Products I've Finished - (October Empties)

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I sat on my bed one day and realized that I have accumulated so many products after all these months and years! My problem is: I love trying on new products, especially those with cute and interesting packaging, it's my weakness so help me God (^o^). 

I actually don't shop that much and I certainly didn't buy all the products that are now piling in my bedroom. Some are gifted to me, and some are from event's goodie bags, PR samples, winning giveaways, and occasional freebies that I sometimes received.

I also have this tendency to Not finish the products, especially if I like it very much then I would use it and then stopped using it when it reached about 1/2 or 1/4 amount left, and that's simply because I want to save it (-___-). But most of the time I would usually end up forgetting the half empty products and just start using new ones without finishing the old ones. And that's why I still have many bottles and jars of products in my bedroom that are still 1/2 or 3/4 full (insert hysteric sound here). I need to reorganize!!

So I thought I will start a new series on my blog called "Products I Finished" - which hopefully will motivate me to finish all the products that I have right now. Can you believe it if I told you that currently I have about 24 different kind of soaps / scrubs / shower gels that are already opened and waiting for me to finish them during shower? And that I have about 20 body lotions / hand creams that are also already opened but none of them is nearly finished? And many other products that are just waiting for me to finish it so that I could toss them away and make new space for my newly purchased products...

And that's what eventually got me here. I should start finishing my products so that I don't hoard that much stuffs anymore and make way for newer stuffs ;p

To start this series, I've been collecting all the empty containers to make note of the progress as well as making a list of the products that I finally finished. So this is the accumulation of my empties / products that I finished starting from the middle of September until the end of last month (October):

 SariAyu White Aromatic All-in-One Cleanser with Moisturizer
Victoria's Secret Sweet Temptation Silkening Body Splash
Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Alcohol-Free Toner with Aloe Vera
Palmolive Aromatherapy Morning Tonic Shower Gel
Herbal Essences Long-Term Relationship Shampoo for Long Hair
Artistry Essentials Polishing Scrub Gel
SariAyu Putih Langsat Moisturizer plus Relaxing Aromatic (travel size)
Clarins Hydra-Quench Creme Gel for Normal to Combination Skin (sample size)
Chapstick Strawberry Lip Balm
Maybelline Volum Express Turbo Boost Mascara in Black
L'oreal Gentle Lip & Eye Makeup Remover
Sweetly You New Romance Premium Body Lotion
Skinfood Food Therapy Gold Kiwi gift set (mini travel size)
Talika Lipocils Expert (deluxe sample size)
Innisfree "Pine" Natural Essential Mask
L'oreal Hair Spa Nourishing Creambath
Mustika Ratu Herbal Facial Wipes with Camomile, Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

I was actually delighted to see that I managed to empty this much of products in about 2 months. There are a few of travel / sample sizes that I finally used up, and I think the amount of the small size products that I finished this time are almost equal to the amount of full size products, and I'm quite satisfied with that.

Here is a short review / my take on the products after I finished using them up:

  • Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Alcohol-Free Toner with Aloe Vera:
This comes in a huge bottle and it got all the natural goodness in it: rose petal water, certified organic witch hazel & Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E. At first I used this after removing my makeup but I found that it's not so good for removing traces of makeup. It's more better to remove dirt and oil residue off your face, so I end up using this to clean my face if I wasn't using any makeup that day. Or to tone my face after cleansing. I also like to use this when my face is really oily during the day, I would just swipe a cotton pad with this toner to get rid of the oils and dirt.
- Recommended? Yes, as a toning lotion.
- Repurchase? Not for me.
  • Victoria's Secret Sweet Temptation Silkening Body Splash:
I have been using Victoria's Secret body splashes for a long time, and this is one of my favorite scent! This is actually old, it's one of my fave products that I intentionally did not finished because of the thought of "saving it". There were only 1/4 of it left so I finished this one rather quickly. I also have the newer version of VS' Sweet Temptation but I found that the scent is totally different than this one. The newer version is more sweet and more floral, too sweet for my likings. I like this older version much better.
- Recommended? Yes.
- Repurchase? No, they don't produce this old version of Sweet Temptation anymore. And I don't like the newer version.

  • SariAyu White Aromatic All-in-One Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin:
This is what I used to clean my makeup on my lazy days. This is an all-in-one cleanser with liquid texture which you poured into a cotton pad and wiped all around your face. I basically love all-in-one product because of the practicality of it, but sometimes I'm not too sure if it really cleanse my face thoroughly. So overall, I love this for the practicality (it cleans, tones, and moisturize at once), cheap price, and for the ability to remove eye makeup moderately.
- Recommended? Yes, if you don't wear too much makeup or have too little time.
- Repurchase? Maybe, all-in-one products are good for traveling.
  • Artistry Essentials Polishing Scrub Gel:
I finally finished this face scrub, it took forever to finish it. I actually like using this scrub because it's in a comforting gel texture with tiny beads in it. It feels soft and not harsh for my skin at all, and it also left my skin smoother and brighter-looking. This is also a light formula so you can use it / scrub your face daily with this. Overall, I love the texture and how it feels on the skin.
- Recommended? Yes, it's great for a daily face scrub.
- Repurchase? No. I want to try other face scrubs ;p

  • L'oreal Gentle Lip & Eye Makeup Remover for waterproof makeup:
It's dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. It has a water & oil formula that are typically found in eye makeup remover, so you have to shake the bottle first before pouring it on the cotton pads to remove your eye makeup. I actually have tried the similar Maybelline version before and I think the Maybelline one is better than this L'oreal one in terms of lifting up heavy eye makeup as well as waterproof mascaras. I'd say this one is a "Okay".
- Recommended? Not really, I would recommend the Maybelline one instead.
- Repurchase? No.
  • Sweetly You New Romance Premium Body Lotion:
I got this a long time ago and forgot that I still had it (did this happened to you a lot too?). I remember the scent was very sweet, like a candy-scent. It may be too sweet for the summer time, and the scent is a bit too strong when I first applied it on, but it will dissolve quickly and leaves the sweet scent only on the skin. I was sad because when I found this bottle the lotion has changed into an icky texture and I don't think I could use it anymore. The scent is also not the same anymore. I only got a few uses out of it before I decided to throw it away :(
- Recommended? Yes, if you like thicker lotion and sweet-like-candy scent.
- Repurchase? Probably no, because I prefer light texture in lotions.

  • Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Shampoo for Long Hair:
This shampoo is infused with Red Raspberry and supposed to give a satin finish for long hair. I always love the scents of all Herbal Essences shampoo and this one is no exception. I couldn't exactly define it in words because I'm bad in describing scents but overall it's a very soft sweet fruity scent. It doesn't give my limp hair any bounce or volume but it sure does makes it smooth to the touch. I also found that I need to wash my hair almost everyday with this shampoo (instead of my regular 2-3 days) because otherwise my hair would look icky and more limp.
- Recommended? Not to oily hair. Although the scent is great but it gave no volume or bounciness.
- Repurchase? No.
  • Palmolive Aromatherapy Morning Tonic Shower Gel with Tangerine Essential Oil & Lemongrass Extract:
I love this shower gel. I love trying on different shower gels and this is one of my fave so far. It's perfect for those morning showers where you need to "wake" yourself up. It's energizing and uplifting with lemony notes, tangerine, and lemongrass to stimulate your mind and spirit. At least that's what it said on the bottle, and I think it quite delivers :)
- Recommended? Yes, definitely.
- Repurchase? Yes.

  • Talika Lipocils Expert (deluxe sample) :
This is my 2nd Talika Lipocils Expert and I can't stop saying how great it is. It does lengthens and thickens as well as curls up my lashes in just a month. Read my thorough review here.
- Recommended? Yes, definitely.
- Repurchase? Maybe I would if they have deep discounts because it's expensive ;p
  • Skinfood Food Therapy Gold Kiwi Gift Set :
This gift set comes in a mini travel size bottles which surprisingly can lasts up to more than 10 times of usage (maybe because I have a small face so I only need small amount every time I use it). This gift set includes a Gold Kiwi Emulsion and Gold Kiwi toner. I also have reviewed this in more details on my previous post here.
- Recommended? Yes.
- Repurchase? Yes.

  • SariAyu Putih Langsat Moisturizer plus Relaxing Aromatic:
It's in a travel size tube but for me the amount in it is enough for about 2 months of usage. The texture is thick so it doesn't absorbs easily on my combination-oily skin. It also felt uncomfortable when applied to the skin because of the thick dry lotion type, but overall it didn't leave any greasy feeling afterwards and make my primer and powder stay put.
- Recommended? Maybe it would be great for those with normal skin.
- Repurchase? No, I don't think it suits my skin condition.
  • Clarins Hydra-Quench Cream Gel for Normal to Combination Skin:
This has been my favorite. I even put this product on my June Favorite list and I didn't finished the product that month because (again) I was trying to "save the best for last". But I finally decided to finish it last month. This is actually my first Clarins experience and it really convinced me that Clarins is truly a luxurious product. It just felt "different". The scent is also very "spa-like" and it just feels luxurious on your skin.
- Recommended? Yes, definitely. Especially for normal to combination skin.
- Repurchase? Yes, as soon as I have the money (LOL).
  • Chapstick Strawberry Lip Balm:
This lip balm is one of my fave in terms of moisturizing properties. I love Chapstick because it could really moisten my lips as well as gives a certain lip treatment to it. I don't know what it does or what the full ingredients were but all I know is my lips are moist and soft, and I only need to apply lip balm every 4 to 5 hours or so (unlike other lip balms which are not really moisturizing so I have to apply it every hour or so). I didn't get the strawberry scent / flavor though... ;p
- Recommended? Yes.
- Repurchase? Yes, in different variant.
  • Maybelline Volum Express Turbo Boost Mascara:
This is by far, the number one Maybelline mascara I love the most! Well, I haven't tried any new Maybelline mascaras yet but so far this Volum Express Turbo Boost is my most favorite Maybelline mascara. It really lives up to it's name. It lengthens and really thickens my lashes and makes it looks really bold and dark, just the way I want them to be ;) 
- Recommended? Yes, definitely. I'm really satisfied with it.
- Repurchase? Yes, definitely!

I have quite a pile of samples and/or products in sachets which I tend to stock, but then I thought I'm just gonna use it up because otherwise I would end up in piles again ^o^.. From the photo above, the Innisfree is a full-sized sheet mask, the L'oreal Hair Spa is a generous sample sachet, and the Mustika Ratu Facial Wipes is a full-sized product. 

  • Innisfree "Pine" Natural Essential Mask:
This is my 2nd Innisfree sheet mask after the 1st one I've tried (and reviewed) which is the Avocado one. I love the thin texture and the size of the mask is average so it fits my small Asian face, not too wide or too big like other sheet masks I've tried. I love how it gives a comfortable feeling when I wear it on my face, it's so relaxing and felt great on my skin. Afterwards, my skin looks refreshed, revitalized and fully hydrated.
- Recommended? Yes.
- Repurchase? Definitely! I'd love to try other variants.

  • L'oreal Hair Spa Nourishing Creambath for Dry and Damaged Hair:
If you're my overseas reader then you might not know what a creambath is ;p A creambath is a hair treatment that are commonly found in hair salons here in Indonesia. It's basically like a hair mask and it's purpose is also very similar to a hair mask. We usually did it in the hair salon but you can do it yourself at home with this product. I must say that this is very good stuff! I don't use this as a creambath treatment but rather as a deep conditioner that I did once a week. It really made my hair silky and satiny every time. My hair falls nicely and pleasant to touch and smells good too. Exactly like what you get from a treatment at the hair salon ;p
- Recommended? Yes. You can use it as at-home creambath or use it as a deep conditioner like I did :)
- Repurchase? Yes, in fact there's a good deal at Grupbuys right now. You can get the full size tub for only IDR 95.000 instead of the regular price (IDR 170.000). Buy it now at Grupbuys.

  • Mustika Ratu Herbal Facial Wipes with Chamomile, Aloe Vera & Vitamin E:
The word "herbal" usually would put me off because I'm not fond of herbal scents but the words "chamomile and aloe vera" made me think that maybe this one has a pleasant smell afterall. Well, it doesn't -__- This smells unpleasant for me, and the power of the cleansing wipes is very low. It claims to remove waterproof mascara but it hardly removed any of my makeup, let alone removing any mascara! I love the packaging though, I'm so disappointed by the poor quality of this supposedly makeup remover :(
- Recommended? No, don't waste your money ;p
- Repurchase? No, definitely not.

While I was organizing my pile of products I also found two products that I don't think I could use myself so I'm getting them out of my product piles by donating them to someone else. I hate throwing products away so I prefer to give it to someone else who might have the benefit of using it:

Revlon Colorstay Makeup with SoftFlex for Normal to Dry Skin in #300 True Beige
This is too dark for my skin color and I couldn't use it as shading too because it's not dark enough for shading, so I'm thinking of giving this to my cousin who has one skintone darker than mine or maybe I'll save it for a giveaway in the future.

Raw Gaia Revitalizing Eye Oil
This has a very thick texture which doesn't feel comfortable on my already oily eye area, and that's why I almost never use it. I think this is more suitable towards those who has dry skin around their eyes area so maybe I would give this to my mom instead.

And that's it guys.. 
I'm glad that my product piles are now a little less crowded and this post series has motivate me to keep finishing my old products and throw away products that are already bad / expired. If you also do a "Products I finished or Empties post" on your blog please feel free to link it below on the comment, I would like to see what products have you finished :)

Or even better, I tag all of you to do your Empties post if you haven't already ^__^

See you on next month's Empties post!

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6 thoughts & comments

  1. hey Yuri, just in case you haven't donate it to anyone, I'm interested in both of the products :p

  2. currently I use maybelline remover and I want to try the L'oreal, but after you said the maybelline is better maybe i will stick with it :p

  3. I applaud you for actually finishing quite a number of products~ I too, have that habit of trying out new products and neglecting the old one without even finishing them T__T I think I should also start this kind of regime just so it would remind me to finish a product first before trying out the new one...Great post! =)

  4. Waw totally impressed LOL because I think I never finished any beauty product @_@ hehehe

  5. @Tia: Hyaa..aku udah keburu nawarin ke sodaraku sebelum postingan ini tayang. Mustinya kita buka kaya swap gitu ya buat brg2 yg gak kepake di rumah hehehe Jadi bisa tukeran sesama bloggers, kali yg di kita gak kepake bisa kepake buat org lain ya ;)

    @Shasha: They both cleans pretty well but yes in my opinion Maybelline cleanse a little bit better than the L'oreal one ;p

    @Janet: Thank you darling. Come on I tag you to do it Janet, it'll be fun reading what products you finally finished ;)

    @Gabby: Come on, let's do the same post. Make it a goal to finish some products and make room for new ones, LOL..

    @Endless Summer: Thank you darling! I also loved reading your empties post :)


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