Monday, July 21, 2014

[Review] : SKIN 79 Dear Rose BB Cream

I'm almost out of my daily bb cream and foundation so it's a perfect time to try out a new one. Last week I got this pretty pink bottle of goodness in my mailbox:

This pretty pink bottle is Skin79 Dear Rose BB Cream which I got from BonBonCosme shop. I have tried Skin79 BB creams before and I really like them. But this one is said to be different from the rest of Skin79 BB Creams. This one has a totally different and upgraded formula with whitening effect and wrinkle improvement as well as high UV protection, so I'm really curious to find out how good it is.

First of all, let's just appreciate the beauty of the pink packaging, shall we? The design is so romantic and girly. The bottle has 35 grams of product inside and it has a pumping system with some kind of nozzle at the center top to pump the product out.

 (the back):

This super premium Skin79 Dear Rose BB Cream is said to have an enhanced formula made with French organic roses and plant extracts as well as high minerals and SPF 43 PA+++. It is also said to have a formula that gives moisture and does not clog pores. Lastly, they claim it's suitable for all skin types even for sensitive skin.

From my experience with this BB cream, a little goes a long way. You don't need a lot of amount of this product for one application. I usually just need 1-2 small pumps of this BB cream to cover my whole face and neck. That means this BB cream would last me a long time and that means saving money in the long run ;)

The texture itself is like a regular bb cream and it has a brown-ish color to it. NOTE: When I first applied it on my skin it looks like I just put on a white mask. But don't be afraid of how "white" it looks, because you just have to let it set into your skin first. Just keep blending it out on your skin (using your finger or brush) and it will automatically blends in with the color of your skin, resulting in a natural looking skin with brighter and smoother finish.

Once it blends nicely with my skin it looks like I have soft dewy skin. I really love the result as it brings brighter complexion as well as smoother skin. My makeup also runs smoothly and the BB Cream helps keep my makeup stays on. 

The most amazing thing is it didn't melt on my skin when I spent a day outside on a hot day, and when I splash my face with water the bb cream stays intact! That means I can wear it on a rainy day because I think it's pretty much "rain-proof" ;) That's quite remarkable, especially with my oily combination skin.

Here's a "before" and "after" shot of me when I'm wearing it:

As you can see, I think the result is quite fantastic. That's just only from one pump of product! My face looks slightly dewy but does not look or feel oily. It also looks smooth and brighter, and it covers my imperfection quite well without feeling heavy. If you need more coverage then just add another layer, but for me this is good enough for my daily light makeup.

This BB Cream also lasts quite long. I wore it for about 8 hours and it's still there at the end of the day. It didn't cause me breakout, and it also didn't feel oily at all. It has a subtle rose scent which to me smells very pretty. I know some people doesn't like scented face products but to me I kinda like the subtle rose scent ;) 

Overall, I really like this BB Cream and would definitely recommend it. I practically use this as my daily face base now. It's light yet gives so much good results. If you want to try it out you can buy it at BonBonCosme shop for a discount price!

If you're trying this out, I'd say you will get a lot of use with this product because you only need a little bit amount every time you use it. Remember, if you need more coverage you can add another thin layer later on. So as I said before, this BB Cream would last you a long time and I'd say that means saving your money in the long run (^_^) - #MustHave

Final Result:

Hugs and Kissies,

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Recent [ EMPTIES / Products I Finished ]

I haven't done an Empties post for a long time because all of the products I have are kinda scattered all over the place right now due to moving out process, so I've been using and opening new products instead of emptying the old ones because at most time I couldn't find them (most of them are still in storage boxes).

Aside from the scattered containers I also couldn't find the time to use all my products because I barely have extra time. So that's why I haven't finished quite a lot of products lately but I've been saving up some of the empty bottles that I used up, and here they are....

  1. L'oreal Total Repair Deep Repairing Mask (sachet) - I've been enjoying hair mask sachets like these in the past few months and this is one of the good ones. It makes my hair smooth and manageable, as well as soft and bouncy. Recommended? Yes - I would probably buy this in sachets again but right now I still have the Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Treatment to use.
  2. Tresemme Nourishing Keratin Shampoo - As usual, I always change up my shampoo because I haven't found my HG shampoo yet. There were some that was close to the HG title but I'm still trying to search for the perfect shampoo. This shampoo is one of the good ones. My hair seems to work well with it. My strands feels soft and light, and it adds volume as well as frizz control too. Recommended? Yes - I would def buy this again but right now I'm tyring out L'Oreal Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Shampoo.
  3. Taman Sari Royal Heritage Cocoa Series Body Shower - One of my favorite series from the Taman Sari Royal Heritage, this cocoa body shower smells good and yummy, with cocoa butter that keep the skin soft. I love using this with the body butter and body lotion from the same series. Recommended? Yes - Cocoa series are my favorite range from this brand. To replace this I'm now using The Body Shop Mini Shower Gels in Moringa and Mango.
  4. Ovale Face Paper - I've had these for sooo loooong I even forgot that I had these on my makeup bag all this time, gosh. This is actually a face paper to blot off oils, but my combination skin is not as oily as when I was still in college so I haven't used a face paper for a really long time now. Recommended? Not sure - I forgot whether it's a good one or not because I haven't used it for a long time. I also didn't plan to buy a new one because I don't think I need them anymore.
  5. Sunsilk Soft & Smooth Shampoo (travel size) - This was my travel shampoo. It's a co-creation shampoo between Sunsilk and Thomas Taw, a professional hair expert. This shampoo contains ceramide macadamia complex and it does make my hair soft and smooth, but other than that it's just an ordinary shampoo for me. Recommended? Not sure - It's just ordinary for me and it's cheap. I haven't got any travel size shampoo for my traveling bag yet so I haven't replace this with a new one.
  6. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (sachet) - I once tried this cult product and didn't find anything spectacular. Now that I re-tried their updated formula I still didn't find anything special. I've tried a couple of these sample sachets but my skin doesn't seem to have a noticeable improvement. Recommended? Maybe - It could work for some people but def not for me. To replace this I'm trying Lancome Genefique Youth Activator.
  7. TonyMoly Expert Triple BB Cream (sample size) - I got this from Lolabox and I like it! It delivers a light to medium coverage and it makes my skin look better and cover the lighter spots on my face quite well. Recommended? Yes - Although I would like to use this again but right now I'm still using my Lollipops Absinthe BB Cream.
  8. Hada Labo Perfect X Ultimate Anti-Aging Lotion (sample size) - I don't like this one because it's a thick lotion that feels oily and sticky. I just don't like that type of lotion for my combination skin. Recommended? Don't think so - Especially if you have oily or combination skin. I used this as a night serum and to replace this I'm now using Lancome Genefique Youth Activator.
  9. Talika Lipocils & Black Mascara - I have reviewed this mascara (READ HERE) and this is the blackest mascara I have ever tried. It's a little bit hard to remove them by the end of the day and it does tend to smudge a little so you have to wait for it to dry before you put your hands near your eyes. Recommended? Yes - if you're looking for a super black mascara with an extra lashes treatment!
  10. Shikada Facial Cleansing Wipes - This might be my 7th or 8th pack of Shikada cleansing wipes. You can get them easily in mini marts and although they don't lift up the whole makeup but they make do for those days when you don't put a lot of makeup. I also use this to wipe off those oil on my face on a hot day. Recommended? Yes - It's cheap and easy to get. I have already stock them up but right now I'm still trying to used up my Jean Pierre Cosmetics Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Pads.

  1. Sasatinnie Intensive Sparkling White Mask - Bought this on Sasa a long time ago and decided to use it when my face seems dull due to stress and pollution. With arbutin, green tea and bark extract this sheet mask gives an instant "temporary" lift to my face, making it a little bit brighter and healthy-looking. Recommended? Yes - It's a good instant pick-me-up for your face.
  2. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye - I've been using this on and off for the past few months until it become expired (it is short-lived). I think this does make a small difference in my eye area after using it for a few months. I used this as a serum and layered C+M Voom Green Tea Eye Gel on top of it. Now it seems that the creases underneath my eyes are a little bit less visible. Recommended? Yes - If I have the budget I would get this again, but right now I just started to use SkinFood Gold Caviar Lifting Eye Serum to replace this.
  3. Dr. Jart Premium Blemish Base (sample size) - Over the amount of various bb creams I have tried by now, this is one of the best ones. I love the light formula, the promising coverage and the staying power. It didn't feel greasy or melting even if it's hot out there. My skin looks flawless and it's easy to blend too. Recommended? Yes - I am tempted to try other Dr Jart products too after trying this Premium BB Cream, but right now I still have a couple of other BB Creams to used up to.
  4. Lady Gaga FAME Perfume (vial) - I love this perfume. This smells like a sweet aromatic incense with smoky tones to it. The unique part is it sprayed as a black fluid which then disperse almost immediately into an invincible form. Recommended? Yes - Especially if you like collecting perfume or if you're one of her "little monsters". Although I like the unique black liquid part and the unique black bottle but I don't think I would buy the full size just yet because I still have many perfumes in my wardrobe right now.

That's all for my recent Empties or the products that I have finished lately. I successfully finished 6 full size products, 7 travel size products, and a couple sachet samples = Total of 14 products.

Lately I've been back to my usual normal routines and I've been able to use my products regularly again so hopefully there would be lots of empty containers in the coming months! Now that I have moved to a much smaller place there are no rooms for my pile of products, so I have to used them up to make space for the remaining piles.

Now do you still keep notes of your empties?

To see my previous Empties post back in March, CLICK HERE.

Hugs and Kissies,

Monday, June 30, 2014

[OUTFIT DIARY] : Holiday Attire

Selamat berpuasa manteman! 
Happy fasting to my Muslim friends... Let's wish for a very blessed Ramadhan ! Don't forget to count your blessings and be thankful :)

Anyway, since it's still early Ramadhan days so I figured I'd just post something easy because I'm fasting ;) So here's an easy outfit post from my previous short holidays. Hubby took a leave from work and we went to Puncak and stayed at Novus Resort Hotel which is a very pretty hotel that I would review later on my other blog TIGERLILY's BOOK. After going to the mountainous area we also went to the beach to complete our short holidays :)

Puncak holiday (cold weather / mountainous area) :

We arrived in Puncak area early in the morning and had breakfast in the new Cimory riverside restaurant. The river view was wonderful and because we arrived early and it was a work day so the place is empty and we were able to enjoy the place in a much less busy environment. I recommend getting here early in the morning to avoid the visitor rush.

I decided to wore my romper that day for a breezy no-hassle look, perfect for a holiday. I also only brought my newly purchased flat sandals with me so I can walk around easily. I almost never bring heels when I'm on holiday break unless the itinerary says so.

I've had the romper for quite a long time but have only worn it three times because it is slightly bigger on me although it is a size small. Oh well...

Next Romper // Random brand tank top (worn underneath)
Tokidoki for Le SportSac bag // Payless sandals
Necklace from a bazaar // Esprit jacket

After that we went straight to the hotel to check-in. After enjoying our welcome drink by the pool we went out to have dinner in one of the most classic landmark in Puncak area which is the Rindu Alam restaurant, located in one of the highest point.

Because the restaurant was located in the colder area so I had to change into a warmer outfit. I changed entirely and worn my jeans and sweater instead.

I am loving this blue sweater with elbow patch that I got several months ago, but since it is super thick so I can't wear it frequently because Jakarta is so hot. I can only wear it in colder climate so it's the perfect time to bring it out. I purchased it on an Insta store (you know those online store in Instagram) and then posted about it on my insta page. And then I found out that the store has used my insta photo without my permission ;( - that makes me kinda irritated a bit and I think I don't wanna shop there again ;p

On another note, I also purchased a new bag from Guess which was on a deep discount and it was the first time I wore it ;)

Elbow-patch Sweater from Insta store // Zara Jeans
Guess bag // Necklace from a bazaar // Payless sandals

The next morning our schedule is to visit several places in Puncak area. I will talk about this in more details on my other blog (TIGERLILY'S BOOK). We started early in the morning by exploring the hotel where they have a rabbit garden (so cute!). And then we continue with breakfast before getting ready for a check-out.

I wore a jeans and sweater for breakfast and for exploring the hotel area which is quite big. They have a spa, rabbit garden, childrens activity area, as well as sports arena and a really beautiful landscape. You can also ride horses by renting them but sadly there was no time for us.

Zara Jeans // Green Sweater c/o AhaiShopping
Random brand white tank (worn underneath) // Necklace from bazaar 
Tokidoki for Le Sportsac bag // Payless sandals

 My favorite feature from this sweater is the side which has chiffon detailings ;)

Last but not least, I changed outfit again just before check-out. I wore another long sleeve to beat the cold breeze because we would be eating in another classic landmark which is the Puncak Pass Resort & Restaurant which is also located in one of the highest point of Puncak.

It was a very sunny day so the sun was still above us despite the breezy air. We had some little leisure walk in several areas in Puncak and went back to Jakarta just before the rain started to fall. 

Oh by the way, my favorite traveling bag is the Tokidoki for Le Sportsac bag because it has many compartments so I can bring lots of stuffs with me that I need for traveling. I almost always carry this bag with me whenever I'm on holiday breaks ;p

 Stradivarius stripe top // Naf-Naf embellished tank (worn underneath)
Zara Jeans // Tokidoki for Le Sportsac bag // Payless sandals 
Necklace from a bazaar // H&M Sunglasses 

Ancol holiday (hot weather / beach area) :
A couple of days after our short getaway to Puncak, we also went to the city beach in Ancol just to enjoy the scenery. We had an afternoon walk in the beach, rode the gondola, and tried to have a meal in Segarra Cafe but sadly it was fully booked so we headed to the new cafe by the sea which called Columbus. We have to walk the boardwalk first towards the sea because the cafe is located off shore. The view of the beach from the cafe was really nice at night but the wind is quite strong. We ordered some hot drinks and it goes cold in just a few minutes, LOL.

I went with casual stripes dress and my most comfortable sandals which is my Dr. Scholl sandals ;p It's really a simple and no-hassle look because I don't want to be bothered with the scorching hot sun and windy air. I also bring along my H&M sunglasses which is my newest pair of sunglasses ;)

 Icons stripe dress // Random brand white tank (worn inside)
Dr Scholl white sandals // Kate Spade bag
Stone necklace (bought in bazaar) // Cartoon Watch (bought in Malaysia)

Okay, that's it for my holiday outfit diary ;)
I hope to fill this blog with another outfit diary in the future. Meanwhile, don't forget to also check out my other blog (TIGERLILY'S BOOK) to read about my other passions which are: home decor, travel / hotel review, restaurant review, as well as general daily journals ;)

(Novus Resort Hotel)
(Rabbit Garden)
(Little Venice)

Hugs and Kissies,

Friday, June 27, 2014

[Nail Polish] Review : MAYBELLINE Color Show Nail Polish

As promised on my previous Maybelline Color Show Launching post, here is a short review on their newly launched Color Show Nail Polish..

I was given four different shades of the Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish to try at home and the shades that I got in my box were:

- Keep Up The Flame : A true red color
- Hooked On Pink : A neon pink / fuchsia color
- Velvet Wine : Dark crimson purple / red magenta color with soft glitters
- Silver Linings : Iridescent silver color with a hint of shimmer

Just like the newly launched makeup line, the Color Show Nail Polish is also surprisingly very pretty. This is my first time trying out Maybelline nail polish and I was surprised to see the vivid colors and the quality of the polish itself. 

The color range include some matte/solid polish as well as glitters and metallics. I haven't tried all four of them yet but I did tried two of them which were the Hooked On Pink and Silver Linings.

The Hooked On Pink is a fuchsia pink shade with iridescent glitters that looks absolutely beautiful, while the Silver Linings is a metallic silver shade that goes really well with the Hooked On Pink (and I bet it goes well with other shades too!). 

(with flash)
(without flash)

I really love the color and the quality of the nail polishes. The colors all looks very beautiful and application is quite easy too. The  brush is not flimsy and the color looks quite bold on first application but with a second layer you'll get a more vivid color.

Both of the nail polishes that I've tried have a somewhat iridescent look to it, with subtle glitter effect. Very gorgeous in real life! I got a lot of comments when wearing these colors on my nails ^_^

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the results and they lasted quite well too. The color options are a plenty and it comes in different textures too. You can have your pick on bright or darker shades. The metallics are also worth to buy especially if you love doing accents on your nails.

So, have you tried Maybelline nail polishes yet?

Hugs and Kissies,