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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Jakarta Great Sale shopping haul !

Okay people.. as promised before, it's time to post about my Jakarta Great Sale shopping haul :D
Jakarta Great Sale is a yearly annual shopping event where stores are offering big discounts, including big names stores and brands. This event was only for a month and this year I found myself hunting for good deals a couple of times and at the end of the event I think I'm quite satisfied with what I got (and saved!) ^__^

I usually tell my families and friends to shop for only branded stuffs on these kind of events because that is when you will find very good deals from branded stores that you won't get during normal discount months. And since almost all of the stores are offering discount so you can go to the mall and have a shopping spree in one place because the mall is where all the big names stores are, and they're having a HUUGE discounts on all their stores, so it's a good time to shop! This time of the year is like the only time you will ever get a good price on those branded stuffs.

I think you should know that I made this post not because I wanna show you how much I shopped but it's more to show you how many deals you can have during a great sale event like this one. I rarely shop for expensive things, only during sale seasons so I think of this haul as a successful way of shopping while getting a good deal. I calculated how much we (as me & hubby) saved on Jakarta Great Sale shopping spree and it turns out that we saved a total of IDR 1.301.400!!

And here's my (and a little bit of hubby's) hauls:

Above are my hauls and below are hubby's little haul:

hubby's haul: F21 jacket and Martian Manhunter tee from DC Comics store
The DC Comics tee was 50% OFF, from IDR 228.000 to IDR
I forgot to take pic of the F21 jacket discount tag but it was on a HUGE discount, originally IDR 599.000 and we got it for IDR 150.000 ONLY!! So of course I convinced him to snagged that one!

And here's my haul:

Got this one from IDR 529.000 TO IDR 179.100 !
This is my best buy, the best deal I got this year! I know the tag in the pic says IDR 199.000 but I got an extra discount for this one so the last price I paid was IDR 179.100.
This one was around 70% off and I got an extra 10% off from using Bank Mega card so i got 80% OFF for this one, yeay :D


I always thought I need one very good shorts that can be worn anywhere so when I saw this one at the outlet I was hooked. I actually was torn between this shorts or a pale blue top with lace hem, but after trying them both the lace top seems very "see-through" for my likings and the neckline was a little bit on the low side too, so I decided to just get this shorts instead.
The price was reduced from IDR 259.900 to IDR 199.900. Not too much discount but it was really late and the store is already closing so I don't have time to think much and just bought it on the spot before they close the cashier.


I also forgot to take the discount tag price photo on this one because the tag was on the back of this sandals and I was hurting my feet while shopping that day so after I bought this sandals I immediately trade the shoes I was wearing that day for this new sandals, right outside the store ;) So when I finally got home the price tag beneath this sandals was dirty already and I didn't dare to take photographs so this sandal's original price was unknown.
This sandals was actually a steal too! This one was probably the cheapest they offered at their shoes/sandals sale rack. This one is reduced to IDR 199.500, I think it was on 30% or 50% off too if I was not mistaken.


This denim washed jeans was also on discount on Forever 21. They had two long racks full of jeans that were on discounted price. I tried 3 of them and decided to get this one because of the basic color.
This was reduced to IDR 100.000 from IDR 329.000 so yeah, of course I bought it :)


I bought this one from another store (not at the mall). It wasn't on sale but it was cheap and I needed it for my brother in law's engagement party where we all have to wear batik as dresscode.

TOTAL SALE of me and hubby's haul:
Total amount without sale: IDR 2.243.900
Total paid (after sale): IDR 942.500
TOTAL AMOUNT SAVED: IDR 1.301.400 (not bad at all! :D)

How bout' you? if you're Indonesian and did your shopping on Jkt Great Sale, what did you buy?
If you're not Indonesian, share us a story of the biggest deal you got! ;)

7 thoughts & comments:

vdcouture said...

fabulous! gosh you're a smart shopper!!



hey yuri!
yeah both of them are my sister!
the one wearing jumper is the elder one and the one wearing t-shirt is younger one!

you are such a smart shopper! you shop a lot with a low price but with a good quality brand stufs!

thanks for ur comment yuri!
that makes my day!

F i K a said... saved a lot at JGS!! that's great and you can find such a great stuff!! too bad that I didn't shop a lot at JGS :(..

.Alyspank said...

Holy cow savings! I wish we had extreme sales like that in Illinois- you'd never get me to leave!

My sweetest savings I received just the other night... got a black lace shirt that you see from Urban Outfitters for over 40 dollars, and a cute vintage belt for... are you ready for this? $.35 You can't even get two items out of a junk quarter machine for what I used to buy two cute pieces of clothing.

New clothes make you feel cuter, and the savings make you feel smarter.

On a side note, I love your blog!

-Weezy from

TigerLily said...

@VDCouture, @Gilbert, @Fika:
Thank you so much for your lovely comments :) I hope I'm a smart shopper, never really think of myself as one ;p

Thanks for your comment. And $.35 for a belt and lace shirt is AWESOME DEAL! Are you kidding?? You're a really smart shopper then :)
I'll look up your blog after this ;)

Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

Chichaul said...


Your haul looks really great.
If you don't mind please share it with our fashion haul community.

Hope to see you around there!
xoxo :)

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