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Monday, April 18, 2011

Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel Review

If you read this blog regularly then you must know that a few weeks ago I blogged about Artistry's new product launching event which I have the opportunity to attend. The event was the launching of Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel. With this renewing peel you can get a supple and brighter skin in just 8 minutes!

This product is specifically made for those in the age range of late twenties to thirties and above. But basically anyone with dull skin can also try this product. This Renewing Peel is a highly innovative product and now you can get the result of professional face peeling easily by yourself at home just like you would in a beauty salon.

I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to try this product at home. This Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel is easy to use and gives you best results in only 8 minutes.

To use it, all you have to do is:
  • Clean your face
  • Pump 8 drops of the Renewing Peel on your hand and apply it evenly on your face (avoid delicate eye areas)
  • Let it sit for 8 minutes
  • Wet your finger and massage your face gently in circular motion
  • Clean your face with warm water
  • Apply moisturizer and sunscreen (for daytime)

And that's it!
8 drops and 8 minutes!
Artistry's Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel

The secret behind this Renewing Peel is the MucorMiehei fungi enzyme. Laboratory research confirms that MucorMiehei enzyme has the ability to remove dead skin cells without disturbing other skin cells that are still healthy, so it only targeted the dead skin cells. This enzyme will automatically stop working when your skin has reached a balanced ph, so the skin will not get irritated at all. This enzyme is a genius innovation, I tell you!

Other ingredients in the Renewing Peel are Chia Seed Oil and Liposome that will help reduce dryness and help prevent skin irritation. According to the explanation from the Artistry team: because of the natural ingredients and the non-acidic / non-abrasive nature, this Renewing Peel is safe for every skin types even for the most sensitive skin or pregnant women!

My Review:
When I first use it on my skin, I felt a little bit tingly in certain spots, but there's nothing to worry because it's normal, and it shows that the product is working. After washing my face thoroughly I felt a difference on my skin. It looks brighter and my skin is so supple and moist. It says in the brochure that it’s recommended to apply a moisturizer afterward but I don't feel I have to apply any because my skin already feel moist. But that's just only me. And since I wasn't going anywhere that day so I didn't use any moisturizer and sunscreen. It would be best to use moisturizer and sunscreen if you use it on day time though.

On my second use I felt my skin is getting more supple and tender to the touch. It also looks brighter than before so that means it really lift all the dead skin cells in my face. I'm so happy because my face is not dull anymore. This product really does its job.

- The recommended use is twice a week for a six weeks cycle. Should you feel the need to use it again after one cycle then it's best for you to give a 6 weeks interval between every cycle. 
- It is also not recommended to use any other exfoliating products (or any products that contain AHA/BHA) while using this product.
One full size bottle (20ml) is approximately for one cycle of usage (6 weeks). 
It's retail price (non-member price) is IDR 995.000, BUT you can also get it for a member price which is cheaper than retail price >> There's a new program called "AMWAY's Privileged Customer" where you can buy any product for member's price without having to become a member first. There's a registration fee for IDR 25.000.

I really believe in this product so if you have the budget I recommend you try it for yourself :)

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