Saturday, November 23, 2013

This Week Shopping Deals

If you follow me on my social media accounts you might have noticed that sometimes I posted there about several great deals that I found while shopping so that everybody else can gain some info about that too, because I personally love sale info especially if it includes big sales/discount information of my favorite stores. So that's why I like to post about the deals that I got while shopping. And since I got a warm response from my friends and lovely socmed followers so I thought I'll post about it on my blog too ;)

For instance, not a long time ago I scored these items below with an interesting discount offers:

I got this black flats at H&M around a week after their big opening here in Jakarta. I didn't know that they were on sale. I was buying some basic tees at H&M when I saw these flats for around IDR 129,000 ($12) which is already the cheapest among other shoes at the rack, so I add this to my shopping bag and head out to the cashier where they suddenly told me that the shoes have the wrong tag and that the actual price is IDR 99,000 ($9) which is even cheaper! Yay for lucky shopper ^___^

After attending an event at the mall I spent my time looking around the stores while waiting for my hubby to pick me up. I walked into Zara just to look around and spend some time, but then noticed a sale sign in a few small racks at the back of the store so I decided to look. I couldn't believe my luck when among the usual basic tees that are usually always on sale, there was a knit cardigan that were deeply discounted to only IDR 129,000 ! Usually knitwears are more expensive even when discounted, so of course I snagged the only Small size that was available on that rack and bring it to the cashier right away. I broke my shopping ban for this cardigan because the offer was too good to pass up ^o^

Book stores are one of our favorite store to hang around, so when I was walking with my hubby at the mall towards our way to the basement parking area I saw a Sale sign in a corner of the mall that was nearly hidden from all the hectic of the main hallway. As a woman we never missed a Sale sign, no matter how small the sign is, isn't it true? ;p Anyway, I told hubby that it was a book bazaar from Kinokuniya, so of course we were both excited to see it. Hubby didn't found anything but I am so lucky to have found this Who What Wear book that I have been longing to have since-like-ever, and it was less than $100,000 (less than $10)!! It was a great bargain considering the retail price of this book is $17,69 on Book Depository. It's a totally blind luck!

Another deal that I found are these goodies that I scored from the Kids area at Metro dept store in PIM 1. I was looking for a birthday gift for my niece in the kids area where I suddenly got stopped with a rack full of vintage-themed goodies like these - on 50% Off! I stopped at the rack and spend about 20 minutes browsing and looking around because they are so cheap I couldn't decide which ones to buy. When my hubby finally came to rescue me (LOL) I finally made up my mind (with the help of hubby's assistant) and only chose these 2 items because I am currently on shopping ban. I chose an ipad case (that was only IDR 60,000-ish) and a medium big travel bag for toiletries and such - both in a gorgeous vintage designs which I love.

So those are my recent purchases that I scored with deep discounts that I am lucky to have found. I love finding out sales and good offers, and I just want to share those info to you incase you are looking for discount offers too. Who doesn't love sales, right?

A more recent haul that I made just a few days ago is a much needed large black bag from the Nine West store that is currently having a discount! Yes, the Nine West store here in Jakarta are having Sale signs on their door so you might want to check them out because I got this for 50% discount ^___^

So I got a M.A.P voucher that I won from a blogging contest a while ago, and I am eyeing Nine West and Steve Madden because both brands are under M.A.P company. But Steve Madden weren't having much sales so I turned to Nine West instead.

Please be aware though, that every counter of Nine West do not have the same exact products, so what you see in store A might not be available in store B, and vice versa. I have been in and out of several Nine West stores all over Jakarta malls to find the right bag that I want to spend my vouchers on. I also found that not every counter has the best sales items. For instance, I didn't find any exciting products on several Nine West counters except for the ones in PIM 2 (that has lots of cute shoes on sale for 50% off!), and the one in Gandaria City (with more bags options that were on sale). 

I noticed that the counter in PIM 2 do not have many bags and they have more options on the footwear instead, where as the counter in Gandaria City and Plaza Senayan have general amounts of bags and footwear. My favorite store is the one at Gandaria City because they have the most variety of bags on sale compared to other counters. And that is where I got this black beauty for 50% discount.

I've been wanting a new black bag that I can wear in turn with my black Ciciero bag which already have more than a good use ;) I also am having a spending ban lately so thanks to the vouchers I can get this bag for relatively cheap price. With a 50% discount + voucher from MAP, the total price that I only need to pay is only the 1/8 of the original price. Score! ^___^

I personally think that Nine West have good quality bags and shoes, and I think they frequently have sales going on so you better keep on checking their stores for Sale signs ;)

Let me know if you have information on other sales and discounts around Jakarta greater area, because I would like to know ;p

UPDATED: I just went to the mall yesterday and noticed the up-to-70%OFF Sale on Guess boutiques! Especially the accessories counter at Plaza Indonesia is having lots of bags, footwear, belts, and also several watches that are on Sale for 30 to 50 % off ! Go there now ;)

Happy Shopping,


Dewie Aprillia said...

paling ngiler liat fashion stuff gini >_< apalagi diskonan huhuwww mauuuuu :3
akhir taun pst bnyak diskon gede lagi nih sayy *siap2dompet haha

Aaliyah said...

Greats buys!
I have the same flats at you do! Here in hong kong H&M they are going on sale for just $99HKD =)

love ur blog hope u post more hauls and let me know if you wanna do a link exchange :)

Yuri said...

@Dewie: Iya dew... siapin dompet bangetttt hihihi...

@Aaliyah: I actually have a "Hauls & Freebies" series on my blog, you might want to check it out ;p - And yes sure let's do link exchange. I'll visit your blog shortly ;)