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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Review: Talika Light Duo

This is a super duper late review! As I told you on my previous post that I've been busy these days and so there would be a few late review posts that would not be on schedule, just like this one. This post is waaay beyond schedule and I'm really sorry for that. I know I have promised you this review on the Talika Light Duo like a few months ago (oopss!) but I just have the time to edit it and finally upload it today, pheww...

So if you might remember, I did a short introductory and sneak peek post of this Talika Light Duo that was kindly lent to me by the Talika Indonesia a while ago.

This Light Duo is basically a revolutionary anti-aging and youth treatment device that uses a particular light wavelength to treat two kinds of skin problems at once which are: wrinkles and dark spots (a.k.a skin loss of elasticity and skin coloration).

Those two skin problems are the most visible effects of aging, pollution and UV rays. To help those specific skin problems at once TALIKA laboratories has come up with this specially designed LIGHT DUO as a portable dual-sided device with each side emitting a different light wave:

- The LIGHT 590 on one side, that reactivates collagen synthesis and elastin production.
- The LIGHT 525 on the other side, that regulates the production of melanin which responsible for skin color.

So each side is specifically designed to target each of the two skin problems that I mentioned earlier. Basically, it is an anti-wrinkles and anti-dark spots treatment in one device! It is also effective to be used on the face, eye contour, lips, hands, and neck.

 The dual sided device:

What the product / website says:
Thanks to the combined use of both these treatments, wrinkles are smoothed, brown spots are reduced and the skin looks fuller, lighter, more radiant, glowing and younger-looking.

With a continual use of both these treatments combined for several weeks (around 1-2 months), wrinkles can be smoothed and dark spots can be reduced so the skin would look more plumped, radiant, and younger-looking.

 What it looks like:
The Light590® Collagen Booster is the Anti-Wrinkle:
It has a pulsating yellow lights and the diodes emit a precise frequency (590 nm) in a controlled, pulsed manner to stimulate the fibroblasts which produce collagen.

The Light525® Skin Lightener is the Anti-Dark Spot:
It has a green light and the diodes continuously emit a precise frequency (525 nm) in a controlled manner so as to prevent and reduce brown spots and lighten the skin.

How to use:
Basically you just pick which side / treatment that you want to use by twisting and opening the treatment side. And then you hit the button to turn the lights on. And then you put it above the skin area that you want to be treated (about 3cm from skin), and hold it there until the light turned off by itself.

It would take a minute for the Light525 and 45 seconds for the Light590 to automatically turned off by itself. Below is a video that I made to show you how to use the Talika Light Duo:

To open it, just twist it to the side until you see the tiny light bulbs:

The suggested use time for this device until we can really see the result is: 
- 28 days for the Anti-Wrinkle Light 590.
- 60 days for the Anti Dark-Spot Light 525.

My take:
So after using this device for about 1-2 months, I can say that although it's not really visible to naked eyes but if I look closely I would see some differences on my skin especially on the dark spots area. Since I don't have wrinkles yet (thank GOD) so I can't really see the effect on the anti wrinkle treatment, but I have some dark spots here and there on my face and after using the Light525 Anti-Dark Spots for more than a month I can definitely say that it has successfully lightened my dark spots. Although the dark spots are not totally gone (because it's a really deep dark spots) but overall I'm still satisfied with the results. My dark spots now have lightened and more transparent than before :D

I think with a continual use of this device the dark spots can totally become more and more transparent and hopefully disappear. And I believe the anti-wrinkles would do the same.

Here's a photo of the results of using the Light525 on my dark spots:
(dark spot on my nose)

(a few dark spots near my upper lips)

I hope you can see from above photos that my dark spots have been slightly reduced, thinner and more transparent than before, right? Did you see what I see? Or am i just imagining things here ;p Let me know if you think that the dark spots has been reduced in dimensions or somewhat more transparent in the "After"photos.

And as for the anti-wrinkles, as I told you earlier I can't really test it because i don't have existing wrinkles yet, but I do tried it on my wrist which have these ugly marks from the long hours of using the computer mouse which I thought it kinda looked like wrinkles ;p
So I tried the Anti-Wrinkle there and here's what I got after almost two months of using the Light590 Anti-Wrinkles:
I know those lines are not wrinkles but I can see that the thick deep line on the top is less deep on the "After" picture, and the short darkened line in the middle bottom is slightly reduced too. 
So what do you think?

Overall, this is a great dual treatment device from Talika and it is one of their best seller too if I'm not mistaken.
I know it is expensive but if you have the budget and if you're thinking of buying this as an investment I would say that it would make a great investment because you can use it for continual use / treatments. And maybe you can share the purchase with your mom too, because she would definitely could use the anti-wrinkle side ;)

For more details on this product and other Talika products, you can also check out Talika Indonesia Facebook page and Talika twitter account.

6 thoughts & comments:

Janet said...

thanks for sharing!! very detailed review =)

Yuri said...

Thank you for your comment Janet ;)

jo shin eun said...

wow!! amazing product!! hehe... love this review!! :D belinya dmn mba? hrgna brp ya?

Yuri said...

Ada di counter Talika say, di Metro dept store ada kok ;)

Anonymous said...

I have used the Talika light duo for 6 months 2 times a day. I only see a slight difference in brown spots and wrinkles. Very minimal improvement. In my opinion not worth the investment.

Unknown said...

I have dark spots after some allergy rashes, an after effect of hyper pigmentation. It's all over my body including e.g under armpit, shoulder, bikini lines, etc. is it alright to use Talika Light Duo for the anti dark spots treatment, all over the body?

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