Products I Finished - (FEBRUARY Empties)

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It's my second empties of this year. I started this Empties series since October of last year and it has helped me a lot in finishing my abandoned products and start reducing my product stash that was starting to go crazy ^o^

Now I'm glad that my stash are reduced a little bit so it allows me to put some newer stuffs in it, LOL. It's also a satisfying feeling to be able to finish a bottle of product which has been sitting for too long on my vanity. I hate to waste a product because I'm not filthy rich, so I tried to empty all those opened bottles and jars that are now scattered in my bedroom and bathroom. If I found a product that doesn't suit my skin/hair I would give it to someone else so that it doesn't go to waste ;)

So let's move on to last month (February)'s empties now, shall we?
From left to right, starting from back row:
Sisley Soir De Lune Perfumed Body Lotion (sachet)
by Dream Papaya Body Whitening Body Lotion
Maybelline Baby Lips in Smoothing Cherry
Revlon Renewist Lip Color in #090 Heart Warming
Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Body Wash
Fruttini Ginger Passionfruit Shower Nectar (travel size)
The Face Shop Black Head Ex Clear Cleansing Foam
Fresh Care Lavender Aromatherapy Roll-On Oil
Herbal Essences Smooth Lovin Shampoo
Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-Drain Serum (sample size)
Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel (sachet)

Hooray for this month's empties because I finally finished a lip balm, yay! ;p Lip balms are not the easiest item to finished because somehow it took me so long to just finish one lip balm, so I always wonder how other bloggers seems to be able to finish their lip balms (and any other balms) quite fast. Maybe it's the fact that they live in countries with colder weather / winter so they need to reapply lip balms quite often, while me on the other side, leave in a tropical country where my lips doesn't get dry easily unless the weather is cold or if it's raining all day. That's my hypothesis, LOL.

So anyway I'm also satisfied with what I have finished this time because other than the lip balm I was also get to finished two shower gels and one body lotion. Shower gels and body lotions are products that I collected the most, so seeing a few of them got emptied is satisfying enough for me, because that means that I can open new shower gels and body lotions that are waiting in the stash ;)

  • By Dream Papaya Whitening Body Lotion
I bought this at Carrefour a looooong time ago. I was crazy about papaya products back then because I learned that papaya is the #1 ingredient to brighten skin. The word "whitening" in the bottle is very biased because you CAN'T whiten your skin tone. I think "brightening" is more appropriate. Some of you might like papaya scent but I don't, and that's why I abandoned this product. But I was eager to finish it so I started using it again. I like the texture which easily absorbed without leaving any residue. The scent would linger too. I do not notice any brightening effect though..
- Recommended? Yes, if you like strong papaya scent.
- Repurchase? Although it's cheap but it's not for me.

  • Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Red Plum & Freesia Body Wash
I got this as a set of VS Pure Seduction body wash + body lotion + body spray in a pink clutch. I mentioned this a couple times that I prefer the old version of Pure Seduction than this one. This one is too sickly sweet for me, but it would be great for you who loves super feminine sweet floral scent. Nothing special about the texture of the body wash, it was OK.
- Recommended? Yes, if you like super sweet scent.
- Repurchase? No, I prefer other scents.

  • Fruttini Ginger Passionfruit Shower Nectar (travel size)
I was curious with Fruttini shower gels because I never tried this brand before so when I saw them at Sasa I purchased the travel size ones to try out. I chose this one and the Pineapple Prosecco one which I had finished first back in December. I think this one is better than the Pineapple one. This one smells good and you can't smell the ginger in it, only the passionfruit scent, which is great. Other than the scent, the texture of this shower gel is about the same as any other shower gels.
- Recommended? Yes, because it's cheap.
- Repurchase? Maybe, I might try other scents / variants.

  • Herbal Essences "Smooth Lovin" Smooth & Weighty Shampoo
This shampoo is infused with a fusion of mandarins and pearls to tame and smooth out unruly, frizzy, and flyaway hair. This shampoo is also meant to smooth your tresses. My hair did get very smooth using this shampoo, but sometimes it gets too smooth that my already fine hair turns into a limp lifeless hair. I love the scent of this one, it's sweet and fruity although the scent didn't linger long on my tresses.
- Recommended? Yes, if you have unruly hair.
- Repurchase? No, definitely not for my type of hair.

  • Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-drain Serum (sample size)
This is supposedly Clarins' no.1 serum in Asia, it is meant to help achieve that V-shape contours on every angle of our face. I know that sounds impossible but I saw it on the launching event how this serum can make a chubby cheek lines seems to changed itself into a more thinner lines. It is of course not for long term, I mean only surgery can do that, but I think this is great for when you have a big event or special occasion when you want to look your best.
- Recommended? Yes.
- Repurchase? Probably not because it's too pricey for me.

  • Maybelline Baby Lips in Smoothing Cherry
I have a love & hate relationship with this one. I know I put it on my June Favorites list, that's when I fell in love with it after using it for several weeks. But a few weeks after that I started to smell something awful from it and I didn't know why. I almost threw it in the bin because of the smell, but I forgot about it and left it on my desk until I found it again a couple of weeks later. But the strange thing is: the awful scent is gone. WTF?!! I don't know what happened but all I know is that I fell in love again with this lip balm ;p
- Recommended? Yes, it's so cheap.
- Repurchase? Yes, in different variants.

  • The Face Shop Black Head Ex Clear Cleansing Foam
It took a while for me to finally empty this big tube of face wash! There are a lot of it inside, really worth the money. I have reviewed this before and my opinion remains the same. This is great for daily face wash / daily scrubs because it's so light. The only down side I could think of is the cap which wouldn't close properly after several times of use, other than that it's pretty good.
- Recommended? Yes.
- Repurchase? No, because I want to try other brands/variants.

  • Revlon Renewist Lip Color in shade #090 Heart Warming
Yay, I finished a makeup item ;) For me, make up needs much longer time to finish because I don't wear full make up daily, only on special occasions or when I go to somewhere nice or work-related. If I only want to go grocery shopping or to a friend's house then I only use light makeup. Anyway, this lipstick has been one of my go-to lipstick which I wore often. This one has a pink-ish shade which goes on quite sheer so you have to apply it a couple of times if you want more colors. But 2 swipes are enough for me if I want to use it for casual daily look.
- Recommended? Yes.
- Repurchase? Yes, in the future.

  • Soir De Lune Perfumed Body Lotion by Sisley
I was given a couple of these from Sisley representatives and I did a short review on it. I only use this when I have something special to go to. I love the scent of it which is quite elegant and rich, and I want to save it for as long as I can, LOL. That's why I only used it on my arms and hands, and also my neck / shoulder area. There is actually quite a lot of product inside the sachet so I could get 3 uses out of 1 sachet, and I have a couple of them. I love perfumed body lotion because my skin seems to be able to retain the scent longer than if I wore a perfume ;p
- Recommended? Yes.
- Repurchase? Maybe.

  • Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel
This is made from natural ingredients and it's a renewing peel that works in just 8 minutes! It's great for anyone with dull skin. This product is supposed to give you the result of professional face peeling that you get at beautician, but with this renewing peel you can easily do it yourself at home. I have fully reviewed this product before and my opinions remains the same. It does makes my dull skin appears brighter and fresher.
- Recommended? Yes.
- Repurchase? No, just because I would love to try something else ;p

  • FreshCare Lavender Aromatherapy Roll-On
I never like traditional / medicinal oil such as Minyak Kayu Putih (cajuput oil) because of the scent. But I often have gastric problem so I always need to have a medicinal oil by my side. When this aromatherapy version of medicinal oil comes out I was ecstatic because I love aromatherapy and now I don't have to use the stinky medicinal oil anymore ;) This lavender one is my most fave among other variants.
- Recommended? Yes.
- Repurchase? Yes.

So what did you finished last month? If you have similar posts, please link it below because I love reading them ;)

To see my January Empties, click here.

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5 thoughts & comments

  1. Oh I tried that shampoo once but didn't like the result of it, not good for my hair XD great post dear!

  2. Congrats on your empties!
    Maybe that shampoo is what I need to make my hair behave, lol

  3. kudos on finishing quite a few products! you really inspire or I might say "challenge" myself to finish products too and not get distracted by new products quite often ~

  4. Well done on using up so many! I agree with what you said about lip balms - I get through LOADS and that's probably because I'm in the UK where it's mostly cold most of the year. So jealous that you live somewhere tropical! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  5. @Neeyd: Yeah, it's not really working with my hair too. Maybe we have similar hair types then ;)

    @Endless Summer: We have totally different hair type then, LOL. By the way I also like reading your empties post on your blog ;)

    @Janet: Yeah, come one Janet.. Do the empties project! ;p

    @Evelyn: LOL, well I'm jealous because you have snow while my country do not ;p Yeah, i think that's the reason why, it's because the different weather/seasons we have ;)


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