Thursday, August 21, 2014

[SKINCARE]: JEAN PIERRE Facial Cleansing Pads with Microbeads

I hardly ever use cleansing pads/towelettes nowadays but I still have them because I still like to use them for those days that I don't wear much makeup. If I only use minimal makeup and I'm too lazy at the end of the day I'll use a couple of cleansing towelettes followed with a milk cleanser and toner.

One of the cleansing pads/towelettes that I'm currently using is this Jean Pierre Cosmetic Facial Cleansing Pads with Microbeads that I got from

I picked this up because of the microbeads feature which I thought is quite unique because on one side you'll get the usual soft cotton surface, but on the other side you'll get a surface with green microbeads to help exfoliate and removes dead skin cells. At least that's what it claims to do ;)

It all sounds very interesting to me. And according to what it says on the packaging it is also alcohol-free, hypo-allergenic, and PH balanced. It also claims to deep cleans down to the pores and leaves a silky smooth skin.

Here's the ingredient list for those of you who might need to see what's in it:

There are 16 pads inside the little mint-green packaging and each of them is actually quite thick so you won't get that flimsy pad that breaks as soon as you use it on your face. I usually use the soft side first to lift off makeup from my skin and then continue with the exfoliating side which has microbeads to help clean my skin a little better.

I have used all the pads in this little package and from my experience I think these are quite good cleansing pads. The soft side can really pick up dirt and light makeup from my face (although I still have to do a second cleansing), and the microbeads part felt good on my skin when I use it.

The soft side:

 The microbeads side:

Overall, it's not bad but it's better than just usual pads. Each pad is damp so you can use it straight away to clean your face, just like a face towelette does. The package is small so it would be convenient to bring in your travel bag. The microbead part is a nice extra touch.

You can get this at for a really cheap price, but if I were to choose between these pads and a cleansing towelette than I would probably choose the cleansing towelettes. The reason is because towelettes has bigger size so I only need one sheet to clean my whole face, while I usually need a couple of cleansing pads to clean the whole face. So I think the cleansing towelettes are cheaper to use in the long run.

So what about you?
Would you choose cleansing towelettes over cleansing pads too?

Hugs and Kissies,

Friday, August 15, 2014

[Hauls & Freebies] : FASHION items

I think I haven't uploaded hauls & freebies post for a while here, so I thought today I'm gonna post about it. So here is an accumulation of the hauls that I recently purchased over the course of 4 months, and some freebies too ;p

Since I'm a self-proclaimed shopaholic so I have quite several hauls to share here, so I would make this into two parts instead: Fashion part and Beauty part. I would also make another home decor hauls on my other blog TIGERLILY'S BOOK in a few days. Meanwhile, here is the Fashion hauls first (in no particular order):

Ebay Purchase:
Necklaces from Ebay

Grey Furry Slippers

From Jakarta Great Sale:
Burberry Brit Blue Plaid Shirt
Forever 21 Red Tartan Shirt
Abercrombie & Fitch Gingham Shirt
Payless Silver Sandals
Scarf bought from a cousin

From H&M Sale:
H&M Aviators
H&M ring

From a shopping trip to Kemang Village:
Stradivarius Blue/White Shirt
Stradivarius Brown/Creme Blouse
Guess Handbag

From Adidas outlet :
Adidas T-Shirt
Adidas Pink Lipstick(!) Jacket
(the rest in the photos are hubby's and bro's football shirts)

Lebaran Sale:
Details Boho Blouse
Details Boho Maxi Skirt

Details White Blouse with Studs Buttons

[Lebaran Sale / Instagram Stores]:
Ethnic Print Skirt bought from Instagram store
Ikat Green Pants from insta store

[Lebaran Sale / Metro] :
Icons Lace Maxi Dress

From a shopping trip to PIM & Gandaria City:
 Payless Black T-Strap Sandals
DC Supergirl Crop Top
Blue Necklace (Freebie)
Rose Pants (Freebie)

Chic Simple Hi-Lo Dress
Chic Simple White Cardigan with lace trim

Forever 21 Fuchsia Tanktop
Forever 21 Cream Tanktop

And the most recent purchase last week:
Payless Black Elastic Shoes

And here are a couple of photos consisting of look book and when I was wearing my new purchases above :

( DC Supergirl Crop Top )

( Stradivarius Brown/Creme Blouse & Stradivarious blue stripe shirt )

( Chic Simple Hi-Lo Dress  )

( Details white blouse with studs button )

( Details boho blouse & maxi skirt )

As I told you above, these are accumulative hauls from a 4 months period, so I didn't buy these many stuffs in one go. Also, I like reading hauls post (because I'm nosy like that), and that's why I want to put up this post for those of you who are nosy like me too ^o^

The only freebies that I received during that period of time are the blue necklace that my brother gave me as a gift (featured in the "Shopping trip to PIM & Gandaria City" photo above), and the black quilted Kate Spade bag that I won from winning Clozette Daily giveaway! (*happydance*).

I usually don't count sponsored items as freebies because they are given to me in return for an honest review post, so I never count them as freebies. But you can see from one of the photos above I accidentally put up one freebie which is the rose pants from Sheinside into the hauls post (on the "Shopping trip to PIM & Gandaria City" photo above), so please just ignore that ;)

So what did you get recently?
Do you have a recent haul post too? 
Please link up so I can read about them too ;)

Hugs and Kissies,

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

[NAILS]: SALLY HANSEN Triple Shine Nail Color

To continue my previous Sally Hansen product launching event post, here is my review on the Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Colors.

As a summary, the Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Color is advertised as the season's most covetable colors with maximum radiance and high shine. It also has durability to withstand the wear and tear of everyday activities such as washing hands, touching detergents, chlorine, etc that can make your nail colors look dull. 

The Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Color also available in 26 shades which are divided into 3 categories: IRIDESCENCE (pearlescent pastels and shimmering metallics), POP (vibrant bold bright colors), and FANTA-SEA (glittering aquatic tones).

At the event I tried some of the nail colors that were available in our table. I created a simple #NOTD which is an aquatic themed nails with glittery tip (see above photo of my poorly applied nail colors, LOL). 

The shades I used are Dive In (aqua blue-green), Hypnautical (light aqua shimmers), and Seanic (green metallic). The three shades are all gorgeous worn alone or in combination with one another. The colors are vibrant and the shimmers are lovely without being too harsh on the eyes. 

Also, nail polishes tend to chipped and cracked within 3 days for me, but these ones stay on for more than 5 days without any noticeable cracks, and the colors still shines on. I also received compliments on my nails during those days ;)

I was also able to do another nail look from the Triple Shine collection that I created using the nail polish that I received as a complimentary gift. The shades I received are Dive In, Hypnautical, and Lemon Shark.

Same as the previous #NOTD above, the Dive In is the aqua/turquoise matte, while the Hypnautical is a light aqua green iridescent shimmers. The only new shade that I received is the Lemon Shark which is a vibrant yellow which is from their POP collection.

I really like the color combination of these three shades. The colors look fresh and gorgeous to look at. When I wore them together it reminds me of summer and the beaches with coconut trees and fresh pineapple cocktails on the side ;)

The iridescent Hypnautical is also a lovely shimmer because it is pretty subtle so it gives just the right amount of sheen on your nails. If layered a couple of times it builds up into a thicker iridescent shimmers. 

The light shimmer also made it possible to layer this with other nail colors. I spotted a pink, green, and blue freckles of shimmers in this particular shade.

The glitters are (as usual) a little bit harder to remove, but with a good quality nail polish remover you will get it done in just several minutes. The colors glide on beautifully, and I also love the wider size brush that makes it easier to cover a bigger area of your nails, making application much more easier.

Durability (as I told you above) is pretty good, and the color and shine does lasts long. The color options are so fresh and beautiful and makes you want to collect them all ;p

For price and where to get these nail polishes, check out my event recap HERE.

What do you think of these new Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Color?

Hugs and Kissies,

Monday, August 11, 2014

Current [SKINCARE] Routine 001

I think this is my first skincare routine post in this blog after many years of beauty blogging. The reason of why I never put up a skincare routine in this blog before is because I find myself changing products a lot so I never stick to the same routines. But now that I have tried quite a handful of products I finally settled down to a regular routine that really works with my skin at the moment. 

My skin is normal to combination, but currently it is more oily than dry. So my current skincare routine consists of products that are geared towards normal to oily skin. I have tried many products before and for the mean time here are the products that I've been using regularly and works well for me:

I always make sure to double cleanse or even triple cleanse (!) to make sure that all those dirt, oil, and make up got off my face thoroughly. So here are a couple of cleansers that I used for my current skin condition:

I usually start with a cleansing oil to remove my makeup and then followed with a good facial wash to get rid of any residue and also to clean the skin more thoroughly.

Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil ( reviewed here )
I love cleansing oil ever since my first trial of the Shu Uemura WhiteEfficient Clear Brightening Cleansing Oil. I got this Etude House Real Art cleansing oil from Beauty Korea a while ago and I still got a couple of uses out of it before this goes to the bin. I have reviewed this cleansing oil before and my opinion remain the same. But if I were to compare this to the Shu Uemura version then I would prefer the Shu Uemura one although this Etude House version is also quite good (and much cheaper too!).

SkinLife Foaming Facial Wash ( reviewed here )
I've been using this facial wash since several months ago and I still haven't emptied the bottle yet, and that's because it is such a big bottle and I only need one pump of this foaming facial wash to clean my whole face. A little goes a long way, so this face wash is really a money saver. I have reviewed this face wash before and my opinion remains the same. Basically it keeps my face clean from oil and dirt, and I love to use this right after I used my cleansing oil.

I used the previously mentioned "cleansing oil + face wash" formula for when I used a complete makeup (foundation, concealer, bronzer, eyeshadow, etc). 
But if I used lighter makeup (bb creams, powder, mascara) then I usually just go with regular makeup remover that doesn't need to be washed with water. Sometimes I also use this formula if it's too late at night and I'm too lazy to go to the bathroom / too sleepy to touch the cold water in the bathroom.

Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover ( mentioned here )
Before I started cleansing my whole face I usually start with removing my eye makeup first. One of my HG eye makeup remover which I find so powerful in removing eye and lip colors, even those harder waterproof eyeliner/mascara is this Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover for lids, lashes, and lips. Totally in love with this eye makeup remover and I always recommend this to others if they asks about my favorite eye makeup remover ;) 

Kose Nature & Co Pure Cleansing Milk
I used to like using cleansing milk to remove my makeup but that was before I started using cleansing oils and micellar water which is like heaven-sent to remove makeup. Cleansing milk should be used with another layer of cleansing products because you might not get all the makeup off just from using this product only. So I usually followed with a micellar water or a heavy-duty toner or a few sheets of makeup remover towelettes. 

ROC Extra Comfort Cleansing Water ( mentioned here )
This is a micellar water based makeup remover which is similar to the popular Bioderma one but this one is cheaper ;) I found that this make up remover is almost as good as the Bioderma Sensibio H20 that I've tried before, so it's actually worth to be re-purchased. The formula is able to lift-off makeup, dirt, and oil from my face without leaving greasy residue at all. I really love this one and would make a proper review soon.

The SkinFood Tea Tree Toner ( mentioned here )
As the last step I would pour this tea tree toner to wipe my face to pick up the last trace of makeup and also to prep my skin for the next treatment products. I have several toners in my stash that I used in rotation based on my current skin condition, and because my skin is currently more oily than dry so this is my pick of toner for my current skincare routine.

I like to put some face / skin treatments in my skincare routine because a good skincare needs more than a thorough cleansing. It must involve a good skin treatments too as the next step for a healthy looking skin. These treatments include daily skincare such as moisturizer, serum, etc as well as weekly skincare such as face scrubs and masks.

My daily Morning skincare routine includes a face wash in the shower using the SkinLife Foaming Facial Wash that I mentioned in the first photo, and then continued with a serum and moisturizer. Sometimes if I'm not lazy I would also add the SkinFood Tea Tree Toner mentioned above before I put on my serum and moisturizer.

V10 Plus Collagen Serum ( reviewed here )
This is one of my favorite face product which I love so much. Probably the best serum that I have tried so far (although I haven't tried that many serums yet). This serum has been really good for my skin and a regular daily use of this serum makes my skin condition a lot better. Sadly I am almost out of this serum so I'm using this sparingly right now ^o^

Wardah Lightening Day Cream
This is my morning moisturizer because it contains some UV protection in it. UV protection is important and I always make sure that my morning moisturizer has some kind of SPF in it to protect my skin from the damaging sun rays. This is more like a lotion than a cream but so far I think this is pretty good for a daily moisturizer.

Etude House Aloe Moistfull Soothing Gel ( reviewed here )
Because I have combination skin so sometimes my skin can still get a little dry here and there, especially right after a thorough face wash. If my skin gets dry after I wash my face, I changed my moisturizer (Wardah Lightening Day Cream) to this Etude House Aloe Moistfull Soothing Gel instead because this would give the moisture that my dry patches needed. If I use this in the morning then I would layer with my Clarins Day Screen High Protection SPF 40 for sun protection.

For Evening skincare time I changed the treatment products to match the need of my skin because at night our skin would heal itself during sleep, and the right products would help it heals faster and helps make the skin condition better. I use the same formula which is a serum + moisturizer.

Made From Earth Rosehip + Hibiscus Organic Face Serum ( reviewed here )
I had this since a long time ago but I kinda forgot about it along the way. I still have several uses out of it so I'm gonna try to use this up until it's empty because I don't like throwing away products. So this is my night serum now. As you can see from its name it has lots of natural and organic goodness in it, perfect for my skin to absorb it during sleep.

Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Sleeping Essence
This is a new product that I'm testing right now. I like the sweet smelling scent which seems so relaxing every time I used this lotion. It is supposed to give a brighter looking skin with healthy radiance, and I don't know if it really works or not but as far as I know I kinda like this light lotion because it smells good, relaxing, and it also doesn't feel greasy. It did leave some kind of residue on the morning though so I always make sure to wash my face first thing in the morning.

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack ( mentioned here )
On some nights my skin can get dry so I use this Laneige Water Sleeping Pack which is a night / sleep mask that we can use before sleep and wash it off in the morning. I usually use this mask on my dry patches area only, and in the morning the dry patches would be gone, and it also keeps my skin hydrated all through the night.

Last but not least, the Weekly treatment!
I have a few kinds of masks and face scrubs that I used in rotation depending on skin condition, but here are a few of them that I used in my current skincare routine.

TonyMoly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-In Scrub ( reviewed here )
I had this in my stash for a little while but I seem to always forget to use it. But now that I'm trying to use up my products again I started to use this Korean face scrub again. I have reviewed this before and my opinion stays the same. You can read the review for more details but basically this is a gel-turned-creamy-scrub that's gentle to use and feels warm to the skin resulting in a smoother and healthier looking skin.

SkinFood Black Sugar Mask Wash-Off ( reviewed here )
This is another Korean beauty goodness that I adore. SkinFood is a very popular Korean brand and they make good products based from natural resources. This black sugar face mask is a wash-off type which means you spread this evenly on the skin, do a circular motion to help make this mask do its job to our skin, and then wash it all off after leaving it on for several minutes.

GlamGlow Youth Mud Mask ( reviewed here )
This is one of the hyped products this year and I kinda like it too ;) This is a mud mask which is one of the type of masks that I like. I have reviewed this before and you can read more details about it in the review post, meanwhile it is a great "touch-up" mask if you want an instant face brightener and/or gets rid of the dull skin.

So that's it for my current skincare routine. Just like I said above, I always change products every now and then so my next skincare routine might be different than this one because I like to try out products and I also like to change up my skincare routine depending on my skin condition. For now, these are the range of products that I've been using and I hope this can give you some information especially if you have combination skin like me ^_^

What are your skincare routine HG products?

Hugs and Kissies,