Wednesday, May 27, 2015

[ Outfit Diary ] : Anyer Beach Trip - Featuring: Lalalilo

A couple weeks ago I went to Anyer with my big family. Anyer beach is situated on West Java shore and it's only about 2 hours drive from Jakarta. We spent 2 days 1 night at The Jayakarta Hotel which I really recommend if any of you is looking for a good place to stay in Anyer. My family been staying there 2-3 times now because it's so convenient, right by the beach where you could swim and hire water sports, and the whole area is really nice and well-maintained. Beautiful garden, clean comfortable villas, and lots of facilities that are perfect for family or honeymooners.

Anyway, when I packed my outfit for this trip I chose a couple of light airy clothing items such as shorts, maxi dress, and cotton tank and blouse. Luckily for me, I received a pretty lace kimono and lace shorts from Lalalilo just a few days before my trip, so I made outfit plans and packed them into my travel bag as well.

The package came in a perfect time. The kimono lace is thin and airy, and it has a vintage feel to it which I really love. I've always wanted a kimono but haven't gotten around to buy them, so this is actually my first kimono outer :) --> And I'm loving it!

The lace shorts is also very pretty. I've been wanting this type of lace shorts since last year but still haven't bought them yet. Thanks to Lalalilo I finally have the lace shorts that I've been wanting for so long! The quality is great, the lace design is beautiful and it comes in sizes too. Mine is in size small and it fits me perfectly.

Both the kimono and the lace shorts are in nude color, so I can mix n match them as well as wear them together. I also think that nude color compliments my skin tone, and it would be a perfect color to wear on the beach too :)

(Lace Kimono & Lace Shorts worn together)

See, they look great when paired together, right? 
Anyway, during my trip I wore the lace shorts on the beach and paired it with another lace top with a tanktop underneath. The length of the shorts is perfect for my petite frame. It's not too short that everyone can see your underwear, and it's not too long that it makes your thigh looks awkward. 

The material is thick enough so it's pretty durable I might say. It also has a lining inside so it's not see-through, and it adds to the durability of the shorts too. On Lalalilo website the shorts comes in black and nude, both are super pretty (I actually had a pretty hard time deciding on which one to get, until I finally decided on the nude ones).

 Chic Simple Lace Top | Lalalilo Lace Shorts | Roxy Sandals

I can already see lots of future uses of this beautiful lace crochet shorts ! :) 
Now moving on to the kimono... 

The lace kimono is just great to throw in just as you walked out the door. The material is so thin and airy, so it's really perfect for summer or for the hot beach weather. The kimono is all-size but I think it doesn't look too big on my small frame. The length is also not too long for me, I can still make it work ;)

As you can see in the above photo, when paired together with the lace shorts and a nude camisole it is a perfect outfit combination. But the kimono can also be worn with something else. Such as with a casual dress like this one below that I wore when we just arrived at the hotel in Anyer. 

 Vintage Knit Dress | Lalalilo Kimono Lace | Studio Nine Sandals | Longchamp Tote Bag

The stripe dress is actually a vintage knit dress with an A-line shape. I threw on the kimono because we chartered a bus and the air-con in the bus is quite freezing. As you can see, it goes well with the dress as a casual cardigan. It still allows your skin to breathe because it has thin material, and yet it protects you from the harsh wind.

The kimono can also be worn with jeans as what I wore below on the day before my departure to Anyer. I paired it with my trusted jeans and crochet sweater top to make sure that I stayed warm. The kimono is really versatile and I can't wait to pair it with something else from my closet.

 Zara Crochet Sweater | Lalalilo Lace Kimono | Mango Jeans 
Michael Kors Jet Set Tote | Vincci Sandals | Hand-me-down Necklace from Mom

If you're looking for an affordable clothing with good quality, or if you're looking for a one-stop website that sells a variety clothing items in affordable price, please check out My experience with them have been very good. When I had a little problem with their website I sent email to them and they gave me a fast response, and suddenly all is well --> That's a good customer service right there!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have another weekend duties coming up!  ^__^
Cheers !

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

[SKINCARE]: DOCTORCOS Amino Acid Hybrid Sheet Free Mask Advanced

There are a couple of beauty products that I have find very wonderful for me lately. One of them is this amazing product. If you're looking for a face treatment product that can save you from dry skin, then this is probably your answer :)

First of all, this is one of those products that I fell in love with right from the start. I swear to you that this is not just a regular treatment product, but this is seriously good stuff ! 
And I can tell it since the first application.
Yes, that's how good it is  ...

DoctorCos Amino Acid Hybrid Sheet Free Mask Advanced is a very popular product in Korea. But not only in Korea, this product is also best seller in other Asian countries. It is basically an All-In-One Face Mask, combining 7 benefits in one jar !

Doctorcos Amino Acid Hybrid Sheet Free Mask Advanced is an innovative water-enriched facial treatment that can boost the skin moisture level by almost 99%! It can restores skin's elasticity and give a smooth velvety feel to the skin. With a routine weekly use, the skin is instantly brighter with an even complexion.

The seven benefits that are packed inside this wonderful jar are :
- Nourishing
- Moisturizing
- Firming
- Anti Aging
- Whitening
- Pore Minimizing
- Sleeping Mask

Unlike any other masks, this Amino Acid Hybrid Sheet Free Mask Advanced contains not only one, but several nourishing ingredients such as Amino Acids to accelerate cell metabolism and retain moisture, Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize the skin, Royal Jelly to nourish skin and reverse the signs of aging, and also a few other nourishing ingredients that are good for our skin.
There are several ways to use this product. You can use it as regular mask (wait 15-20 minutes), as a sleeping mask (worn on the face all night), as a cream moisturizer, or mix it with BB Cream or your foundation. I prefer to use it either as a creamy moisturizer or as a sleeping mask.
This product claim to be able to give 100 hour All Day moisture and hydration if you use it as Sleeping Mask. And this is my favorite way of using this creamy jar of goodness. I do find it very moisturizing in the morning every time I use this as sleeping mask, and the moisture will retain all day. Whenever I use it as moisturizer (before my makeup), my skin also feels great all day even in hot humid weather. I'm telling you they are really serious in moisturizing properties.

The round fat jar has 100ml of products inside which is filled full to the brim. It is seriously A LOT of product! There is another cover inside to avoid spilling and the jar is of hard plastic material. The texture of the product itself is very creamy and very milky lotion. The scent is very very lovely and adds the exclusiveness of this product.

The unique part of this mask is that once you apply it on your skin and spread it evenly, you will see that it somehow turned into little droplets of watery objects on your skin. That shows how this formula is packed with lots of moisture, and how it will give you long-lasting hydration.

You can see below how the product looks like when first applied to the skin, and after being spread evenly on the skin. See the actual droplets of moisture upon contact with your skin!

(click to enlarge the photo if you can't see the droplets of moisture)

Now this is what I've been using these past several days, and ever since I used this mask I can't seem to use any other similar products from different brand, Lol. That's because I really love this advanced mask so much. 

It really delivers what it says it would do, and it's been very enjoyable using this mask. It seems that I have fallen in love with this genius jar of creamy mask :)

If you want to try this best-seller product, you can get it from Beauty Korea
Right now they are having a promo price, from IDR 375,000 to IDR 235,000 only!! --> PLUS they are also having a promotion of FREE Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (which is also packed in a big round jar) for every purchase of DoctorCos Amino Acid Sheet Free Mask Advanced !

That's a really good offer actually, let me know if you've tried this :)

See You in My Next Post!

And Happy Long Weekend!

Friday, May 8, 2015

[LIP CARE] : ETUDE HOUSE Kissable Lip Smooth Care

My lips has been acting out lately. It's dry, chapped, and my lipstick won't stay even on top of it. That's what you get when your lips is dry, and I hate it. So I've been drinking much water to help my body stays hydrated and I also been using lip balms more frequent than I already am. But one thing I always do to help heal chapped dry lips faster is to use a lip scrub!

My current option is this Etude House Kissable Lip Smooth Care that I got from Beauty Korea a while ago. Using a good lip scrub will help get rid of those flaky layers on your chapped lips faster, so your lipstick won't get uneven anymore ;p

First of all, who doesn't like Etude House packaging, right? Etude House always have the best packaging. It's always cute and girly and makes you proud to display it in your vanity, lol. It goes the same with this Kissable Lip Smooth Care. The packaging is a tiny tube with peachy-pink color and a cute little girl face on the front. 

The small tube makes it easy for us to carry it in our beauty pouch incase we want to pack it for holiday or traveling. Although it seems very small but we only use the product in tiny amount for every use, so I think this  small tube will last me a long time.

Just one squeeze of this lip scrub will suffice for every usage. This lip scrub contains fine sugar crystals to help exfoliate lips, resulting in a softer lip. Here is the details of the ingredient list for those of you who wish to know about it :


The texture is like a clear gel, but it will dissolve into scrubby particles the second you put it on your damp lips ! When you sniff it you can smell a lovely peachy scent, but I must warn you that if you get it on the inside of your mouth (as we sometimes do when we scrub our lips), it will taste horrible ;p 

It has a bitter chemical taste so I suggest you really close your mouth tightly during the scrubbing process and wash it off immediately to make sure that there's no traces left on every corner of your lips. 

BUT apart from the bitter taste, the result is amazing. My lips aren't chapped anymore from just one usage of this lip scrub! And we don't suppose to taste or eat the scrub anyway, so I don't mind the bitter taste in comparison with the great result it gave me :)

Overall, I really recommend this product if you have dry chapped lips. Just don't forget to use lip balm after scrubbing so your lips will stay moist. As I mentioned previously, this tiny tube will last you a long time because you only need a small amount for every usage. 

You can get this Etude House Kissable Lip Smooth Care from Beauty Korea, one of the trusted Korean brand seller. The normal price for this product is IDR 110,000 but right now at Beauty Korea webstore the price is reduced to IDR 67,000,- only !!

So have you try this lip scrub before?
What do you think?

Hugs and Kissies,

Monday, May 4, 2015

[HAIRCARE]: PANTENE Hair Strength Tonic & Daily Mositure Repair Conditioner

Yang namanya rambut rontok itu sudah jadi menu saya sehari-hari hehe.. Mungkin karena rambut saya sudah terlalu panjang dan sudah saatnya di trim, tapi mungkin juga karena asupan gizi yang saya makan kurang sempurna. Apapun penyebabnya, yang pasti setiap hari rambut saya pasti rontok, apalagi kalau setelah keramas. Rontoknya juga lumayan banyak, tapi untungnya rambut saya kata orang-orang tergolong tebal, jadi walaupun banyak yang rontok namun Alhamdulillah nggak terlihat tipis :)

Baru-baru ini saya lagi coba treatment rumahan terbaru dengan produk dari Pantene yang saya dapatkan dari EverydayMe. Kebetulan saya mendapatkan sampel full size Pantene Daily Moisture Repair dan Pantene Hair Strength Tonic.

Pantene Daily Moisture Repair adalah kondisioner rambut yang berfungsi untuk membantu mencegah kerusakan pada rambut secara intensif, sekaligus memberikan kelembaban yang seimbang pada rambut. Biasanya setelah memakai shampoo (saat ini saya menggunakan Watsons Honey Treatment Shampoo) dan dibilas sampai bersih, saya lalu mengeringkan rambut dengan bantuan handuk sampai setengah kering (jangan sampai kering lho ya, cukup kondisi lembab aja karena conditioner tidak akan terserap dengan sempurna di rambut yang sangat basah / terhalang air). Karena rambut saya gampang lepek jadi saya menggunakan kondisioner ini hanya di batang rambut saja. Saya diamkan sebentar sekitar 1-3 menit lalu dibilas sampai bersih.

Pantene Hair Strength Tonic mengandung Pro-V formula dan Vitamin B3 yang bermanfaat untuk mengurangi rambut rontok. Bentuknya gel bening yang tidak meninggalkan lengket pada rambut, dan juga nggak bikin rambut jadi lepek. Biasanya saya pakai ini setelah keramas pada rambut yang setengah kering, dan cukup 1-2 pump saja untuk rambut panjang saya. Kalau rambutmu pendek, satu pump juga cukup kok. Saya pakai di seluruh batang rambut dengan gerakan dari atas ke bawah, dan sisa di tangan (yang biasanya tinggal sedikit) saya usap di kulit kepala terutama di bagian yang sering rontok. 

Setelah memakai kedua produk ini secara kontinyu selama beberapa hari, hasilnya lumayan memuaskan. Sekarang setiap habis keramas rambut saya yang rontok nggak begitu banyak. Masih ada yang rontok tapi jumlahnya sangat berkurang. Saya juga suka wanginya yang lembut dan yang penting adalah nggak buat rambut saya jadi lepek hehe

Selain itu, hasil perpaduan kedua produk ini juga bikin rambut saya jadi mengembang dan bervolume. Rambut juga rasanya bersih dan terasa ringan di kepala. Hasilnya bisa tahan selama 3-4 hari sebelum rambut saya balik lemes dan lepek lagi hihihi Lumayan oke lah.... :))

Overall, saya suka dua produk Pantene ini dan saya mau rekomendasikan kedua produk ini juga untuk kalian, terutama yang punya rambut lepek dan rontok seperti saya. Ingat, pakainya harus teratur untuk hasil yang maksimal ya (^_^)

Sekarang dua produk ini jadi must-have saya untuk perawatan rambut sehar-hari, bahkan kadang saya sampai bawa nginep segala lho untuk jaga-jaga biar rambut saya nggak lepek ;) Kalau kamu sudah pernah coba kedua produk ini, kasitau di bagian comment ya tentang pengalaman-mu...

See you on the next review!

Hugs & Kissies,