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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The "New" Looklet?

If you're familiar with (an online digital styling website) and loved using it, then you must be one of the gazillion other users who literally cried and frustrated when they decided to discontinue Looklet. I am one of those people.

Even if I have my ups and downs with looklet because sometimes it won't save my looks even after the twentieth attempts (frustrating, really..), but I still love it. I still remain a fan of and dreaded the day when they finally shut it down :(

The other looklet wannabe such as was also shut down not long after that... And then it left us nothing to express our "digital styling" skills with....

To those who are not familiar with, the website simply allow us to create a look that resemble a fashion spread. 

We can choose the model, and then style her with our own mix n match skills (looklet has tons of outfit items to choose from), and then we can also choose how the facial expression of the model would look like, and then choose the background, and then choose the photo style. It is basically a digitalized paper-doll (remember the paper doll game when you were a child? where you can put different clothes on the paper dolls? well, looklet is very much like that).  
The point is to create your very own digital paperdoll with "models" based on real people and real clothes! Super fun if you like playing dress-up :) 

To give you a glimpse on how looklet really works, here are a couple of my looks that I get to saved from looklet before it went error:

Yep, looklet can help you practice your "stylist wannabe" inner-passion ;p 

I styled all the outfits, background, etc and created all the looks above with the help of If you remember, I have also incorporated some of my looklet looks on my "supposedly regular" 1 Item 4 Ways post.

So anyway, enough with the long lost memory of looklet, today I want to let you know of a new digital styling website that's very similar to looklet! I just found out about it today..

Well, I believe it is from Poland but there's a language option there (Polski & English). It's called and it is still in Beta mode, that means it's still in it's try-out period and not fully launched yet, and I did find some little glitches here and there while playing with it. 

It's fun to try it out but the clothing and accessory options are still very limited so you probably won't get a lot of outfit looks from it. The models and the overall look are still hard around the edges and not as smooth as looklet, but since it is still in Beta so let's hope that it will improve soon.

The bonus points from Glamstorm is we can actually change the hair style of the models with the celebrity hair styles provided, and in the near future (hopefully) we can also change the make up of the models too!

To let you know how the results that I got from Glamstorm and to compare it with the looklet looks above, here are a few of my looks that I styled and created with Glamstorm:

 whaddaya think?

The overall look of the platform is similar to looklet so it's easy to use if you're already familiar with looklet. But if you're not familiar with digital styling they also provide a "how-to" video that you can watch for tutorial. It's basically just a simple "pick-and-drag" system. Easy peasy ;)

Even though the results are not as "smooth looking" as looklet but I have high hopes in Glamstorm, hopefully it will continue improving itself and would add more clothing items to style with, so that we can have a new playground to play digital styling again :)

here's the look of the platform:
(click to enlarge)

If you know any other similar digital styling website, please do share with us in the comment section below, I would love to try it ;)

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It's amazing how we used to be all over the magazine spreads for inspiration. But now everything has become so virtually digital and tech-savvy that we are now even more obsessed with fashion than ever. It's a good thing by the way!


Yuri said...

Yes, isn't it amazing how technology has changed our daily activities? I am so amazed with technology ;)

Isa said...

I suffered when I knew I would off, but I'm also looking for new sites like that. Thanks for the tip (:

Yuri said...

Yes Isa .. I was devastated too when they took down looklet, there's nothing as good as looklet as of now.. but i think this glamstorm one would do for now ;)

Plooff said...

Thanks for this!

Felissa Mata said...

I also found this website (similar to looklet and glamstorm) but it's in Russian...but, it's way more similar to Looklet, so I'm off to buy a Russian - English dictionary!!

Yuri said...

Hi Felissa,
What's the website called? Or link?
I would like to try those as well ;)

Anonymous said...

There is a polish site

MajaMeronk said...

Jenna said...

The official website of the brand H&M also proposes something that looks like Looklet in the tab "Dressing Room", though the number of articles isn't as big as the number of articles on Looklet... Still good though!

Uniqueness Bell said...

I miss the old looklet. What in the world happened??

Uniqueness Bell said...

I miss my looklet. I have no idea how the new one works.

Anonymous said...

You girls can go in COVET fashion for Iphones and tablets.

Tea said...

Thanks for this article. I haven't been on looklet for years. I finally decided to check it out and was surprised it wasn't there. I'm sadden because I had some amazing looks saved. I guess I'll stick to Polyvore.
Much Love & Fashion Fun,

Rinny Chan said...

Hi dear,

You might want to check: True Fit and Embodee

Rinny Chan

Fairuz Inas said...

aku juga nyari situs yang kayak Looklet tp ngga ada yg bener-bener bisa gantiin looklet kak :(
anyway salam kenal yaa ^^

Anonymous said...

Thx for sharing
Smp skrg aku jg msh blm nemuin situs yg selengkap looklet :(

Jessica Han said...

I found to be pretty similar to Looklet. They have apps too.

My Polyvore Lookbook :

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