Friday, August 29, 2014

JULY-AUGUST Empties / Products I Finished

I haven't done an Empties post for a little while, so here we go again... !
I found that I have finished quite a few products these past few weeks and here are some of the products that I finally able to finished up during July to mid August:

I decided to continue this Empties series because I actually find it useful. I can look back to my old Empties posts to see which products that I love and which ones I loathed. So this is basically some kind of a personal note for myself, but I also hope that this series can also somehow help you based on the mini reviews that I put on each of the empty products listed.

Okay, so this time I've finished some full size products as well as samples and a couple of travel size items. I'm gonna separate them into categories such as Face products, Hair products, and so on..

First up is some Face Products. I finished three full size products and a couple of sample sachets:

Jean Pierre Cosmetics Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Pads with Microbeads
I just reviewed this earlier and I loved it. It's like a face towellettes to clean your face but in the form of little round pads. On one side it has regular soft cotton surface, but on the other side it has textured surface that acts as exfoliating pads. You can read my full review HERE to see the details.
Recommended? Yes
Repurchased? I would love to repurchase it but it's not available locally. Right now I'm back to using my trusted Shikada Facial Cleansing Wipes.

Lady Soma Renewal Serum 
I finally able to finished this up because I had this bottle for a long time. I actually like this serum because I think it really shows some good result on my skin. This serum contains advanced cellular renewal and collagen enhancement which I think have successfully made my skin feels and looks healthier. (reviewed HERE)
Recommended? Yes
Repurchased? Again, this is not available locally. Right now I'm on my last leg of my V10 Plus Collagen Serum.

Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-On
OMG I had this thing for so long in my drawer and I think it didn't serve it's purpose anymore. I just used this for the cooling effect on my skin because it has a steel roll-on tip. Other than the cooling sensation I think this product is pretty useless ;p
Recommended? No
Repurchased? Nope, and right now I haven't bought anything new to replace this with. Any suggestion for similar product?

Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate (3 sachets)
I got these samples from the Lancome counter in PIM 2 and I think it needs more than just 3 sample sachets to actually see the difference in my skin because I couldn't see any noticeable difference when I used these up. I do feel that this serum is comforting for the skin and it absorbs quite fast too so it didn't leave any sticky residue.
Recommended? Not sure
Repurchased? Maybe in the future, who knows? I think Lancome skincare products are quite good.

TonyMoly Floria Whitening Capsule Essence (sachet)
Another sachet sample that I tried was this serum from a Korean brand called Tony Moly. I think this really gave me a brighter looking skin if I use this before makeup, but I'm not really sure whether to repurchase this because I only got one use out of this tiny sachet.
Recommended? Not sure
Repurchased? Not sure.

Now let's move on to Hair Products. I finished only two hair products this time and yes, it's another shampoo bottle ;p

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Shampoo 
This shampoo has liquid keratin as well as collagen and hyaluronan in it. The bottle said that it can help repairs hair damage and refills gaps in the hair cuticle. It also claim to give intensive moisture and restore balance for softer, shinier hair. Well, it didn't do anything miraculous to my hair. It weigh my hair down and making it flat, and it gets greasy easily too. Def not for me.
Recommended? No
Repurchased? No. To replace this I'm currently using Tresemme Scalp Care Shampoo.

Makarizo Advisor Hair Repair
You might have seen it quite often in my Empties post because this is one of my go-to hair conditioner in the shower. This contains phytantriol and pro vitamin B5 which I find very good for my hair. It makes my hair light and bouncy, easy to style, and it smells good too. I love it. 
Recommended? Yes
Repurchased? Yes, but right now I'm trying on a new hair conditioner which is Herbal Essences Touchable Moisture Rinse-Off Treatment
Next up is Make Up & Body Care empties. Because I only finished one makeup item so I compiled it together with body care items instead:

Rosary Polish Remover
This is actually very blah. It dries up to thin air even when I already put the lid on very tightly, and it doesn't remove nail polish effectively. There's nothing really special about this polish remover. 
Recommended? No
Repurchased? No. To replace this I bought a new Revlon Extra Moisturizing Nail Enamel Remover.

Bath & Body Works Anti Bac Hand Gel in Candy Cane Bliss
I love BBW Pocket Bac Hand Gel because I'm a germ-phobe so I bring them and use them everywhere. Candy Cane Bliss is one of my favorite BBW scent because it's fresh and minty. I always love BBW christmas collection ;)
Recommended? Yes
Repurchased? Definitely. Right now I'm replacing this with my BBW Paris Amour Pocket Bac Hand Gel which is also one of my favorite :)

NYX The Curve Eyeliner
The only makeup product I finished currently is this NYX eyeliner called The Curve. I like this eyeliner because I think it's easier to use, especially in creating winged eyeliner. I also love the texture and consistency of the liner which is pretty much stayed put for hours. Plus it's not that hard to clean at the end of the day. Read the full review HERE.
Recommended? Yes
Repurchased? Probably yes, but I still have lots of eyeliners in my drawer. I haven't replaced this with anything because I'm still trying to use up my Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner.

And last but not least, Fragrance empties:

The Body Shop Neroli Jasmin Eau de Toilette
I can't remember the last time I finished a perfume because I have several perfumes which I use alternately every day so it seems that they won't be finished any time soon. This is is one of my oldest one, I had it since several years ago and it was part of a gift set that my husband bought for me. The scent is pretty nice and fresh, very fruity floral. It's just not really my type of scent although I can see that lots of women would love it.
Recommended? Yes, if you like this type of scent.
Repurchased? Not for me. I didn't bought anything to replace this because I still have many perfumes. Right now my favorite is Jimmy Choo Flash Eau de Parfum.

Kenzo Flower In The Air (sample)
I think this is much better than the original Kenzo Flower perfume. I fell in love with this perfume because it smells sweet and feminine yet it's not overly floral. I'm not really a fan of strong floral fragrance and this one is like a more subdued scent of florals. It has musk as the base which is probably the reason why I love it.
Recommended? Yes, if you like this type of scent.
Repurchased? Yes. Maybe in the future I'd buy this. But for now I still have many perfumes to finished first.

That's it for my current Empties post. I actually finished up a total of 9 full size products, 1 sample vial, and a few sample sachets this time. 
If you want to also check out my previous Empties post, click HERE.

Hugs and Kissies,

Thursday, August 28, 2014

[From MY STASH]: Facial Toners

I don't know why but I have a lot of facial toners in my vanity. It seems that I have accumulated them lately and I thought I'd share with you the current toners in my stash. Please note that I used them all regularly because each of them have different formulas which cater to my combination skin.

Having combination skin means my skin have dual personalities, LOL. So I have toners for dry skin that I used when my skin is more towards dry than oily, and I also have toners that are meant for oily skin which I used when my skin feels oily. I also have toners that has acne treatments for those days when I have little break-outs, etc.

So anyway, here are my current face toner stash:

ROC Demaquillage Actif Face Toner
This is one of my go-to toner nowadays. I used this every morning after I cleanse my face and also when my skin feels dry rather than oily because it is meant for dry skin. I love this toner because it seems to comfort the dryness and balance out my combination skin.

Skinlife Medicated Acne Care (reviewed here)
This is more for oily skin because this helps in acne problem as well as keeping the oil at bay. It's my night toner because I mostly used this at night before I go to bed. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, fruit acid, and lemon extract. It's not my most favorite because I prefer toners that gives "refreshing" feel and this one feels just like plain liquid because there's no tingly sensation or whatsoever when I use it.

L'Occitane Purifying Rice Toner (mentioned here)
This is my toner that I bring in my travel bag. Sadly this is discontinued but I have loved it since the first time I tried it on. This one is rather unique because it's a bi-phase toner and it has like a tiny ball inside the bottle that we're supposed to shake well before applying it. I love that this toner has the ability to lift off makeup on it's own, so sometimes if I'm too lazy to properly clean my face I use this toner instead ;p

Kiehls Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner
According to the bottle, this is for all skin types but particularly for dry or sensitive skin. I find this is mediocre compared to other toners I have in my stash. I don't really use this too often because I'm not really fond of it. When I pour it into a cotton pad it seems that it is mostly absorbed by the cotton pad instead of my skin, so it's kinda annoying for me to use. But if my skin is severely dry I usually turn to this toner.

Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Toner
With purifying salicylic acid and blueberry extract that said to help fight signs of acne, I actually don't really like this one. It kinda stings a little bit (maybe because of the strong alcohol in it) and it dries my face too so I can only use this when I have break-out.

Skin Food Tea Tree Toner (mentioned here)
This is my typical everyday toner. This actually specifically meant for oily or blemished skin because it contains tea tree but I think it's a pretty light toner that normal skin can also use. I like this toner because it lifts off the oil on my face without leaving any sticky residue. This also helps pick up light traces of makeup residue after I cleanse my face.

What are your favorite toners? I might try it as well ;)

Hugs and Kissies,

Thursday, August 21, 2014

[SKINCARE]: JEAN PIERRE Facial Cleansing Pads with Microbeads

I hardly ever use cleansing pads/towelettes nowadays but I still have them because I still like to use them for those days that I don't wear much makeup. If I only use minimal makeup and I'm too lazy at the end of the day I'll use a couple of cleansing towelettes followed with a milk cleanser and toner.

One of the cleansing pads/towelettes that I'm currently using is this Jean Pierre Cosmetic Facial Cleansing Pads with Microbeads that I got from

I picked this up because of the microbeads feature which I thought is quite unique because on one side you'll get the usual soft cotton surface, but on the other side you'll get a surface with green microbeads to help exfoliate and removes dead skin cells. At least that's what it claims to do ;)

It all sounds very interesting to me. And according to what it says on the packaging it is also alcohol-free, hypo-allergenic, and PH balanced. It also claims to deep cleans down to the pores and leaves a silky smooth skin.

Here's the ingredient list for those of you who might need to see what's in it:

There are 16 pads inside the little mint-green packaging and each of them is actually quite thick so you won't get that flimsy pad that breaks as soon as you use it on your face. I usually use the soft side first to lift off makeup from my skin and then continue with the exfoliating side which has microbeads to help clean my skin a little better.

I have used all the pads in this little package and from my experience I think these are quite good cleansing pads. The soft side can really pick up dirt and light makeup from my face (although I still have to do a second cleansing), and the microbeads part felt good on my skin when I use it.

The soft side:

 The microbeads side:

Overall, it's not bad but it's better than just usual pads. Each pad is damp so you can use it straight away to clean your face, just like a face towelette does. The package is small so it would be convenient to bring in your travel bag. The microbead part is a nice extra touch.

You can get this at for a really cheap price, but if I were to choose between these pads and a cleansing towelette than I would probably choose the cleansing towelettes. The reason is because towelettes has bigger size so I only need one sheet to clean my whole face, while I usually need a couple of cleansing pads to clean the whole face. So I think the cleansing towelettes are cheaper to use in the long run.

So what about you?
Would you choose cleansing towelettes over cleansing pads too?

Hugs and Kissies,

Friday, August 15, 2014

[Hauls & Freebies] : FASHION items

I think I haven't uploaded hauls & freebies post for a while here, so I thought today I'm gonna post about it. So here is an accumulation of the hauls that I recently purchased over the course of 4 months, and some freebies too ;p

Since I'm a self-proclaimed shopaholic so I have quite several hauls to share here, so I would make this into two parts instead: Fashion part and Beauty part. I would also make another home decor hauls on my other blog TIGERLILY'S BOOK in a few days. Meanwhile, here is the Fashion hauls first (in no particular order):

Ebay Purchase:
Necklaces from Ebay

Grey Furry Slippers

From Jakarta Great Sale:
Burberry Brit Blue Plaid Shirt
Forever 21 Red Tartan Shirt
Abercrombie & Fitch Gingham Shirt
Payless Silver Sandals
Scarf bought from a cousin

From H&M Sale:
H&M Aviators
H&M ring

From a shopping trip to Kemang Village:
Stradivarius Blue/White Shirt
Stradivarius Brown/Creme Blouse
Guess Handbag

From Adidas outlet :
Adidas T-Shirt
Adidas Pink Lipstick(!) Jacket
(the rest in the photos are hubby's and bro's football shirts)

Lebaran Sale:
Details Boho Blouse
Details Boho Maxi Skirt

Details White Blouse with Studs Buttons

[Lebaran Sale / Instagram Stores]:
Ethnic Print Skirt bought from Instagram store
Ikat Green Pants from insta store

[Lebaran Sale / Metro] :
Icons Lace Maxi Dress

From a shopping trip to PIM & Gandaria City:
 Payless Black T-Strap Sandals
DC Supergirl Crop Top
Blue Necklace (Freebie)
Rose Pants (Freebie)

Chic Simple Hi-Lo Dress
Chic Simple White Cardigan with lace trim

Forever 21 Fuchsia Tanktop
Forever 21 Cream Tanktop

And the most recent purchase last week:
Payless Black Elastic Shoes

And here are a couple of photos consisting of look book and when I was wearing my new purchases above :

( DC Supergirl Crop Top )

( Stradivarius Brown/Creme Blouse & Stradivarious blue stripe shirt )

( Chic Simple Hi-Lo Dress  )

( Details white blouse with studs button )

( Details boho blouse & maxi skirt )

As I told you above, these are accumulative hauls from a 4 months period, so I didn't buy these many stuffs in one go. Also, I like reading hauls post (because I'm nosy like that), and that's why I want to put up this post for those of you who are nosy like me too ^o^

The only freebies that I received during that period of time are the blue necklace that my brother gave me as a gift (featured in the "Shopping trip to PIM & Gandaria City" photo above), and the black quilted Kate Spade bag that I won from winning Clozette Daily giveaway! (*happydance*).

I usually don't count sponsored items as freebies because they are given to me in return for an honest review post, so I never count them as freebies. But you can see from one of the photos above I accidentally put up one freebie which is the rose pants from Sheinside into the hauls post (on the "Shopping trip to PIM & Gandaria City" photo above), so please just ignore that ;)

So what did you get recently?
Do you have a recent haul post too? 
Please link up so I can read about them too ;)

Hugs and Kissies,