautifully!

One more thing, this mascara is also easy to remove. With a good quality eye & makeup remover it took just a few seconds to wipe it off. 

You can see from above photo how it really lifts up and curls and define my lashes so well. There's a big difference in the Before and After photo. Thanks to it's patent-pending Hook 'N' Roll Brush, this mascara can really open up your eyes and define your lashes.

I really recommend this mascara especially if you have thin lashes like mine. If you want to try this mascara you can get it at Benefit counters or at Sephora stores with the price of IDR 330,000.

Benefit Indonesia
Twitter @BenefitID
Instagram @BenefitCosmeticsIndonesia

PS: I was invited to the official launching of Benefit Roller Lash Mascara so I will write more details about the produc,t as well as the event report on my next post. Meanwhile, please stay tune on this blog or follow me if you haven't! ^_^

Thank you for reading my blog!

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Friday, April 10, 2015

[REVIEW + GIVEAWAY] : Chocolate Spa Treatment at The Mayflower - Marriott Executive Apartments

Aktifitas sehari-hari yang bikin badan terasa penat, urusan kuliah atau pekerjaan yang bikin mumet, semuanya membuat badan kita terasa capek dan pikiran menjadi stress dan sumpek. Akibatnya penampilan menjadi tidak segar, tidak semangat dan rasanya pegal-pegal seluruh badan. Kalau sudah begitu berarti perlu yang namanya: Relaksasi.

Kalau kamu tinggal di Jakarta dan kebetulan kerja atau kuliah di daerah segitiga emas, saya mau kasihtau ada satu tempat spesial dimana kita bisa menikmati rangkaian treatment yang bikin badan terasa ringan dan pikiran terasa fresh kembali.

The Spa & Gym at The Mayflower - Marriott Executive Apartments. Letaknya di gedung Sudirman Plaza - Indofood Tower, Jl. Jendral Sudirman Jakarta.

Setelah tiba di gedung Indofood Tower, langsung saja tanya ke reception / lobby atau ke pak satpam disana. Pintu masuk menuju The Mayflower - Marriott Executive Apartments ini letaknya di lantai dasar, dan untuk menuju Spa & Gym kita harus ke lantai 28 melalui lift apartemen (bukan lift gedung). Oya, Spa ini terbuka untuk umum kok ^_^

Beberapa waktu lalu saya mendapat kesempatan untuk mencoba salah satu treatment di The Mayflower Spa & Gym ini. Ada beberapa treatment yang ditawarkan di Spa ini, diantaranya ada Body Massage dengan berbagai macam tipe massage seperti Aromatic Massage, Swedish Massage, Indonesian Massage, Reflexology; juga ada treatment Body Scrub, Face Care, dan Manicure-Pedicure.

Kebetulan saya berkesempatan untuk mencoba salah satu treatment terbaru mereka yaitu: Chocolate Therapy !

Wow! Siapa yang tidak suka coklat? Membayangkan Chocolate Spa saja saya sudah senang. Apalagi coklat yang ini tidak akan bikin gemuk hehe The Mayflower Spa & Gym menciptakan serangkaian perawatan tubuh yang menggabungkan bahan dasar biji kakao dengan pijatan / massage, dan hasilnya adalah sebuah treatment yang dapat meremajakan kulit.

Chocolate Therapy Treatment ini menggunakan bahan-bahan alami dari coklat yang dapat memberikan hasil secara langsung yaitu kulit yang terasa lebih kencang dan bercahaya. Selain untuk rejuvenation, chocolate therapy treatment ini juga bersifat melembabkan dan mengencangkan kulit.

Rangkaian Chocolate Therapy Treatment ini mencakup perawatan tubuh lengkap, dimulai dari Body Massage selama 30 menit, kemudian dilanjutkan dengan Body Scrub selama 30 menit, dan juga Body Mask selama 30 menit. Totalnya 90 menit perawatan tubuh. Dan semuanya menggunakan coklat! Mulai dari scrub coklat, masker coklat, dan massage nya pun menggunakan minyak alami dari cocoa butter (seperti bisa dilihat dari gambar diatas).

Ruangan perawatannya super nyaman dan very private. Satu ruangan berukuran sedang, lengkap dengan satu tempat tidur, area wastafel dan satu kamar mandi kecil (shower). Dengan dekorasi khas Spa room, ruangannya sangat bersih dan dilengkapi meja kecil untuk tempat aromatherapy dan juga tersedia ipod yang sudah dipasang musik instrumental untuk relaksasi.

Di sudut ruangan terdapat sebuah kursi, dan disitulah rangkaian treatment pertama kali dimulai. Diawali dengan duduk di kursi dan merendam kaki di baskom perunggu yang berisi air bunga. Setelah kaki dibersihkan, terapis saya kemudian mempersilahkan saya untuk bersiap-siap tidur tengkurap di tempat tidur yang sudah dialasi kain batik. Selama treatment berlangsung badan saya diselimuti kain batik jadi hanya bagian yang sedang di-treat saja yang dibuka.

Oya, tempat tidurnya ada lubang di bagian kepalanya jadi bagian wajah kita bisa rileks menghadap ke bawah. Dan di bawah tempat tidur, tepat di bawah wajah saya ada mangkok kecil berisi air yang dihias sepotong bunga cantik. Saya tau fungsinya untuk dekorasi, but somehow it also makes me feel more relaxed - daripada hanya memandang lantai keramik yang dingin :)

Terapis saya saat itu sangat profesional dan sopan. Ia mengingatkan saya untuk rileks, istirahat sambil menikmati treatment yang diberikan. Untuk Body Massage, gerakan pijatannya sangat enak. Tidak kasar dan tekanannya pas sekali. Kalau tidak salah waktu itu jenis pijatannya adalah swedish massage. Saya benar-benar menikmati rangkaian massage yang diberikan.

Untuk Body Scrub, coklatnya terasa halus dan tidak kasar di kulit, jadi untuk yang punya kulit sensitif tidak perlu takut. Tidak perlu menunggu lama, coklatnya pun langsung luruh dari kulit beserta sel-sel kulit mati dan kotoran. Kulit pun terasa halus dan bersih seketika.

Terakhir adalah Body Mask. Wangi coklat-nya bikin rileks. Maskernya terasa nyaman di kulit karena tidak lengket dan tidak kaku/keras. Saya benar-benar enjoy melakukan semua rangkaian treatment coklat ini :)

(body scrub)

Setelah masker badan selesai, dan badan sudah di lap dengan air hangat, maka kita dipersilahkan mandi di ruangan shower yang tersedia di dalam ruangan, sementara itu terapis keluar ruangan untuk mengambilkan kita minuman hangat.

Dari pilihan minuman yang diberikan waktu itu saya memilih hot ginger tea yang langsung terasa segar di badan, apalagi setelah menjalani serangkaian perawatan. Selesai mandi dan berganti baju, badan saya pun kembali segar dan semua penat terasa hilang. 

Overall, rangkaian treatment coklat dan service dari terapis sangat memuaskan. Benar-benar profesional dan hasil akhirnya membuat saya ketagihan. Selain chocolate treatment juga ada treatment lain yang menarik perhatian saya yaitu Orange Treatment dan Tea Treatment. 

Lokasi spa yang strategis di pusat kota Jakarta membuatnya mudah ditemukan. Apalagi kalau kita lagi mumet banget dan terperangkap di dalam kemacetan ibu kota, lebih baik mampir ke Spa ini untuk rileks sebentar sambil menunggu macet ;)

Kalau berminat dan penasaran ingin coba spa treatment disini, berikut adalah price list yang tersedia. PS: Price list ini tidak lengkap karena tidak semua treatment saya cantumkan disini ya :

Aromatic Massage 60 menit : IDR 350,000
Swedish Massage 60 menit : IDR 350,000
Orange Treatment 90 menit : IDR 500,000
Face Treatment 60 menit : IDR 350,000
Manicure & Pedicure 90 menit : IDR 350,000
Aromatic Foot Massage 30 menit : IDR 225,000

The Mayflower, Jakarta - Marriott Executive Apartments
Sudirman Plaza, Indofood Tower
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 76-78 Jakarta 12910
Ph: 021 5789 7888 ext 3799
Facebook: MEAMayflowerJKT
Twitter: @MEAMayflowerJKT


Chocolate Therapy Treatment selama satu setengah jam tersedia dengan harga IDR 500,000.
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Caranya: Isi form di bawah ini ;)

Good Luck !

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