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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Korea Buys (part 2)

As I promised you, here is my second part review of the Korean makeup and skincare that I got from Korea Buys. You can read the first part of the review here where I reviewed the Missha Triple Perfection Eye Shadow, Missha M Super Extreme Mascara, and ITs SKIN Color Play Pocket Lip Gloss.

To refresh your memory, here are a couple of things that I got from Korea Buys:

Missha M Super Extreme Waterproof Mascara in black
Missha The Style Defining Blusher in #CR02 Light Coral
Missha The Style Triple Perfection Eyeshadow in #5 Grape Purple
Missha Crystal Shine Rouge in the color #RD02
Missha Speedy Solution Anti Trouble Patch
ITs SKIN Color Play Pocket Lip Gloss in #PK01 Hot Star Pink

After reviewing some of it on my previous post, now it's time to review the rest of the goodies which is Missha The Style Defining Blusher, Missha Crystal Shine Rouge, and the Missha Anti-Trouble Patch.

Up first is the Missha The Style Defining Blusher. I received mine in the color #CR02 Light Coral.
It is a bright color in the pan but when applied on the skin it's not really that bright so you don't have to worry that you will have a very orange cheek ;p

As you can see above the color is a very bright orange on the pan but it is actually sheer when you applied it on the cheeks. If I use a brush then I have to layer it for several times until the color really shows, but when I used my finger to dab it on and then blend it on the cheek I only need a couple of swipes of it. So apparently my blush brush couldn't picked up the color really well. That's why I prefer using my finger to dab it on and blend it on the cheeks.

I love the color of this coral blush. Sometimes coral blush can look very orange on the cheek or sometimes it would look too dark, but I'd say that this coral color is pretty much adaptable. It's sheer but it's buildable, so you can control on how vibrant you want the colors to appear on your cheek. For a medium tan skin tone like mine this is a perfect coral color that's not too dark nor it is too bright. It's just perfect for daily use.

I like the packaging which is a cute transparant case, it's so pretty. It's small and comes with no brush but it doesn't matter since you can apply it with your finger.

Below is what the color looks like on my cheek when I wore it. The left picture below is without flash while the right one is taken with flash. I put on the blush-on with a finger and then blend it on my cheek with my fingers too:

I'm not really fond of vibrant-looking blushes so this is how much I like to put on my blush for daily makeup ;) - I hope you can see the blush clearly on the above photos. The staying power is medium because I have combi-oily skin, but overall I love this blush and been using it almost everyday now ever since I got it ;p

This Missha The Style Defining Blusher retails at IDR 103.900 on the Korea Buys website and there are other colors available too, from natural beige/brown color that would make a great bronzer, to the lovely pinks and corals for a touch of pretty color on the cheeks.

Okay, next up is the Missha Crystal Shine Rouge in the color #RD02. First of all, I really love the packaging of this lipstick! It is so pretty and very elegant-looking, I really adores it. Well, I am a packaging-fetish after all, my weakness is a cute/unique/pretty packaging ;p

The color looks very red on the tube but when applied on the lips, just like the blush-on above, it is quite sheer. Actually it is very sheer indeed, but it is also very buildable. I think it's quite a benefit because sometimes with a red lipstick you're afraid that the shade would be too pigmented that you'll get a very red color on your lips just from one light swipe of it. But with this lipstick you won't be worrying about that because the first swipe would be sheer enough so you can adjust the level of red that you want.

Because I have a naturally dark lips so I need to apply it for several times until I got the red color I want. But I imagine that a few swipes of this lipstick would be enough for those with fair skin or naturally pink-colored lips.

Oh by the way, aside from the pretty lipstick tube packaging I also love that the lipstick inside is engraved with the word "the style". It is a pretty touch that makes it more appealing and pleasing for the eyes ;)

(with flash)
(without flash)
(worn on the lips)

This Missha Crystal Shine Rouge lipstick costs IDR 98.200 and it is suitable for those of you who want a lipstick with a lipgloss effect because this lipstick has a little bit satin glossy feeling to it, and it also has a moisturizing effect on the lips too. There are other choices of colors on the Korea Buys website and it is currently in stock now.

Last but not least, the Missha Speedy Solution Anti-Trouble Patch. This is a patch for those ugly trouble spots or acne on your face. This is my first time trying on a patch like this so I was excited to try these on. Fortunately, I had a big zit that week so I was able to try this patches to be able to give a proper review.

This Anti-Trouble Patch comes in a single sachet and inside it is a set of 10 clear round patches with different sizes ranging  from small to large. As you can see from the below photo, the patches are not totally clear because it has some kind of adhesive on the back of it, but it goes on clear once you put the patch on the skin.

I've tried using these patches on top of my big zit for a couple of days using different sizes just to try them on. As I stated above, it looks clear and transparent on the skin, and it's super duper thin too so it's almost like it's just a second layer of your skin. I let this patch sits on my face for a half day and soon after I put it on I didn't feel anything and would soon forget that it exists ;p

Other people would also not notice this patch from a far, but they will see it if they are standing close to your face. You can see from the photos down below on how clear it is on the skin.

And this is when I put it on top of my big zit:

I once tried to put on some bb cream and powder on top of it but it didn't work, so I mostly use this patch when I'm at home or on days when I don't wear makeup. Before I put on the patch my big zit was red and really prominent, and after I put off the patch the zit was less prominent and the redness was also reduced. It didn't deflate the zit instantly but it does make my big red zit less noticeable to others ;)

This Missha Speedy Solution Anti Trouble Patch is priced at IDR 57.900 at Korea Buys and it comes with 10 patches in one single sachet packaging. It contains Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Oil for the treatment of the skin. Aside for the practicality I also love the different sizes it has, that way we can put it on depending on how big or small the troubled spot is ;p

Here are the final looks that I created using the makeup above:
(using the Missha blush-on)
(using the Missha Lipstick)

So overall, I really love all the products that I got from Korea Buys, and as I have stated on my previous post; I would recommend all of the products to you. I'm saying this not because I have to, but because I did try them all out and really love them.
I would also recommend Korea Buys as one of the online shop destination for Korean products. I love browsing their website because they have many variants and brands of Korean stuffs especially makeup and skincare stuffs. Another reason to shop at Korea Buys is because they buy the products directly from Korea, and because they also claim that they offer cheaper prices for their Korean products :)
Check out Korea Buys website for all the products I mentioned above and get them at cheap prices.

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Nana Khaira said...

I also love sis, they have so many korean products to be loved!

Yuri said...

Iya Nana, seru ya website nya, banyak produknya, bisa pre-order juga :D

Thanks udah mampir yah..

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